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DCI Tom Barnaby

DS Ben Jones

DC Gail Stephens

Dr George Bullard

As Morning rose, ben was laid on couch still asleep harry and Hailey was up cleaning the kitchen as gail walked back down stairs.

"hey guys you don't have too"

"its ok were almost done now" harry was sweeping the glass up as hailey picked things up.

"what do you want to eat toast, cereal?"

"toast please" Harry said



"ok is your dad still asleep?"

"yeh" harry said as he looked at him. Gail made there breakfast and sat down eating some cereal as she looked at her watch.

"school guys" she said cleaning up her bowl.

"i can't drop you of cause i have to get ready"

"for work?"

"no i got a scan today, be going in after"

"what about dad?"

"i rang up today, said he was coming with me to the scan" they nodded.

"ok you got everything, taken everything" she looked at harry as he rushed past to the cupboard and took a tablet out.

"done" gail smiled

"have a good day"

"you too" she smiled as they left the house and then wandered into the front room and picked up some of the stuff up of the floor, as she noticed ben wake up.

"thought i would of had to wake you"

"what time is it ?" ben asked as he stretched and rubbed his eyes.


"shit, i need to get showered and get to work"

"you can get showered, but your not in till later same as me" ben looked at her.

"we have a baby scan to go to" he just looked and nodded.

"go on, go into the shower" he nodded and went up. When he came down he just had his shirt to go on, he had his pants and socks on and he walked down with his shirt and tie as he walked into the kitchen and under the sink, gail was just sat down reading her magazine.

"its in the front room under the table"

"pardon?" ben said standing up.

"first aid kit" he just wandered in and got it and sat down.

"does it hurt?"

"yep stung like a" he winched as she touched it.

"here" she pulled his arm out and opened the box and out with the antiseptic spray.

"this is possibly gonna sting" ben closed his eyes.

"that's not bad"

"i haven't sprayed it yet" she looked at ben with a smile and sprayed it.

"ah sheesh thanks for the warning"

"sorry" she said just dabbing it and placing something over it before using the bandage as she finished she looked at the clock.

"there done"

"what time you need to be there?"

"9:50" it was only coming up to 9:00 as ben just nodded and placed his shirt on. He buttoned it up and did his tie and walked to the mirror above the fire place as gail watched him sort his hair out.

"we will set off once i have been to the toilet" ben nodded and followed her up whilst he got his jacket, gail came down five minuets later after washing her face. She smiled as ben got up.

"you ready?" she nodded as they walked to his car ben patted his pockets for his car keys.

"there in my other Jacket one moment" he rushed back into the house and back out again. Forgetting to lock the door.

"door" gail said as ben remembered and turned quick.

"you would of thought you was in a rush, slow down were not late" he just nodded and opened the car door for her, he went to his side and clambered in and set off. They sat down in the waiting room and ben realised the kitchen was cleaned as he remembered walking into it this morning.

"did you clean the kitchen?"

"no Harry and Hailey did."

"they shouldn't of, i should"

"i know you managed to get out of that. We need some new plates, glasses, bowls and cups so that will come out off your pocket."

"you said we needed some new dishes anyway"

"they was the new ones"

"oh yeh, sorry"

"its ok"

"Miss Gail Stephens" gail stood up and ben followed her into the room.

"6 Months how you doing with getting stuff ready?"

"we just need the cot, cabinets and changing table and he just needs to paint the room" Gail said looking a ben.

"how you doing for clothes?"

"its hard, you see all these lovely girls outfits and then Boys"

"you had your eyes on some stuff then?"

"yes some really cute stuff" gail and the midwife could of sat and chatted for hours.

"well lets get you checked" she nodded as she lifted her top up and grabbed bens hand. he just smiled as he zoned back into the situation and looked at the screen as he saw the baby.

"you still don't want to know the sex?"

"yep still want the surprise" gail said as benjust nodded along with her.

"i understand your thinking of staying at work about a month or so before baby's due?"

"yes it was a hard decision and wanted to have that month just getting settled and relaxed at home."

