Light and Dark

Sesshomaru looked in amazement at his son's power and knew no one could even start to surpass their power they were even stronger than him. The lords looked at the boys and knew then not to ever get on their bad side. They swiftly apologized for their judgment. The twins acknowledged their apology and said in a cold voice "Apology to our mother". The lords got on their knees and begged kagome for forgiveness. Kagome spoke in a cold voice" Why should I forgive you". Kagome power shot up in the air like a hurricane as her body began to change. When she lowered her power you could see that she was now a full blooded inu miko youkai. Her hair was as dark as night with blue highlight, with gold crescent moon on forehead, sapphire blue eyes, dark blue stripes on cheek, wrist, ankles, waist, hips, and thighs, pointed ears, sharp fangs, sharp but short claws, curves in all the right places and wide hips. Kagome spoke again "Why should I forgive you". The lords spoke in unison: "Because we are deeply sorry and will not disrespect you again our life is in your hands." Kagome spoke softly "You are forgiven don't let it happen again." The lords stood up surprise on their face as they looked at the full blooded inu miko youkai before them. Unison: You are a youkai how. Kagome:"When my power exceeds my body I change to better fit the energy which is why I was able to give birth to my sons". They nodded. Sesshomaru and his family walked into the castle to begin their life together. Sesshomaru and kagome had many more children and Shippo was appointed guard of his army and soon mated a nice fox youkai named Akemi. They lived happily ever after