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"Morning uncle Ben" said the boy with a slight smile on his face he was in his teens lovely golden blond hair blue eyes that fixed onto the male this so called "uncle Ben" walking into the kitchen as he grunted for the reply his brown hair all ruffled his green eyes could not of been fixed on as they wear partially closed as he wandered into the kitchen in a shirt that was crinkled and a pair of black pants and on his feet was just a pair of socks as he walked and sat at the kitchen table the boy couldn't help but laugh at his uncle as he slumped into the chair and cupped his head in his hands a laughter came from the door as another young male walked in still in his cloths from last night he had the same golden blond hair only lovely brown eyes

"uncle Ben's not used to a night like that i see" he smiled as Ben lifted his head up

"leave your uncle alone with his work i bet he has hardly enough time to enjoy himself" said a woman walking in her long blond hair swifted around and her brown eyes glued on the kettle

"and drink what he did last night" the young lad laughed and walked out just as another male walked in same state as Ben but not as bad and walked down and sat at the table his dark brown hair and dark eyes glued up at the clock

"Morning Dave" the woman said looking at him with a smile

"Morning Zoe"

"how was last night then Peter seems more energised than you two"

"we just went round some clubs and what not" she smiled at this reply

"do you want a coffee"

"oh please"

"Ben" she looked over at Ben still holding his head

"ben you ok bud" said Dave spinning round on his seat to face Ben leaning on the table

"yes I'm fine" was the reply as he lifted his head up to look at them and wished he hadn't oh the pain the throbbing pain over and over as if some one had hit a gong repetitively

"would you like a coffee and an aspirin to go with that hangover" she said with a smile noticing the pain from his facial expression

"yes please" he said as she walked out and came back with a box of aspirin and made the cups of coffee

"its official i think im gonna stop drinking" Ben said after taking the aspirin and placing his cup on the table the young lad looked at him

"you cant do that you need to be there when i turn 18" he said looking at him

"that's if you make it to 18 years old if you keep it up like you did this week i don't think me and your dad will be able to stop from losing it"

"you kill me you will get arrested isn't that right uncle Ben" the lad looked at him for reassurance

"if its a good enough reason Jake ill clean up all evidence your mum and dad will be free" Ben received a slight smile from Zoe stood behind Jake

"look go get your stuff ready for your rugby match" he nodded and went out

"he's been a real pain then this week" Dave asked as she nodded and sat down

"yeh nightmare school rang up twice he's been put in detention for the whole week" both Ben and Dave's attention returned to the clock witch said 10:15

"could do with a bit longer sleep in couldn't we Ben" the man smiled

"that's the longest i have been able to sleep in since i became a detective im pretty happy about it"Ben smiled at this

"anyway do you think mum and dad will be up need my clothes to change seen as how i promised Jake i would watch him" Ben asked

"they should be ye" Dave replied

"how come we ended up sleeping here we came to drop peter off and go back to mums" dave said looking at Ben who shrugged his shoulders

"i don't know" he replied

"that was my idea i thought with the state you two were in if i had let you go back like that mum would of killed me after possibly killing you two first" she laughed

"were we that bad" dave asked

"i dont remember bugger all not even dropping Peter off" ben said looking at her

"so you wont remember almost falling into Charlotte's room" she smiled as ben looked at her

"i almost did what" ben said looking at her

"you almost fell into Charlotte's room it was really funny me and jake was trying to get you into the guest room"

"that's why he had a smile on his face"

"i remember that cause you told me and peter to be quite from laughing" dave said ben just looked at him

"oh and don't forget dad is taking us out for a drink tonight"

"I'm so glad i haven't got work tomorrow either" Ben gave a smile

"well one things for certain im on orange juice all night"

"like to see you try last time i said that to dad he got me absolutely" the sentence was suddenly stopped by the voice of a little girl as she ran into the kitchen

"uncle ben" she ran in and gave him a huge hug as ben managed to stay on his seat

"hello Charlotte"

"hey were is my hug" dave asked

"i saw you Thursday its been ages since i saw uncle ben" she said as she sat on his knee the girl looked just like her mother sported the same blond hair as her brothers and the most beautiful sparkling brown eyes she was young not older than ten but also not younger then 6

