The Vampire

Deep underground a building in London old town a secret series of buildings hidden away from the world. All connected to chamber with bookcases stretching for nearly half a mile all pointing towards the centre. A raised section with a circular table surrounded by nine wooden chairs overlooked the shelves. One of the chairs had a silver frame and it was occupied. In the chair a woman with short red hair, scarf around her neck and dressed in old fashioned clothing sat at the table with her hand on her forehead while doing some deep thinking. She pulled her hand away from her head and leaned back in her chair while looking to her left to see between two shelves with an old photograph. In the photo were a group of people; a man with white hair carrying a rifle, a man in a dressing-gown with bandages around his face, a tall brute figure, an Indian man in blue robes while holding a sword and a woman with long red hair in a corset dress.

Looking away from the picture the woman did a long exhale before saying, "I think it's time to assemble a new League"

All of a sudden a flood of bats that swarmed into the chamber then covered around the woman. A light appeared from up above as a passageway to the surface had opened. All the bats then flew up towards the opening and the moment the last bat had left the chair with the silver frame was empty.