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A/N: This idea came to me when I was working 3rd shift at around 4am! Usually I get all my fic ideas when I'm cleaning at work lol if you were reading "My Unwanted son" that I wrote and you read the chapter where Zeke ends up sleeping with Chris in his bed then you would most likely know that that chapter inspired me to write….This!

The show had ended its 3rd season and finished filming after making sure that everyone was okay (Including Zeke and Alejandro who just appeared to look worse than they really were) he sent everyone back to playa de loser for the next couple of weeks so they could relax and not have to be in the public eye just yet due to the fact that there were still 7 episodes that didn't air on TV yet and things that the general public didn't know yet such as the fact that Gwen went back with Trent and Duncan and Courtney made up and got back together. Chris unfortunately was forced to stay there with them but that was okay with him as the place they were staying was rather decent. Chris spent most of the night in the lobby thinking of new ideas for season 4. When he eventually got to his room it was 2:17am and he just wanted to crash into his bed and go right to sleep, He got into the room and turned on the lights only to discover that he in fact had no bed at all anywhere in his room not even a futon or a couch just an uncomfortable wooden chair in the corner and to make it worse everything was in the room except for the damn bed even the side table that was supposed to be next to the bed was there, Chris decided to call Chef over to his room to complain

"Can you see my problem?" Chris yelled "I have everything except the bed, I'm the host! I should have a bed!"

"What do you want me to do about it?" Chef yawned "I'm tired, I guess you'll have to sleep on that hard ass wooden chair or something!"

"Like hell I will" Chris told him "Can't you just find me a vacant room?"

"No" Chef yawned again "All the rooms are officially occupied by various cast members and crew from the show, there is in fact not one room that is vacant for you to stay in"

"Well Shit…." Chris thought "This really sucks!"

"Yeah, It does" Chef yawned "I'm going to bed"

"Well where am I supposed to sleep?" Chris whined

"That's your problem" Chef told him as he slammed the bedroom door shut

Chris had no idea what to do at all, So he decided to take a walk around the hotel and that's when he remembered that he being the host had the master key card to every room in this place and he decided he would just literally find someone to sleep with, A smirk appeared on his face as he tried to remember who was staying where, He didn't even make it far, actually he just went across the hall and slid the key card in to the door and got the beep meaning it granted him access to the room, He was expecting her to be asleep so he was surprised to see her watching TV on the bed, She just looked at him

"What the hell?" Heather asked "Did you really just come into my room without even knocking? How the hell did you even get in?"

"Master key" Chris smirked and held the card up to her view

"You do realize how creepy that is that you just came into my room right?" Heather glared "What do you want anyway?"

"To be in that bed" Chris told her not realizing how wrong that sounded and also not really caring that much "So, Move over would ya?"

"Are you making a pass at me?" Heather seemed weirded out

"If that's what you would like to believe and that will let me in that bed then sure" Chris smirked as he walked over to her bed and got in

"I never said you could get in" Heather told him as she changed the channel on the TV

"I never said I would take no for an answer" Chris winked at her "Face it, I'm staying here for the night with you"

"Great, just what I need" Heather sighed "Everyone thinking I'm sleeping with the host"

"But you are" Chris chuckled "Quite literally"

"So, why are you here?" Heather couldn't help but wonder "You must have a reason"

"I do" Chris sighed "My room has no bed and yours does so I'm staying here"

"For how long exactly?" Heather asked as she could care less about Chris and his stupid bed he just hoped it wouldn't be longer then one night.

"Just tonight" Chris told her as he unbuttoned his shirt "Think of it as a one night stand if you will"

"I won't" Heather laughed "Trust me"

"Would you mind if I took of my pants?" Chris asked not caring what her answer was as he did it before she could even answer "I can't sleep well in my pants"

"This is just awkward" Heather sighed "Just stay on your own side"

"Will do" Chris told her "Turn the TV off and lets go to sleep"

"I'm not done watching TV" Heather told him from her side of the bed as Chris grabbed the remote from her and turned it off

"It looks like you're done now" Chris glared "Now sleep"

"Bossy much?" Heather asked as she turned her lamp off "You come into MY room and start barking orders?"