"and hows my favourite niece today" Ben said

"your only niece" was the words that came from Jake's mouth as he returned back into the room

"just cause he doesn't say stuff like that to you"

"he did when i was about 6"

"what so he called you his niece" a slight laugh came from ben as he bit his lip trying not to laugh were as dave had already buckled

"shut up uncle dave" he said as he walked past and into the front room

"high five kid"dave said as Charlotte's hand connected with his

"you shouldn't make him annoyed" ben said

"why you did it to use" Zoe said looking to him

"yeh but you both hit me when mum and dad left you in charge i hated being the youngest" dave smiled as he looked at zoe

"right come on best get moving if you need to get changed" ben stood up and placed Charlotte on the seat

"were we meeting" dave asked

"well were coming by mums and dads anyway they was gonna come watch so you can follow us" she said as she walked with them to the door grabbed their coats and set off

"ok see ya soon" dave shouted as they both walked off they hadn't far to walk to their parents house and as they walked in they was greeted with their dad

"morning meet somebody nice" his dad smiled

"no Zoe put us in her spare room cause she thought it wouldn't be fair on us coming back in the state we was in" dave ran up stairs as ben walked into the kitchen

"good night then"

"wouldn't know if it was good or bad i cant remember it" he said going to go into the spare room

"well their is some asprin in the cupboard if you want some" his mother said

"ill take some with me i have already had some this morning" his mother nodded as he went to get changed and jumped into the shower he came out just in time to grab a coffee before the door went bens mum got up and answered it

"hello janet" she said to the woman stood behind a little lad

"hello dianna just brought Rick over" she squeezed the little boys shoulders ben walked out of the room and smiled and her and to the lad his lovely blue eyes his neatly combed orben hair just like his mothers

"uncle ben" he rushed in and ben hugged him

"how are you" he said looking at him

"im fine i started school this year im 5 now"

"you started school wow and did you get your card from me" the lad nodded eagerly

"yes the Thomas one" he smiled

"you would of thought you was on the other side of the world the greeting you have got of your niece and nephews" dave said walking down

"i know i like" ben smiled

"i know its late notice but i have work tomorrow early so i thought rather than wake him up and everything if he could stay with you" dave looked

"yeh sure" he picked rick of ben and walked over to janet

"give mummy a kiss" he gave her a kiss and she left

"looks like your not the only one on orange" dave said

"he can stay here i can watch him if you want" his mother said

"arnt you coming"

"yes were coming for a bit and then i will come back home with rick if you want"

"please mum if you can" dave said as he gave her a hug they heard a beep of a horn as they all walked out and got into the car and drove to the club and watched the game and that night all went out for a meal as a family and went to the pub were after a while zoe and her husband went left and peter was going

"see he cant handle it with the big boys" dave said as ben smiled

"i would but i have work tomorrow" he replied

"that's a lie" said his dad as peter looked at him and walked out

"see ya later"he said shaking Ben's and Dave's hands as the turned round to say good by to rick and bens mum that night they walked into the house quite drunk again curtisy of their farther as they woke the next morning at 10:30 ben sat down enjoyed a nice breakfast and cup of coffee and a quite after noon just relaxing as that would be the only thing he couldnt do back home for more than a good hour or so before his phone went off but not this weekend he was off he had booked the three days off so he could spend time with family without being called into work as 5 oclock came he said his good byes as he had to drive home back to good old midsomer for work the next morning

he had arrived home and gone straight to bed after the two late nights accompanied by the booze knowing he had to get up early and into his usual routine he thought best get to bed early he rang his mother to tell her he was home and save before going bed

"morning Sir" he said walking into the office and received a nod of the gentle man sat in his seat head in paper work only to be stopped by the phone he lifted his head to see the young detective carrying a huge smile on his face as his blue eyes fixed on him and watched as he walked behind a woman sat at her desk her golden blond hair up neatly in a clip as ben leaned forward right near her ear knowing she hadn't clocked on he was in the room

"morning Gail" he said as she jumped slightly

"daft bugger you made me jump" she couldn't help but smile as he leant on her desk with a big grin on his face

"some ones in a good mood" she said catching Ben's playful smile

"just a tad"

"did you have a good weekend then" she asked just finishing some paper work

"the parts i remember yeh" he gave a smile

"did peter have a good time"