"your not doing to much work and keeping relaxed?"

"yes, Boss has got me doing soft work and instead of going out to the scenes I'm stuck at the station just looking up stuff"

"well everything is going fine, just stay relaxed don't stress or overdo it and things will be good. just going to do the usual test weight and what not and you can be on your way" gail nodded.

"any worries?"

"no not today, don't think"

"well you know if you do just ring me and i can book you in to talk" she nodded and went out after 20 minuets they was walking out the hospital to there car.

"ok work" gail said as she smiled at ben. They both walked into the office as people noticed, ben just sat down at his desk as tom looked at him.

"i heard you was quite annoyed last night, as well as slightly drunk" ben just looked at tom and nodded.

"are you two speaking?"

"yeh we are, why?"

"just wondering you both need to talk"

"we have been. We talked last night and this morning"

"last night?"

"yes well, as you pointed out i was slightly drunk and annoyed when i got home i flipped. Kyle and James had followed me home"


"James called gail cause they was scared" tom just looked at his sergeant.

"you have to control your anger"

"i can control it, it was just last night after everything that happened it just went of like a bomb" gail walked up behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"you got a pen?"

"yeh" ben opened his draw and gave her one.

"you want a drink?" he asked after having enough of talking about last nights advents.

"yes please tea" he nodded and went over to the kettle. Tom just looked at gail.

"you two sorted out?"

"made up, yes"

"thats good" gail just gave her boss a smile before holding her stomach.

"you ok?"

"yes just been kicked" she smiled as benwalked back with the cups.

"you ok?"

"yes, i think someones playing football" gail grabbed bens hand and placed it were she was being kicked.

"doesn't it scare you?" he said.

"you ask this every time you feel the baby kick" she smiled as she took her drink over to her desk. She noticed a letter on the desk addressed to her she read it.

"This is Jessica, please can we meet up at dinner time at the new cafe in Causton. I understand if you don't come but its just to talk its quite important"gail read it and then placed it down and thought, she did her work and as dinner came she went out to the cafe as she walked in she saw Jessica sat at the Back.

"hi thanks for coming, would you like a drink?"

"tea please" jess nodded and got a drink for gailand sat back down, as the waiter came with the cup and placed it down.

"thanks" gail said to the waiter.

"what did you want?" she then said as she looked at jess she didn't say it nastily.

"its just to talk"


"i just wanted to apologise for any pain i put you through. I have been stupid and selfish" gail just nodded.

"i just want to say its not bens fault, please don't take it out on him" gaildecided to play along with it, she knew it was mean but wanted to hear what she had to say.

"it takes two to kiss"

"no, Ben was trying to get away from me he kept saying he had to get home to you i was drunk. I had a few to drink and caught ben off guard he was trying to move he really was, but i held onto him" gail just took a drink calmly.

"last night, i rushed to him when i saw him sat at the park and he went ballistic, he really was angry and upset i had never seen him like that, and then when he started saying that he'd lost the one person he truly loved in the world, i started to see how much he did care for you and realised i'd made a huge mistake. When i saw him leave the park your brother and james followed him i just went inside, i really felt so guilty" gail just nodded.

"when he got home he flipped you know?" she shook her head "scared the kids big time, and was so angry he smashed the kitchen"

"he scared his kids?"

"they have never seen him that angry before. The last time they witnessed a male angry like that they was beat, they was scared that ben was going to hit them" Jess just looked at gail.

"he didn't, its just i know they have been pushing his buttons, they wasn't speaking to him and went into rebellious teens, but even with them like that he would never hurt them"

"look I'm truly sorry, i hope you and ben can work it out he really does love you, my problem was i was jealous and last night i realised that, it was me that drove him away in the first place"

"well we are talking and have made up, were putting everything behind us and just concentrating on what the future will bring"

"I'm glad to hear this, i hope we can start a clean sheet, i understand if you don't but i can't express how sorry i am" gail looked at Jessica and thought she dissevered a new start.

"i accept your apology and would like to start a clean sheet, but its not just me that needs to be apologized to"

"yes i know i need to apologise to ben, but also his kids cause it must of been tough on them" gail just nodded.