"Pretty much" Chris told her "Goodnight Heather"

"Yeah whatever" Heather rested her head on her pillow "Goodnight Chris"

Not even an hour later Heather was woken up by Chris's loud ass snoring and not to mention the fact he was cuddling with her and he took all the blankets too! This was ridiculous and awkward all at the same time

"Chris?" Heather tried to nudge the sleeping host "Chris?"

Chris was in a deep deep sleep and ignored her so she realized she could still move her legs she figured this would be the only way to wake Chris up, Heather then took her knee and went directly for Chris's lower area, Chris immediately woke up

"What the Fuc—"Chris started to yell but Heather interrupted him

"Chris" Heather told him "You need to stop snoring and start sharing the blankets and do you realize what kind of awkward position you and I are currently in?"

"Oh" Chris blushed "I don't have a problem with this position…"

"I do" Heather told him as she rolled over "You're 30 and I'm 16"

"I'm 29" Chris told her "Don't say 30 it makes me sound old…."

"Whatever" Heather went to sleep as did Chris.

The next morning around 8am Heather was woken up by the sound of her door opening and she just assumed it was Chris leaving little did she know how wrong she was.

"Heather, I came in here to see if maybe I could borrow your Ca-" Cody stopped in his tracks and quickly looked at the wall "Oh, I'm…I'm…Ur…Sorry I didn't know you were…Busy…I guess….I should have…not asked housekeeping to open the door…." Cody was blushing like a kid who just got a positive response from his school girl crush.

"Huh?" was all Heather could say as she realized exactly was Cody's problem was, There she was laying in her bed on top of Chris as he had his arms wrapped around her while he was sleeping and it didn't help that he took his shirt off the night before, She wondered to herself how the hell she did not notice this before but that wasn't important to her now all she wanted to do was attempt to explain this to Cody.

"It's not what it looks like" Heather told him as she tried for 2 minutes breaking free of Chris before she finally succeeded "See? I have clothes on!"

This just made Cody blush even more

"What you do in your personal life isn't any of my business" Cody couldn't even look at her without blushing "Like I said, I asked the maid to open the door and I really and I mean REALLY shouldn't have"

"I'm telling you it's not even like that" Heather sighed and as if on cue Chris woke up and got out of bed of course only wearing his boxers

"Hey Cody" Chris said as if this wasn't the most awkward situation ever "What brings you here to Heather's room?"

"I could ask you the same thing…." Cody mumbled looking down

"Heather, do you have any coffee left?" Chris walked over to the two of them making Cody feel more awkward then before "If you do can you make me some, I'm going to take a shower before I leave"

"Yeah sure" Heather quickly told him trying to get rid of him before Cody got even worse thoughts about this in his head "Go take your shower"

"Really it's not what you think" Heather pleased with Cody "Please believe me! Me and Chris? No way!"

"Okay fine" Cody agreed "If I say I believe you can we pretend this never happened and we can just pretend I never showed up here this morning and I'll come back later and ask to borrow something and we can pretend the whole thing never happened?"

"By pretending this never happened you mean you're going to not tell the other about this right?" Heather asked

"Exactly" Cody agreed "It also means I'm never asking a housekeeper to open a door for me….."

"So you definitely believe me?" Heather asked "You're not lying are you?"

"Believe you about what?" Cody asked "Nothing happened, In fact I'm not even here"

"Thank god" Heather sighed believing she finally got Cody to believe her, just when she finally got Cody to believe her the worst thing that could have happened did in fact happen, Chris opened the bathroom door releasing a bunch of shower steam into the room and popped his head out.

"I just wanted to say thanks for last night" Chris told her "I also wanted to let you know that if by any chance you wanted to come into take a shower with me the door will be unlocked"

"He really had to say that!" Heather yelled "Now of all times!"

"Yeah…" Cody quickly made his way to the door and quickly opened it to leave "I'll see you later, Oh and have fun with your shower" Cody couldn't help but laugh as he quickly ran out the door after daring to make that comment.

Heather decided she needed to leave before he finished his shower, She made the coffee like she promised and quickly left to go see what everyone else was doing, She figured she would go make fun of Harold or something all she knew is she hoped that when she got back Chris would be gone and Cody would hopefully shut his mouth or she just may have to punch him in the face.

Like? Dislike? Let me know! I know their all kids but there will be no sex or anything that bad between Chris and any of the campers I assure you that, it's just Chris and his twisted sense of humor and him basically being him. I plan to do all the cast from season 3 if you guys like the idea, if not then I won't continue!