"Tuesday, 2130 hours." Carlton Lassiter's voice was low as he looked out the binoculars from the tiny crack in the blinds from the window. He stared across the street at a supposed empty run down old business office, one story, one back exit, one possible crime. Lassiter was filled with excitement as he waited for anything that might confirm the tip they received on the phone yesterday afternoon.

Carlton was across the street at a second story hotel room Chief Vick had purchased so they could stake out for any necessary length of time. The shades were closed, and a camera was recording any activity across the street, as well as being heavily watched by the Santa Barbra Police departments Head Detective. "Oh my God, Lassie are you talking to yourself?" Shawn chimed in as he appeared from the bedroom in the other room.

Lassiter gritted his teeth, and looked away from the binoculars for a split second. He was stuck on Stake out duty with Shawn Spencer. Juliet's parents were leaving town yesterday and she had plans to take them out to dinner, and wouldn't be coming in until midnight to switch shifts, along with Gus, who had a date tonight. Leaving Carlton and Shawn the only two available for duty that night.

Shawn was ignored as the head detective returned to peering out across the street to the suspicious office building. A call was received at the department yesterday that it was suspected heavy weaponry was being stored and traded. The call was anonymous and there wasn't much to go on, just a location. None of them even knew when the next trade was going to be made, Chief Didn't want to take any chances though.

The night was wearing on, and Lassiter just wanted to finish this off, he couldn't stand being trapped in a room with Spencer any longer. Shawn plopped himself down in the chair next to Lassie and reached his hand out, spitting a spot in the blinds to look out. Before he had a chance to see out the window, Lassiter slapped his hand and the blind fell closed again.

"Do you want them to see you?" He exclaimed as he peaked back outside to see if their cover was blown. Shawn rolled his eyes and leaned back in the chair. "Yeah because the camera lenses and Binoculars won't be it give away." He retorted quietly, mumbling it under his breath more than saying it out loud. Here really wasn't much he could do, Lassie was annoyed with every breath he took.

"Did you say something?" speak of the devil; rather the devil is speaking… Lassiter hadn't even been paying attention to Shawn's sarcastic remarks. He shrugged his shoulders and pretended not to have a clue what the older man was saying, again pressing on Carlton's last nerve. The moon outside was the only source of light allowing Carlton to see.

The small lamp in the corner of the room, opposite from where they were was the only light allowing Spencer to see inside the room. It wasn't his taste, the walls were a plain cream coloring, and the borders were a mix of caramel and the same cream as the walls. Everything in the room seemed so bland, the only source of color were the baby blue flowers on the wood coffee table that was placed directly in front of the 'you guessed it' cream colored couch.

The carpet was short and stubby, not very soft at all, a plain white color which just seemed to through off the entire cream and caramel color scheme. He knew he shouldn't care much about what the room looked like, but what else was there to do? Lassie wouldn't let him touch a damn thing, and hotel TV was the absolute worst, besides he'd just spent the last 20 minutes in the bedroom spraying Pineapple scented spray across the room.

Carlton was desperate for a way to get Shawn out of the room so he could work in peace, he looked away for a moment to glance at Shawn, erupting from the 'Psychics' was a heavy and obvious yawn, Bingo. "Spencer why don't you go to sleep, I've got it up here." He suggested genuinely, trying to hide the pinging annoyance in his voice.

Honestly, Shawn would have protested, he would have fought to help Lassiter so he could get some credit for doing something, but the yawn he spoke for him. He didn't argue at all, just gave the other detective a quick thumbs up, and dug into his pants pocket with his other hand. There it was, a small bottle of pills his doctor gave him to help regulate his sleeping.

"Wake me when Gus and Jules get here." He shouted over his shoulder and popped open the bottle of pills before making a stop into the bathroom for some water. Lassiter just pushed his eyes back to the binoculars and muttered a quick 'mmhm." than he was lost again in the exciting world of late night stake outs, despite the fact that it was only 10 till 10.

-12:11 rolled by and Lassiter had lost track of time, by the time the door opened and Gus and Juliet walked in, it had only felt like 5 minutes to him. "Where's Shawn?" Juliet questioned as she noticed a lone Lassie sitting at the window by himself. He barely turned away to acknowledge them. "Hm? Oh, he fell asleep a few hours ago." He replied nonchalantly before shrugging his shoulders and taking a step back from the frame.

"How did you get him to go to sleep so easily?" Gus half laughed when he came back from the bedroom and saw him curled up on the bed with his shoes still on and the blanket still perfectly in place. Carlton checked his watch than shrugged, "He just got some water and went to sleep no big deal." With that, he pulled his suit jacket back on over his white shirt and rubbed his tired eyes.

Gus Froze in his spot, thinking the statement over, water? Shawn never liked drinking water before bed unless. His train of thought ended as he rushed himself into the bathroom, a line of whispered 'Oh no's' following behind him. When he returned, Carlton was staring at him with a confused face, Gus was holding a small white bottle with a half torn label.

He turned to look at the head detective with a pissed off face, "Did you let him take these?" He demanded holding up the bottle from the other side of the room. Juliet looked over at them, seeing what all the trouble was about, and she seemed just as confused as her partner was. "I don't even know what 'these' are." He replied with emphasize on the word these, referring back to the bottle.

"They're sleeping pills, His doctor gave them to him, but they have serious effects on Shawn. He could be out for half of tomorrow." Gus complained as he tucked the bottle away in his front pocket.

"So what's the problem just let him sleep it off." The Older man said, stuffing a hand in his pocket and motioning with his other to where the passed out psychic was sleeping. To this, Gus only rolled his eyes, than took a few steps closer to Lassiter.

"I can't, once he's out like this, he needs to be in a proper environment, while being properly watched over just in case." He explained in his oh so serious Burton Gustar voice he only used when the situation called for it. He dug the bottle of pills out again and rattled them around evenly. "And since I have a watch shift, you can take him home and watch him."

He tossed the bottle over to the other detective, who caught them with ease before giving the psychic's best friend a confused look. He was about to open his mouth to protest but Gus intervened. "Unless you want me to tell Chief Vick that Shawn has been heavily medicated while in your watch." Carlton stopped dead in his tracks, and scowled.

Could he really be held responsible for this? Spencer didn't tell his he was taking the pills or that he even had them, how was he supposed to know they had side effects. Maybe a little sleep was good for him; he had the pills for a reason after all. Than again, Chief would not be happy to hear that Spencer was passed out in the hotel bed, or that it was his suggestion that he go to sleep.

Lassiter frowned, which than turned into a bit of a pout, this wasn't looking good for him. "Just take him home get him into bed, and when he wakes up just have plenty of water available. Maybe a pineapple, it might make him feel better." Gus explained as he walked over to the tripod camera and quickly changed the tape to a newer empty one.

Lassiter didn't complain aloud, although in his head he was cursing each and every one of them heavily. He rounded into the bedroom and looked at the younger man, he looked somewhat peaceful. His brown hair was tussled, his eyes so softly closed, lips slightly parted as he breathed softly. Carlton couldn't help but smile at how adorable he actually looked.

He shook the thought from his mind, and looked around to see if Juliet or Gus had caught him staring. His next question was how he'd get Spencer downstairs and into the car, without throwing him down any stairs.