"i got to get back, ben will be wondering where i am thanks for the tea."

"its ok, when do you think it would be best to come by to apologise"

"if you come round later on about 8" jessica nodded as gail went back. And later that night at 8 jessica turned up.

"what you doing here" ben said as he was stood by the door, Gail walked behind him.

"she wanted to come and apologise to you and the twins"

"its not just us"

"she has already apologised to me, and we are willing to start fresh. Ben just looked at gail and moved to let jess in, as she walked into the front room were harry and Hailey sat.

"i just wanted to say, i'm truly sorry for what i did, and hope you can accept my apology"

"why should we" Harry said.

"i understand why you wouldn't want to, and never speak to me again, but this incident has made me realise what an idiot i have been and i really want to start a fresh" ben felt gail's hand just nudge him forward slightly.

"ok" Harry said ben looked down at him as did Hailey.

"thank you harry" jess said with a smile.

"i do too" ben said as he felt gail's hand.

"doesn't mean I'm gonna be pally pally with you" hailey said.

"no i understand, i almost tore your family apart i don't expect to be pally pally i'm just wanting to try put things right"

"well i accept your apology"

"thanks, i will leave you all to your night" gail lead jess out the house and walked back.

"ok you two bed" ben said as they nodded and walked up.

"is that who you went to see at dinner?" gail nodded.

"she wanted to apologise to me, and she told me that it was her" ben just nodded.

"anyway past is past" ben just nodded and helped her wash up. as another month passed gail was now told she had to go every fortnight for a check. Time soon passed and it was now 5 week before the baby, was due gail was still at work trucking on she was sat down working, when she put the pen down and just pushed her stomach slightly getting little pains.

"you ok" ben asked.

"yes just slightly uncomfortable" she said it showed in her face

"go home" he said just watching her.

"no ill be fine" she got through the day and through the night, still had slight pains but in her back. She just put it down to the weight she was carrying and not telling ben. That morning at work, Ben and Barnaby had to go out and the Chief Inspector came in as he watched gail drop her cup, cause of a slight shock of pain.

"gail you ok?" He said rushing over an just held her arm.

"yes baby just kicked" that's how the pain felt to her but now it was a stronger kick.

"you sure?"

"yes, they have a good kick that's all and i wasn't expecting it" she went to bend down.

"no ill get that, here you sit" he helped gail into the seat.

"i think you should go home"

"no sir i will be ok"

"no, i insist you only had 3 more days left anyway, you might as well go home get some early rest"

"it will be fine there just kicking me" he watched as she just pressed her stomach.

"are you sure your ok, ill call and ambulance"

"no need, i have just been slightly uncomfortable that's all" Gail said just smiling to comfort his concerns.

"well i order you to go home, and start your maternity today, just sit and relax, it might be your uncomfortable because you need rest"

"your not gonna let this go are you?"gail said just smiling.

"no, now where's ben?"

"they had to go out"

"ok, you got your keys?"


"right ill drop you off home" she got her stuff and the chief took her home.

"get plenty of rest and are you sure you will be ok on your own?"

"yes i will be fine sir thanks" she walked up to the house and went in.

"ill be so glad when your born" she said to her self, she had been getting small pains since yesterday and they got more painful during the night, and up to the point were she was dropped off they seemed to come every 30 minuets or so, some painful as she just sat down, dinner time passed and, as gail stood in the kitchen the pains got more closer and as she stood holding onto the kitchen counter, they seemed to be still painful she just couldn't stand the pain.

where's gail?" ben said walking in.

"chief inspector ordered her to go home and gave her a lift"


"about an hour and half ago" ben just nodded and sat down.

"i should ring her, to check on her" he said as barnaby came in.

"Dr Bullard wants to show us something" ben nodded and told him self he would ring after. as he followed his boss to Dr Bullard.

"it looks like he was tortured, first the wounds, here and here were done before these ones by his heart, but these are more precise they knew what they was doing to miss organs" bens phone started to go as he read the caller id it was gail.