"yep he didn't wake up as bad as what i must of done" he said he still had his playful smile on his face

"and how was your weekend"

"busy trying to get through this paper work and trying to find time to break up with Jason" she looked at him an his face changed

"you broke up i thought everything was going well"

"no i caught him with another woman whilst taking Joey for a walk"

"I'm sorry to hear"

"no dont be he was an arse anyway and i cant believe i didn't listen to you in the first place"

"like i said he dated my sister and was nothing but a stupid arse back than" Ben just smiled at her

"right well at dinner why don't we grab a sandwich and that just chat aye"

"sounds good"

"ok but first thing first coffee and then dive into this lot" he said as he made over to his desk and picked up the work and placed it back down walked over and got a cup of coffee his Superior had finished his first phone call and whilst ben was making his coffee got another one ben walked back sat down took sup of his drink and placed it down just as he came off the phone

"Jone's Stephen's come on"

"sir i just got my coffee" the male just looked at the coffee and then to his Sergeant

"well you cant drink it know can you" ben just sighed as he had walked out gail got her coat and ben took a last sup of his coffee burning his mouth in the process

"not so much of a good morning after all" gail said as they followed their boss out to the car park

"Jones you go with Stephens just follow my car"

"yes sir" they both got into the car ben giving a slight frown not happy he hadn't had time for coffee and just burnt his mouth

"i think i preferred it in wales late night followed with the sleep ins and peaceful afternoons not having to worry about the likes of midsomer's criminals" ben looked over to gail

"that's sounds like heaven" she said as she smiled at him

"oh it is" they followed their boss down to Midsomer Newton as they watched him get out they watched an officer approach him there was an ambulance their and other cars as forensics were now on the scene

"i know this house well who owns it" gail said getting out of the car

"who" ben asked closing the door

"Zack and Lacey Thomas" they walked over to their boss

"whats happened sir" ben asked

"kids found their mother on the floor of the kitchen she had been stabbed 10 times in the chest some time between 7:45 between 8:10"

"Harrison, Hailey and Phil" gail said

"yes Stephens how do you know them" asked her boss as ben just looked at her

"my mother and farther live next door to them she has looked after them before whilst she and Zack were at work and they did favours for them"

"how old are they"

"Harrison and Hailey are twins their both 13 and Phil is 8 years old" their boss looked down to the floor and ben looked away all had the same thoughts in their mind that they was two young to find their mother on the floor

"ok Gail i would like you to contact Zack and ask him to come pick up his kids ben you come with me to sit with them" he was just about to walk off

"sir if im right from what i have heard Zack isn't Harry i mean Harrison's and Hailey's farther they don't even have his last name"

"whats their last name"

"Jones sir" he nodded and sent gail of to make the call as they walked over to the kids sat by the ambulance as a paramedic stood up to him

"DCI Barnaby" he shook his hand

"this is my Sergeant DS Jones how are they" he said nodding to the Kids sat at the steps of the ambulance

"well they are shook up were just watching Harrison he has epilepsy we want to make sure none of this starts him off into a seizure"

"any other medical information you know" he asked

"as far as im aware its just Harrison and Hailey who take medication Hailey being asthmatic"

"will they be ok to speak" ben asked

"you will be lucky if you get a word out of Hailey she just sits quite and doesn't speak just stares at the house at first i thought she was going into shock but she hasnt shown any symptoms as of yet"

"ok thanks" they walked over and ben looked at his boss as he looked at him

"let me talk to them first" ben nodded as he watched his boss kneel down infornt of them

"hello I'm DCI Tom Barnaby this is my Sergeant DS Ben Jones can we ask you some questions about what you remember this morning" Harrison was the one to nod first he was in his school uniform he had mousy Brown Hair and grey blue eyes as they met Barnaby's first before meeting bens and then back to Barnaby

"ok Harrison" he paused a moment

"do you like being called Harrison or Harry" he asked

"I'm not fussed i answer to either but my friends and that generally call me Harry" he said this his voice was quite shaken

"ok then Harry we will start with you what happened from when you woke up to the moment we arrived" the lad took a deep breath

