The delivery girl

In the state of Toronto at seven in the morning the snow had covered the landscape in a white blanket as the season of winter was beginning. A girl wearing a dark green shirt, a baseball cap with the Company on it, shorts with tights underneath and light green Super-dry trainers and on her shirt was a name tag reading;

R .Flowers

Walking down the snow covered street carrying a long and narrow parcel which was to be delivered to the purchaser. The package had been addressed to a shooting range and could only be signed by a woman named 'Mina Harker'. Once the arrived at the shooting range the girl looked around; the snow had covered the entire shooting ground and with no other footprints left in the snow it appeared no one else was around.

The girl got out a clipboard which had all the details of the delivery but she was sure there was a mistake so she examined it, "This can't be right?"

"I can see my package has arrived," a voice said, "It's about time"

In fright the girl dropped the clip board to the ground. Looking forward she saw a woman in a black fur coat, a long red scarf and short red hair looked back at the girl, "I've been waiting here nearly half an hour longer than your service said it would take to deliver"

"Well I'm here now," the girl replied as she reached down to pick up the clipboard, "So if you would like to sign for it"

The woman in black reached out for the clip board, took an out a pen from her coat and signed the piece of paper. The delivery girl then handed the woman the long and narrow package, "Your Ramona Flowers aren't you?"

The young girl looked completely surprised, "Yer…how did you know that?"

"Well I read the name tag on your shirt," the woman replied, "And I've been watching you for a long time; I know about your…abilities"

"I…..I don't know what you're talking about," the girl replied nervously.

"Don't play coy with me young lady; I know about your abilities to manipulate sup-space and that's why…"

Before the woman had time to finish her sentence the girl quickly turned around and tried to walk away but in a matter of seconds the woman suddenly appeared in front of the young girl, "IT's very rude to walk away while someone's in the middle of a sentence"

The girl jumped back in fright and was about to fall to the ground but before she landed in the snow the woman quickly grabbed her by the arm, "It'd watch your step with I were you Ms Flowers; the ground in this area is particularly icy"

"Thank you…."

"Harker," the woman interrupted as she pulled the girl back up to her feet, "Mina Harker"

Mina then invited Ramona inside the shooting range and as they walked inside she opened the package to reveal an old fashioned rifle with a silver barrel and the union jack engraved on the wooden handle, "Do you know what this is?"

"It's a gun," Ramona replied.

"It's more than that. It's an old fashioned elephant hunting rifle which is a replica of the one used by Allen Quatermain,"

"Funny," Ramona said, "When my Granddad was alive he used to tell me stories about him; wasn't he the guy who found the mines of some of famous or something"

Mina then turned to face the shooting range while looking down the barrel of the gun to test the aiming, "Looks good"

Mina then put the gun to the side for a moment to talk to Ramona, "I could use someone with your talents"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm gathering together a group of people like yourself and I'm wondering if you'd like to join?"

"What are the benefits?"

"You'd be treated like royalty," Mina replied, "If you're interested in joining travel to England; I'll meet you when you arrive"

Ramona's phone started to ring. Taking it out from her pocket the name 'Scott' flashed on and off the screen, "I'll have to think about…"

Looking back to where Mina was standing she wasn't there anymore but only footprints from where she had been standing in the snow.