"Jones" he said as he walked out.

"Ben" he could hear pain in her voice.

"Gail love are you ok?"

"no i keep getting pains"

"ok ill make my way there" the phone went dead. "Gail" he looked at the phone and noticed the call was ended as he just opened the door.

"sir i just need to nip out"

"ok" ben shut the door and ran off to his car.

"ben, Ben" gail said holding the phone she looked and noticed the phone had gone dead.

"oh no" she said as pain ripped through her.

"ah" one hand grabbed her belly, as the other gripped the phone as she was still leaned over the counter, she noticed the house phone on its stand in the hallway and was gonna go get it and call for an ambulance, but as she went to move she couldn't, the pain was so bad she just couldn't move, all she could do was just lean on the counter her back hunched as she grabbed the sides, her legs shoulder width apart as shooting pains came closer, as 8 minuets passed she just looked at the clock.

"ben where are you?, oh" she said as she took a deep breath in slowly and then out slowly as she was taught in the breathing classes, she had been to as she heard the door go.


"Ben in here" he rushed in to find gail leaning over as he just stood at the side of her not knowing what was going on.

"hey are you ok?"

"no, i think the baby's coming"

"right have your waters broke?"

"no" he nodded

"ok lets" as he said this a gush of water hit the floor, as it did ben tried to jump out the way "they have know" gail said as she still stayed stood.

"yes erm" ben said looking down quite shocked not expecting any of it.

"come on lets get you to the car"

"ben i can't" she said.

"you can come on"

"no i can't move, the pain is too much" she said ben looked at her and nodded as she ducked her head as another pain shot through her.

"ah" ben just looked round on the floor.

"ok gail, come on, I'm gonna sit you down" he wanted to carry her out side to his car but he didn't want to risk anything, so thought it was best and managed to sit her down.

"ill get you a couple of cushions" he rushed into the front room and grabbed them all, when he came back in he helped place them behind gail.

"its ok" he pulled his phone out as it started ringing, it was Barnaby as he canceled it and then rang 999, gail had put her nightie on to relax in as she sat back ben had the phone to his ear as he was delivered instructions.

"ok gail, i need to take your underwear off and just take a look ok" she nodded still breathing she had changed into "Hee hee hoo" as ben took a look phone still to his ear.

"wow, yes i can see a a head off hair" gail just looked at him, as he looked up ben just listened down the phone and then looked at gail.

"what" he took a deep breath as he looked at gail.

"the paramedics are stuck in traffic and it looks like your gonna have to give birth here" gail just looked at him.

"ok?" he asked she just nodded ben was given more instructions as he had to rush of and got some towels.

"ok Gail if your ready, you need to push" she shook her head.

"i can't ben"

"you can come on, chin to you chest and push down to your bum" ben stated what he had been told over the phone as gail did this.

"good gail your doing well" he said as his hand just ran up and down the back of her lower leg she stopped and took another couple of breaths before pushing again.

"that's it gail well done, i can see the head there eyes nose mouth and dark hair" ben said as he looked at gail, he heard speech in his ear from the phone.

"ok" ben was doing what he had been told and then looked at gail.

"ok gail your gonna need to do a big push a really big push"

"ben i can't"

"i know it hurts, but you can do it you can"

"i can't"

"gail look at me, yes you can ok take a few breaths" she took her breaths "ok and push, gail push" Gail started to push with all her might. "that's it gail keep going, push come on, almost there big push" she did this and the baby's shoulders were out, as ben was able to guide it out but no cry came from the baby.

"ben why aren't they crying?"

"i don't know, there not breathing and blue" he said down the phone, ben was then guided step by step what to do as gail just sat scared.

"ben" she said she just waited and seemed to take ages and as soon as paramedics rushed in the baby let out a cry, as gail heard this she felt relived as ben just leaned back as paramedics came in with the kit.

"Gail" it was Kyle as he looked at her and then to ben as he just moved on his knees, by her side kyle was given the baby who was still crying, as he just checked them over and wrapped them up in some tin foil to keep warm, as ben looked at gail.

