Chapter Twelve

Peter Pan's POV

"Well, this should be working soon, boys," I called out, levitating pretzel -style as I watched two BUDs explode. I was wondering when Tink, her street rat and his monkey would come running out of the tree. Any moment, now. Any moment.

"Can we raid it?" asked Slightly hopefully. "Please?"

"Um, let me check," I said and zoomed up to the tree tops. Peeking over a tall pine, I looked out towards the ocean.

Hook's ship was still docked in the bay. His flag had been lowered and it looked as if half the crew were still onboard. A big grin covered my face. The plan was, indeed, working. Yes!

Zooming down to the boys I hollered, "In the count of three, we charge!"

The boys let out a loud cheer, even Tootles was smiling and waving his arms in the air.



But before I could say three, Cubby started racing towards the tree and when he started, so did everyone else. Slapping my hand against my forehead, I followed, making war cries. The boys and I are champions at doing war cries. When you go off to fight Indians you learn some tricks, and war cries were indeed one of those tricks. Tiger Lilly taught me a few others, like diversions, which we were kind of doing right now.

However, all thought vanished when I was inside Tink's tree. Glass had been broken, some furniture had been flipped over and a few CDs covered the ground. The stereo miraculously was not harmed. Hit the Floor by TFK was playing loud and clear. Great song, but I had a feeling Aladdin picked it out. Just dandy. Now I can't like Thousand Foot Krutch. But none of that was why my brain went blank.

"Um," started Cubby, "where are they?"

Captain Hook's POV

"Get going you scallywags!" I growled. I pushed a huge plant leaf aside and walked past. No sooner had I gone two steps when I heard an "Uff!" Looking back, I saw Smee flat on the green ground.

"What you doing down there?" I asked, trying not to yell.

"That leaf hit me," Smee said, pointing to the tree with one hand and rubbing his rump with the other.

"Why did it hit you?" I asked, straining my voice.

"You pushed it!"

"You blame me!"

"NO! Never Captain, Sir."

"Good." I turned back to the forest.

When we had gone a quarter of a mile into the forest, the path we had been following broke into two, one leading left, the other right.

"You four, follow that path, and Smee, we will follow the left. Now hop to it!"

The air was filled with "Yes Sir"s as the four men nearly skipped to the right path. For some reason, it made me feel as if they didn't like me. I know that wasn't it. I mean, what's not to like? But, still, the feeling still lingered.

"Well?" I grumbled at Smee. He was looking longingly at the right path, but at the sound of my voice, he scampered to the left one and we started onwards.

Aladdin's POV

Flying through the forest was brilliant. No more tripping over uprooted roots, or falling into giant plants or having to avoid stepping on some dumb insect's home. All we had to watch out for was trees and the occasional bird.

Suddenly, Tinker Bell stopped. She turned to us and put a finger to her lips. Abu and I stopped flying and just kind of hovered, which is a lot harder to than it looks. But we managed.

Not more than a few yards away, we heard singing. Luckily we were hidden behind some thick trees.

"Yo-Ho and here we go!"

"Into the forest, our Pirateness grows!"

"Haha! Hook would be a codfish if he looked a tad better."

"And his crocodile might leave him alone if he took a shower!"

The voices roared in laughter.

"The reason he has a hook is to see his pretty face, and the reason he has a hand is to hold his mighty mace."

"But no one knows why he has a brain. He never uses it but to complain."

"Yo-Ho, the pirate's life for me."

"Even though Hook wouldn't agree."

Again, came the laughing. And they were getting closer.

Tink fluttered back to us. She motioned for us to follow her. I flew a couple of feet when I realized Abu wasn't with me. Turning around I saw him glide over towards the noise.

"Abu!" I hissed. "Get back here! Bad monkey, bad!"

But Abu didn't listen. He just continued to fly away. He was sitting like a person, his hands looking like praying hands, his head rested lightly on them and he was cross-legged. He looked just like a Buda, a very furry Buda.

Abu's POV

A flying Buda would scare anyone, but a flying monkey, well, we'd see if it would work or not. I knew not to look back. If I saw Aladdin and kept going I would be in even more trouble if this stunt didn't work. Once, I had scared a whole bunch of guards when I picked up a sword and started swinging it at people. So, maybe I did have a chance.

The singing had stopped, thank goodness, but the laughter only became louder. Humans, so stupid. And they think we're related to them. No way! Even monkeys know how stupid that theory is. I mean, we're the evolved ones here, no question about it.

Finally, I had only one more small turn and I would be in view of them. I pushed my hat back on my head before it fell off, and got into my Buda position.

"We should form a band."

"Aye! A Piratey band."

"And we'll call ourselves…?"

"The Hooks!"


"The Parrot and the Glass Eye?"


"The Singing…flying monkey?"

"Who would want to listen to a band called the Flying Monkey?"

"It's a fury Buda! Run!"

Three of the four had seen me, but the fourth was just glancing at his comrades. Then, when the only remaining one pointed to me, the fourth stood rigid, his eyes grew huge.

"You," I pointed towards the two pirates. "You will be doomed forever! The monkey has spoken."

"Oh, great monkey!" exclaimed the fourth. Much to my surprise, the human fell prostrate upon the ground. "Please, do not doom me. Have mercy, oh great monkey!"

"Doom upon you…forever!" I said as creepily and as deep as I could muster.

"Mercy!" he pleaded, kneeling now.

"Doom upon you! Forever! BOO!"

And before you could say mother of Marry, the pirate ran right back where he came from. There are just some things in life that get better in time. I'm sure this memory would be one them.