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Chris was so happy today! He just got his new bed and he could finally sleep on his own for once! He didn't even care about all the dirty looks he was getting from the teenagers he recently he was finally able to go out in public again! The bed was finally in his room and Chris threw himself at the bed knowing deep inside that he would be able to sleep peacefully for the first time in a very long time! Chris's moment was shortly lived however when there was a sudden knock on the door. Chris sighed in annoyance and swung his door open "What?!" he yelled only to find that nobody was in the hallway, All that was there was a white envelope with his name on it. Chris picked it up and opened it.


Congrats on finally getting a new bed, I'm sure you're happy about that, or not I think you like sharing a bed with minors and I think you get a thrill out of it. Aside from that I know you enjoy a challenge! You have slept with everyone in this building except for me. You may have taken this as I rejected you and if you have you would be incredibly wrong! I was horribly busy with other things, But now I'm sure that I'm ready to share my bed with you, With that being said you may or may not show up but if you don't then that means you truly didn't sleep with everyone and as I said I know now that I brought this up it will bother you. I'm going to make this as easy as possible for you, The door will be unlocked for you and trust me, I do hope you show up.


Chris tossed the note on the floor and sighed, he had his own bed now why did he want to sleep in Noah's so badly? Oh yeah it was because Noah had to point out that he didn't sleep in his room and it was the only room he didn't sleep in and now because he pointed it out Chris really wanted to!

Chris sighed and looked at his clock the time was now 5:18pm he figured what did he have to lose, After all Noah was the one who invited him and it would be rude if he didn't accept. Chris opened the door to the hallway and walked down it knowing right where Noah's room was.

Chris remembered that Noah told him the door would be unlocked so he just jiggled the door handle and found that his door was in fact unlocked and in fact was halfway open. Chris walked in and found the room was completely dark.

"Noah?" Chris asked "What did you want me for?"

"We both know why your here" Noah told him "You couldn't resist..."

"Yeah, where the hell are you?" Chris asked from the darkness of the room.

"In the bed" Noah told him "You can come in if you want"

"Listen Noah, I have a bed now so-" Chris tried telling him but got interrupted

"Don't make excuses" Noah let out a laugh "Just get in the bed and make yourself comfortable"

"Are you trying to seduce me?" Chris asked as he walked over to the bed "Because I'm pretty sure Harold already tried that"

Chris got into the bed and felt awkward, Noah said nothing and Chris wasn't even tired at this point, Chris was really starting to wonder why Noah invited him in the first place, Chris heard moving around and heard footsteps

"Noah?" Chris asked "Are you leaving?"

"Just relax" Noah insisted "I'm going to the bathroom and I'll be back"

Chris sat there and waited, This wasn't at all what he had in mind, Usually he was the one who was creeping out people not the other way around, Finally the door opened and Chris heard footsteps.

"Chris Mclean?" The man asked from the dark

"What the hell?!" Chris yelled and ran over and turned on the lights "Who the hell are you people?! Are those Camera's?!"

"Yes, They are" The man approached Chris "I'm Chris Hanson with Dateline! Why don't we have a seat over there?"

"I'm not sitting anywhere near you" Chris told him "What happened to Noah?"

"What were you're intentions?" Chris H asked "What were you planning on doing here tonight?"

"HE INVITED ME!" Chris yelled

"And the others?" Chris H asked him "I seen the tapes and I've seen everything you have done here, You can leave this room now if you want, The police are waiting outside and this will be airing on TV!"

"What the hell?" Chris asked "I'm going to jail?"

"Yes, You are!" Chris H laughed "I'm Chris Hanson with Dateline!"

Chris ran out into the hallway to find all the contestants from the show high fiving and applauding, These little bastards planned this! They set him up!

"I hate you all!" yelled at them as he was escorted to a police car.

That's the end, I don't know if I should do a sequel or not.

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