"what is it?"

"its not a turky" he smiled as he looked at kyle gail gave a laugh. ben didn't look he was more bothered in following instructions.

"i didn't look" he said as he looked over to kyle as he walked back.

"a beautiful Baby Boy" he said letting him sit in gail's arms as ben smiled.

"its a boy" he said as he looked at gail and kissed her, gail then had to hand ben the baby as he sat next to her and watched the paramedic just push her stomach, to help with the placenta shortly after the placenta was out as ben handed the baby back, and they checked it to make sure everything was out and it was. Bens phone had started to go off again, as they started to load gail up.

"Jones we need you at Badgers drift, we have just had a call" the phone went dead as ben looked at gail.

"its ok i will see you at the hospital" ben nodded as he watched them get the doors shut, and set of as he just cleaned his hands and went it wasn't long before he reached badgers drift he saw his boss just stood by his car.

"sorry sir for not answering"

"i hope you have a good reason?" ben just smiled and he realised.

"Gail's had the baby hasn't she" ben just smiled.

"she ok and baby?"

"yes gail's fine baby wasn't breathing straight away but think they will be ok"

"so what was it boy or girl?"

"a little boy"

"well todays worked in your favor, this was a hoax call" ben just looked at his boss.

"go on you get to your partner and baby" ben smiled.

"were you picking harry and hailey up from school today"

"yes i was"

"ill bring them along if you want"

"you sure sir"

"yes now go on" ben just got, into his car and drove off, he had stopped off at the supermarket for some flowers as he entered the room with them.

"hey" he smiled as Gail just sat with kyle, ben kissed her and gave her the flowers she was tired now after giving birth.

"hows he doing?"ben asked looking from gail to Kyle.

"just for precautions he is in the NICU baby unit, but he looks to be ok to me, perfectly healthy" kyle said as ben sat by gail.

"hey wait ago you for delivering him, so will you be looking for a job swap"

"no" ben smiled as kyle laughed.

"it was hard for me today, i don't think i could deliver a load in on day" ben smiled as the just sat and talked when a nurse came in.

"would you like to see him" ben and Gail nodded and wandered up to the unit with her.

"what we gonna name him?" ben asked as he stood by gail looking at him peacefully asleep.

"well it isn't Sophie, Rose or Jane" ben smiled as she said this.

"what did we have for boys?"

"we had a load"

"its just his first name isn't it?"

"well are we still thinking of James for middle after your grandad" ben smiled and nodded.

"so what did we have?" ben got his pad out to write the names.

"we had Austin, Alex, Brian, Elliot, Ethan, Dylan, George, Harvey, Hayden, Matthew, Miles, Liam, Lewis, Paul, Richard, Stephen, Warren" Gail said these and ben just raised his eye brows.

"wow a lot of names"


"i can tell you a few that i thinks a miss, Stephen, Warren, Paul, Brian and Alex" gail nodded agreeing she watched as he marked the names off the list.

"I'm not too Keen on Richard or Elliott" ben nodded and crossed them off.

"witch three do you like?" he asked


"ok 4"

"Ethan, Dylan, Matthew and Lewis" gail said

"same" ben just looked at the name's.

"Favourite out if the two" gail asked.

"Dylan and Matthew"

"i like Lewis instead of Matthew"

"well we both like Dylan" gail smiled

"yes i do"

"how about that then, Dylan James Jones" gail smiled as she looked at him.

"i like it" ben took a picture on his phone and sent it to his mother, gail's mother and his brother and sister.

"Meet Dylan James Jones born 12:48 pm 6 pounds 9 ounces" was what the message said as ben sent it out and then sent two to Harry and Hailey just saying.

"Meet your New little Brother Dylan James Jones" gail was tired so they went back to the room, were she fell asleep as she managed to drift of he was bombarded with text's.

"aw well done give gail and dylana kiss from us" was what he received from his mother she was sat with his sister.

"well done guys" was what his brother sent him.

"is it ok if we come visit" was what gail's mum sent.