"its ok don't rush take it nice and steady that way my Sergeant can write it all down" ben didn't know weather it was a crack at him saying he missed quite a few details and he wanted him to be able to get every thing exactly right or cause harry was in such a state about what was going on he didn't want to rush him he watched the young lad take a deep breath and slowly brought up the courage to speak as he pulled out his note pad and started to write

"well mum had woke us up at 7:30 me and phil shared a room i just laid still i had been up late playing a game even though i shouldn't of been so i was tired and laid their for a while, hailey came in to see if we needed the loo before she jumped into the shower i said no and phil rushed out to go when i heard him come back in he was getting changed and then turned on the tv after 20 minuets i went and got washed and changed before walking out and into are room and was just about to sit down when i heard Hailey scream she started shouting my name this had also caught phils attention as we both walked down and found hailey on the floor her hands full of blood as she was by mum i picked the phone up and dialed it to call you lot she was still breathing and awake whilst we was their and then she" harry got a lump in his throat and tears hit his eyes

"its ok harry you have told us quite a bit well done" tom looked at hailey who was still staring at the house witch was just behind Barnaby

"hailey can you tell us what you did this morning from when you woke up and up till when we arrived" she didn't speak she just sat staring ahead

"Hailey" he asked again and still didn't reply He watched as the girl just sat still her Greene brown eyes fixed on the house she had a blanket over her witch covered her hands that was still full of blood her hair was up in a pony tail it was brown but only cause it was wet her fringe had dried and was a mousy brown colour

"ok well we will be over in a minuet can you tell us how to contact your farther we heard that"

"Zack isnt are dad" harry said finishing off his sentence as Barnaby nodded

"we wish we could but we never knew are dad we couldn't get any information of are mother only that we have his last name" harry looked at hailey and glanced at what she was looking at before shaking the memories out of his mind for a second before they was sent back again as they shifted the body out witch was placed on a stretcher covered with a blanket bens focus went from watching them wheel the body out straight to Hailey who took a deep breath and watched as a tear trickled down her face.

"do we have to stay here" this caught Bens attention as well as his bosses as he looked round and saw Gail walking back

"give me a few seconds and you and phil may be able to leave I'm afraid the paramedics might want to keep you with them so they can check on you" he stood onto his feet as they heard the crack as he stood up both bens and Hailey's reaction was the same as they shrugged at the sound Barnaby just turned into gail

"Zack Thomas is on his way sir"

"ok well i will need to speak to him if you and ben take Hailey and Phil away from here" gail nodded

"were too sir the station"

"no that's one place at this moment in time any kid will hate and feel intimidated would it be possible taking them to your house"

"yeh sir im sure that won't be a problem"

"ok you go with ben see if you can talk to Hailey i will call you when i need you" gail nodded with the reply

"yes sir" as Barnaby was walking away to the paramedic and pointed over

"ok Hailey Phil would you like to come with me and my colleague Ds Jones here were we can go sit down have a drink and get away from this" Gail lowered here hand down to the young boy as he grabbed her hand and nodded as hailey just sat their still

"you will be fine with us" ben sat as he helped her up he removed the blanket slightly to revele her hands and shirt full of blood as he closed it back and looked at gail

"do you think you can get a spare change of clothes for her" he said gail looked at him and walked closer


"her tops full of blood shes not gonna want to be sat in them" gail nodded and guided phil over to her car as ben followed with hailey the paramedics allowed her to use the blanket and gave ben some notes on if she went into shock what the symptoms were as he watched gail enter the house and return moments later with a carry bag in hand with spare clothes as she passed them ben before walking round to climb into the car and set off driving

the drive was dreadfully quite as Hailey stared out the window at passing trees as they traveled the stretch of road Ben had found himself doing the same but looking at the road as Gail turned into the curves smoothly and ever so calmly he took his eyes of the road and glanced at gail who had seen him move and glanced at him smiled and concentrated on the road as she turned forward Ben looked in the back to see the little boy his hair was Jet Black cut short and had lovely blue eyes as he sat fiddling with his hand and looked up to see ben staring at him ben gave a smile in hoping that the lad might pull one back but just looked down and started fiddling with his hands again as the scenery changed to houses and streets it seemed a long ride as gail pulled up to her house in front of the gate and unclipped her seat belt

