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Christine couldn't go back. Not now anyway. She was so confused. She had gone from being hurt, to being mad, to being shocked, she didn't know what to make of all of this. She decided to take a walk. Probably wasn't the smartest move but she didn't really care at that moment. She roamed the streets trying to think of how she felt. She loved Harry as a friend. She has for awhile. But the whole Margaret thing really tested her trust. She knew that nothing like this had happened before but this was pretty bad. How could she know if what he just said in the parking lot wasn't just a repeat of last time? True, she did see him break up with Margaret. But that could change when he gets his things from her apartment. She kept going over everything in her mind. She had completely lost track of time. She heard someone running up behind her. She moved aside hoping whoever it was wanted nothing to do with her. That is, until she heard Harry's voice call her name.


She slowly turned around and wiped her eyes. "Harry… what are you doing here?"

"Looking for you!" he finally caught up to her. "You've been gone for nearly two hours and I know you weren't driving."

"I just decided to take a little walk."

"A little walk?"

"Okay fine, a big walk. I just needed to think things through."

He sighed, "That part's fine but what possessed you to walk around New York City alone at night?"

"I don't know. It was just there so I walked."


"Never mind. How did you find me anyway?"

"I'm still asking myself that question. Geez, it's freezing out here! Aren't you cold?"

She shrugged not sure where this conversation was headed, "I don't know, I guess. I'm fine."

There was an awkward silence.

Harry spoke up, "Why don't we start heading back, it's a long walk and I'm sure you'll be in debt after paying your babysitter overtime." He chuckled at his joke with hope he'd see a smile from Christine.

"No, Little Charlie's with Tony tonight."

Harry nodded.

"I'll be fine walking back. You probably want to get your things from Margaret's don't you?"

"That can wait; I don't want you to be out here alone."

She managed a half smile.

They walked in silence for awhile. They were almost back to the court, things were looking familiar. But Christine was mostly looking at Harry. He must care about me if he went all this way to find me… I guess he has always cared… She stopped and gently pulled Harry's hand.

Harry turned around, "Hey, what's wrong?"

Christine smiled, "Nothing." She slowly pulled herself closer to Harry. "It's just that I've been thinking about what you said…"

Harry smiled as he pulled Christine even closer, "Yes?"

She whispered as she was about to kiss him, "I love you too."

Finally, after all they had been through over the past years, they kissed. Not just a simple little kiss, but a real kiss. They stayed that way for awhile. Then they heard a familiar voice.

"Harry, Christine?"


Christine started to back away from Harry, but he kept her close.

"Excuse us Margaret, we are kind of busy." He said proudly yet with a sly and smug look.

Margaret shook her head and sighed with much anger. She stormed off as Harry and Christine stayed in each other's arms smiling.

"I'm so sorry for everything I've done to hurt you Christine." He hugged her as tight as he could.

"I forgive you. Let's mark this as a new start."

"Sounds great to me."

"I love you Harry."

"I love you Christine."

And so marked a new start. But they were happier than ever before.

The End.