"Gail's just asleep at the moment, and baby is in the NICU baby unit won't be out of there for another day, but he's fine will text you later when gail wakes see how she is for visitors"

"ok" was what he got back, as 3 o clock approached gail had woken up. Ben told her about her mothers text and she said let her know she can come up, ben just nodded after a while her mother arrived.

"hey well done sweetheart" she gave her a kiss on her cheek before turning ben.

"hey" she hugged him.

"how you feeling?" she asked as gail sat up.

"tired and sore"

"it will ease in a few days" she said as gail nodded.

"were is dad?"

"wanted to get hold of your brother"

"kyle knows"


"yes he was on call, him and his co-worker was the ones that came to the house"


"i had him at home, i started getting pains and couldn't move, just stood leaning on the kitchen counter"

"should of rang me"

"i couldn't, i rang ben and half way through my phone went dead, and i just couldn't move cause of the pain, to get the house phone" they just sat talking, when Mark walked in ben was just stood up as janet was sat down.

"hey hows everything going?" he said giving gail a smile.

"hiya dad" she said as he came in.

"hiya mark" ben said, he looked slightly tired, his shirt sleeves rolled up, tie pulled down and top button undone.

"congrats lad" mark said his hand outstretched, as ben shook it mark then walked to his daughter and gave her a hug.

"well done girl" he whispered in her ear.

"would you two like to see him?" ben asked.

"can we?" jane asked as gail smiled and nodded.

"yes just us and grandparents allowed in at the moment" janet nodded and so did mark.

"you take janet first, i want to sit down here a while" ben nodded and give gail a kiss before he left, they walked onto the corridor and up to the Baby unit just as James walked out.

"hello James" he turned round generally shocked to see them.

"hello what?"

"come to see my grandson" james looked at janet, blank and then realised.

"jesus Gail's give birth"

"you haven't spoke to kyle yet have you" ben said finding his reaction quite funny.


"i asked him, if he saw you around cause he's finished to tell you."

"was ment to be getting changed my Self, and got asked to check a little baby over... You called him Dylan" ben just smiled as his mate started realising things.

"you'd be crap at my job" ben said.

"no, i was looking down at him and checking him thinking he looks very familiar, he was just laid wake watching me and then seemed to try look other places" ben again just stood and smiled "he's pretty strong, nurse's was trying to put a baby grow on when i walked in"

"you coming in?" ben asked james just nodded as he walked in first, the nurse knew as soon as he realised who's baby it was he'd be back.

"just in time Mr Jones" said the nurse ben looked at her.

"first dirty nappy, if you want to do it" ben just nodded.

"yeh ill do it" ben walked round to him laid down and just held his small feet a second.

"do you know how to change a nappy?" she asked him as ben just smiled.

"yes i do thanks" he said the nurse just nodded.

"ok stuff are here, just give me a shout if you need me" ben didn't know what he was getting himself into. Janet knew what would be coming as she'd been through this before as she stood by the side so she could see there reactions.

"your not gonna like this buddy, it will be cold" ben said looking down at the baby and then undoing the nappy and pulling it back. James was stood to the right of ben just looking on as ben pulled back the nappy, to just reveal what looked like tar.

"oh" they both said moving there heads away, nappy back up, as ben slowly looked back pulling the nappy down again. he could hear james start to gip. and he did too james had turned round still gipping.

"will you stop" ben said just coughing a little "your making me" he covered his mouth as he turned his head.

"its like tar" he heard james say.

"i know just pass us the wipes will you" ben had managed to stop him self gipping and so had James until he went to pass the wipes and caught glimpse of the nappy again. Ben handn't noticed the our stretched arm from james, holding the wipes his head was just facing the other way, as he heard james again.

"well take them then" he said hitting his arm with them. "before i" ben turned to take the wipes. "i gotta" james said just covering his mouth.

"you want me to do it ben?" janet asked as she watched him close his eyes, as james ran out the room now gipping More frequently.

"no i can manage" his said his body tensed a little as he gipped again.

"you sure?"

"yes" he said just breathing in. ben was now gipping a little more trying to wipe the mess off.