"here" she said looking in the back as she watched Hailey examining the house very carefully the house had two windows on the front and was joined with two house either side the gate was connected to a fence and throw it she could see flowers the grass was cut neatly and a chair and table was placed neatly under the front window their was a basket hung by the door witch was filled with flowers and some that gracefuly hung over the edge creating that wonderful calm atmosphere

"nice Garden" Hailey said as she stood out

"ah cant take the credit my dad did it i just don't have the time to and he loves doing it so"

"Fred" Phil asked as he joined his sisters side Gail nodded with a smile

"i help him with his garden if its nice enough" Gail just nodded as she opened the gate and walked up to the house followed by Hailey and Phil as Ben was the last and shut the gate

"wish my Garden was like this it needs its grass cutting and i swear the plants die on me on purpose" Hailey couldn't help but laugh at his comment as for a moment seemed to have forgot about were they had just come from as they walked into the house

Gail's House was a nice small bungalow with 3 rooms bathroom kitchen and living room as the walked through the hall their was two doors to the left and right of them on leading into the living room and the other leading into the small room that Gail converted into an office space as it wouldn't of been that big if she placed a bed in and some wardrobes they walked into the living room witch had a TV in the corner next to the fire place and on the other side a stereo with her Cd's next to them the couch was a two seater the went on an angle and next to it a single chair to match

"take a seat i will make some drinks what would you like i have tea coffee juice" she looked at them as they hastily sat down

"could i have some juice please"

"of course you can Hailey would you like a drink"

"could i have a tea please" Gail smiled and nodded as she looked at Ben stood by her

"coffee" she smiled

"oh yes please Gail" he smiled back at her as she walked into the kitchen Hailey still had the blanket over her and still hadn't realised the blood on her hands as she got up and helped Gail as Ben was keeping Phil Occupied with an old magic trick were he took his thumb off as the lad watched mesmerized

"do you take sugar" Gail asked

"just the one" she watched as Gail placed the sugar in and moved the cup over to Hailey as she removed her hands picked the cup up still hadn't noticed the blood until the cup was almost to her mouth as she realised the cup left her hands and fell down to the floor as it hit the ground the tea spread all over the floor as the cup broke as Gail jumped back and Hailey did Ben was just finishing the trick when this happened as he jumped up and rushed into the kitchen

"what was that" he watched as Gail was walking to Hailey and placed her arms around her

"you ok Hailey"

"I'm so sorry i didn't mean to" Hailey quickly looked at Gail almost panicking as if Gail was going to hit her

"no its ok it was an accident" Gail watched as Hailey looked at her hands

"Ben could you take Hailey to get cleaned up" Ben nodded and walked round and placed his arms on her shoulders and guided her back along the kitchen to the hallway

"come on lets get your hands washed" he picked up the bag clothes and placed them next to the sink as he guided Hailey over and turned the tap on she was really shaky as she held her hands out and dipped them into the water Ben took the soap and helped her wash them

"you look awfully familiar" Hailey said as she looked at him

"i do travel round midsomer quite a lot getting called out maybe you saw me drive passed" he said he glanced at her before turning back to her hands

"no i think you spoke to us well not just me my whole class" Ben thought for a moment he couldn't remember speaking to any class full of kids

"winyard House i think" Ben remembered what she was on about

"ah yes i remember one of your class mates told you about the house saying it was haunted i came in to tell you it wasn't that was my first time as a acting detective constable" Ben said looking at her

"you've got a good memory" Ben said as he rinsed her hands

"yeh I'm a good observer as well my mother said i must take after my dad"

"do you know anything about him" Ben had now sat on the edge of the bath as he handed her the towel

"no mum didn't tell us about him she wanted to but i think she was waiting for the right time but i won't get to meet him now will i"

"im sure you will i will help and I'm positive Gail would if you wanted"

"i would like that all mum ever said about him was that in some ways i took after him" Ben nodded and looked at the carrie bag

"well i will leave you to get changed will be in the kitchen when done" as he picked it up and handed it over

"is she mad" Hailey asked as she took it

"no it wasn't your fault you just didn't expect what you saw" he smiled and put his hand on her shoulder

"tell me about it" Ben smiled and then walked out into the hallway and down to the kitchen as Hailey closed the door and got changed.

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