"its not coming off" he said just looking down at the nappy, he still trying to hold down the remainders of his lunch, as he took a another wipe and this time, as he gipped a last time it made him sick in his mouth, he just kept it closed managing to get the stuff off the baby's bottom, and placed the new nappy underneath.

"you want me to finish off ben" janet asked. Ben knew he couldn't hold it any longer and nodded, as she came by letting him rush to the door, he opened it and went to go out, James was just coming back in knocking ben to the floor, the nurse had been watching and as ben bumped into james she grabbed a cardboard bowl and handed it to ben as he threw up into it.

"that's your fault that" ben said looking up at his mate as he helped him up.


"gipping, if i hadn't heard you i'd of done all right"

"I'm sorry but that was just"

"hang on, you have two kids your self surely you knew that was coming" ben said as he just straightened his shirt up.

"you two ok now" asked the nurse.

"yes thanks" ben said james just nodded.

"i didn't do there first Nappy's are las did them didn't she" ben just smiled and shook his head.

"not one like that"

"well, your mothers got the next one, if i have to do one so does she, i don't care about cleaning the rest of the Nappy's as long as she has to change a tar one" ben said janet just laughed at the two.

"i have seen dead people, and not one has made me want to be sick like that" ben said as he looked at james as they both smiled.

"you two are a pair" janet said, they did a switch so gail and her dad went up, as Janet stayed talking with ben until his phone went.


"hi were outside"

"aren't you coming in"

"would do but car park is full" tom said.

"ah ok ill come down now" he put the phone down.

"i will be back in a minuet, just go collect Harry and Hailey"

"yes sure" he walked down and brought them up.

"hello you two"

"hiya janet" they said sitting down and gail and mark came back, she just smiled at ben.

"what?" he asked as she grinned at him.

"i heard you lost bits of your lunch, as well as James" ben just looked at her.

"aw it was bad" he said "but in all fairness, if i didn't have some one stood behind me gipping, i would of done a lot better" janet just laughed slightly, hailey and harry just looked at them not knowing what was going on.

"why what's?"

"you don't want to know, but you will find out, when you have kids of your own" ben said gail just looked at them as bens phone went off and he answered it.

"i will tell you later" harry and hailey just smiled and nodded. After a while gail's parents left just leaving the four of them.

"good news" the nurse said as she walked in.

"Dylan should be able to come in here with you, by either tomorrow night or morning" gail just smiled as ben grabbed her hand, night came ben took them home and got gail her hospital bag and went back the next day at tea time.

"Hello Mr Jones" the nurse said as he followed her into the room gail was just sat down.

"hello Gail how you feeling?" the nurse said.

"I'm just sore"

"yes you will be for a while" gail just nodded as ben walked in.

"hey" he smiled as he sat down.

"well Dylan is ok to spend the night tonight in here, you both will still be in another 2 days" gail just nodded as she got out of the bed, as Ben helped and they both walked up to the unit and took dylan out. They walked back down to the room. Gail was carrying him in her arms as they got in he was due a feed as they brought the cup in.

"ill make sure i keep my drink away from you" ben smiled as he watched gail feed him, she was happy that Dylan was with her. As the days passed it was home time, Gail asked ben to bring the car seat over, as he arrived he had three tops on as gail noticed.

"why have you got three tops on?"

"well i got my Jumper, Shirt and plan white t-shirt like normal"

"you get too warm, to put your jumper on"

"i was cold this morning that's all" she walked and felt hid head.

"here take it off you feel really hot" Ben just looked at her with a smile.

"i mean hot as in your boiling" she said looking at him taking his jumper off.

"gail I'm cold"

"ben your really warm" he just sat down.

"can you get him ready whilst i get changed?"

"yes sure" gail walked over and could smell something.

"and his Nappy's full"

"oh great"

"don't worry no more tar Nappy's, he's out of that now"

"its changing" she just nodded as she watched him change him, he did a lot better this time as he just let him lay without his nappy.

"i would cover him quick before he pee's"

"you wouldn't do that would you" he said as he lent over him, ben then felt slight patter on his shirt witch became wet and was warm.

"wanna bet" gail said she couldn't help but smile as ben just looked at her.

"my Favorite shirt" ben said just undoing it.

"place it in the bag, i will place it in the washer when i get home, just get him changed the quicker were out and start relaxing at home, getting him settled the better" ben smiled and nodded as gail went to get changed, she came out ben was in his plain white shirt, and just putting Dylan in the car seat and covered him up.

"you ready to go home little man" he said "yes are you?" gail aske walking behind him and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"well I'm gonna get my jumper on and were both ready" gail felt his head and just nodded.

"I'm done got everything" she said as ben just put his jumper on and they set of home, when they got in Dylan was asleep so the just kept him in the car seat.

As two weeks passed, ben was now back at work, they had got portrait's done of Hailey, Harry and dylan and ben got one done, for his desk of Dylan Laid down and Harry and Hailey laid looking at him at each side as ben placed it on his desk with the ones of Hailey and harry with him, and a single one of dylan.

"hows gail and the baby?" Barnaby asked walking in.

"doing fine"

"good good and you?"

"tired, but i will live" Barnaby nodded at him. that night gail had come to pick ben up and stopped of by the office.

"hey" ben said as he saw her walking in and helped with the car seat.

"Gail" tom said as he gave her a hug.

"hiya sir" she said as ben just placed dylan onto his desk, as he just looked round trying to take in his surroundings as one of Gail's friends came in.

"Gail" she gave her a hug and noticed ben with Dylan.

"you brought little D" ben smiled at this as he heard her "tell her pal say my names Dylan, call me little D and I'm gonna have to hit ya" ben said moving his arms.

"you might get away with DJ but doubt it" as ben moved his arms, Dylan laughed as ben just moved them slightly again to connect to his face.

"ill get you done" ben said just making him laugh, he did this for a good couple of seconds as gail just walked, by and took him out to take his coat off and handed him to ben.

"Gail would you like a drink" Barnaby asked.

"please sir" Ben just sat with Dylan in his arms.

"come on give us a smile squidge, come on" ben just stroked him under his chin for a little smile gail just stood by ben as she watched.

"here gail" barnaby said passing her the cup.

"would you like a hold of him sir" Gail asked ben turned as tom put his drink down.

"yes please" ben handed him over and then stepped next to gail, and put his arm around her, as they watched him give tom a smile before giving a yawn and closing his eyes.

"he's been a grumpy little bugger all morning, come here and he's happy as Larry" gail said.

"pain" ben said just takin a drink of his drink as gail nodded.

"been very clingy, haven't been able to get the washing done, he wouldn't go down"

"did you put him on his mat?"

"that's in the nursery, i couldn't take it down stairs joey under my feet, him in my arms" ben just nodded.

"what i will do is place a few toys down for him, down stairs tonight"

"i think he wanted his daddy" gail said just hugging him.


"he's been ok, cause you've been laid with him and your back at work" ben just smiled.

"he will want his mummy sooner enough" Ben just winked and they saw the chief inspector, as he walked in he hadn't heard about Gail giving birth, cause the day she did when he got back to the station, he had to go he was going on holiday with his family, for two week and had just come in to check on everything.

"oh hello Gail, You look well" he then noticed the baby in tom's arms.

"wow who's this little cutie" he said as he took a peak.

"this is Dylan"

"wow well done you two, he's beautiful, all healthy i hope."

"yes he's perfect" gail said as she smiled.

"when did he arrive then?"

"the day you took me home."

"really" he seemed shocked.

"i thought you knew?"


"oh yeh, i forgot to tell you he was on holiday" ben smiled as gail just looked at him and nodded.

"he's warm" tom said looking at her.

"like his farther and sister he gets well warm too quickly she said just removing his socks, then his pants he started to cool down and after a while woke him self up by sneezing, it startled him ever so slightly as he cried.

"its ok baby" gail said as tom handed him back over and she bounced him as ben gathered his stuff to go home, she placed him into his seat and ben carried him out as they drove home.

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