"Just keep an eye on him, I'll be by tomorrow to watch him if he isn't awake." Gus promised through the phone to the detective on the other end. Carlton had managed to carry him to the elevator and to the car on his back. Than he reached a challenge when he couldn't get Shawn's body back up again, once they reached his house. So he was forced to pick him up bridal style and into several different rooms, trying to guess which one was Shawn's.

Now Shawn was peaceful in bed covered in his blankets, while his new babysitter was in the main room talking to Gus on the phone. He hung up the phone the second he heard a ruffle coming from Shawn's room, he didn't matter if he woke up, but he recalled Gus talking about how once he took the pills and sleep walked into open traffic, and Lassiter was concerned.

Strike that, he wasn't concerned it was just Spencer, than again, it was Spencer, Chief would be completely pissed if she found out her psychic detective was caught in a crash on his watch. That's all he cared about, his reputation at the department, not Shawn Spencer. At least that's what he kept telling himself, it's what he was trying to convince himself of.

He walked into the bedroom to find Shawn had merely flipped himself over, and his hand had smacked against a book on his night side table. He reached over to pick it up, The Da-Vinci code laid in his hands when he leaned into the light. Across the top sticky tabs stuck out, labeled with what appeared to be dates and times. In between each tab was a large sum of pages.

Lassiter looked at the dates across the top, it only fell between 2 days. He read it last week and read every night and every morning, as stated by the dates and times of the tabs. He heard uttering from Shawn and it came out as 'isagoobuck.' than a short pause before his blathering mouth added in. 'youshudreedit' Which Carlton translated into 'It's a good book, you should read it.'

"How you feeling Spencer." but it was too late, Shawn had drifted back to sleep quickly, and he rolled over again. The blanket being torn away slightly. Carlton didn't even want to think about how he got a sleeping Spencer out of his shirt and jeans, and into a plain white shirt and plain boxers. It was a disturbing process, but he guessed it had to be done.

Carlton fell asleep in the lush recliner in the corner of Shawn's room. He didn't lean back, just fell asleep with his hands resting on his knees, and his palms keeping his face up. He awoke at 8 o'clock that morning, to more of Shawn's intangible muttering, it was clearer this time, but they were just words from a dream he was most likely having, involving Gus an ice-cream truck and a pineapple swirl cone.

That reminded him, he'd most likely be waking up soon, and he'd probably want water. Lassiter shook the tired from his eyes and walked into the kitchen, searching the wood cabinets for a cup. Than he reached into the Freezer and pulled out the ice tray sitting on top a box of frozen chicken nuggets. This was really saying a lot about Shawn's diet. The entire freezer was nothing but microwaveable dinners and frozen fries.

He opened the Fridge, as he grew more curious about his eating Habits. Everything seemed normal, he even had a nicely shaped pineapple just waiting to be carved. Another reminder, Gus suggested a pineapple might make him feel better. He searched around for a knife in the draws, and steadied the fruit on the cutting board that was pushed back into the corner of the wall.

He blamed his ex wife for his knowledge of how to cut a pineapple, but that was beside the point. He sliced the pineapple into half slices, after he'd cut the skin off, and loaded them onto a white plate. When everything was nicely prepared, a long groan sounded from the far bedroom, followed shortly by a loudly shouted curse, which was most likely directly to his still drowsy feeling.

Lassiter had to self-control every nerve in his body to run and check to see if he was ok. He didn't know if it was the fact that Shawn took the pills while under his watch, or if it was watching the psychic for almost 12 hours, but he felt responsible, and a little frightened. Gus had told him what happens to Shawn when taking the meds, sickness, sleepwalking, delusion, muscle pains.

Not even he would willingly wish any of those upon the younger man. When he walked into the room, Shawn was barely sitting up, and panting heavily. He spotted the head Detective and instantly tried to calm his breathing, but it was to no avail. Carlton handed him the water and he held his hand out to get it. "Dunk-ku-" He slurred out translation 'Thank you or so Carlton assumes.

His hands were shaky but he looked at the water and the trembling stopped, he looked back at Lassie with sorrow-filled eyes, making the head detective worry he did something wrong. "Why-tis-wa'er-ponk?" Translation 'Why is the water pink?' All of the detective's worries left as he noticed the slur and completely oblivious look on Shawn's face, there were the delusions.

Lassie handed the plate of pineapple slices forward, Shawn's face lit up like July firework. He took the plate hungrily, than patted the portion of the bed by his stomach, motioning for Lassie to sit next to him. He wasn't going to argue with a delusional psychic, so he sat down, careful not to sit on Shawn. He watched as the sickly man began taking down the slices like no tomorrow, than he stopped.

Than he sat up the best, he could and wrapped an arm around the older detective. "Ya-new-wet-I-may-sond-bad-bu-Im-feelin-be'er" He pressed, trying his hardest to sound normal. Translation: You know what? I may sound bad but I'm feeling better. Carlton couldn't help but laugh, he just sounded so ridiculous.

Shawn stopped him with a serious face, "Now, now, Lass-I-wan-you-at-tech-me-seriously." the translation to that was pretty simple, Lassie nodded his head, putting up with the slurs and renditions. "Ya-prom'mis?" He questioned with a hopeful look in his eye at the older detective. Again, he nodded his head, and waited for Shawn to speak.

With that the medicated brunette slung his other arm around the front of Lassie's neck and hooked it to the one slung around the back of his neck. Fully hanging around him with a daze in his eyes, and his head resting on the crook of his neck. "I Love you." the words came out clear as day, no translation needed to comprehend.

Carlton blushed a deep indigo color, it was impossible to take Spencer serious at that time. He shook out of the other mans hold and pushed him back down on the bed. "I think you need a little more sleep Spencer." He tried to laugh it off but it was somewhat hard. The generosity in his voice made the words seem so real. Shawn let out a whine and pouted with his lips.

"You-prom'mised." He fought as Lassiter tried the pull the blanket back over him, he handed Shawn the plate of Pineapples, and Shawn was hesitant to take them. Than he smiled and held one up to Lassiter, stopping right in front of his mouth. "They'e-raly-sweet." he prompted as he waited for his baby sitter to take the yellow fruit from his hand.

He reluctantly agreed and held the Pineapple between his fingers before take a bite. Through the mouth full of pineapple, he turned back to Spencer. "Yeah, it's really sweet." Shawn smiled mischievously and leaned forward slightly. "Let me try." Before Lassiter had, a chance to answer Shawn had slung his arm around the other's neck once more and pulled him down to him a fast as he could.

He smashed his lips to Carlton's at a rapid speed, holding him in place as he attacked the struggling detective's mouth with passion. They lasted for only god knows how long, Shawn's impeditive behavior was starting to calm Carlton's thrashing about, slowly he stopped and just let Shawn finish, He didn't even notice when his lips started to kiss back.

Although Shawn started it, Lassie was obviously in control, his lips moved faster than the psychic's and had no choice but to follow. They lost themselves in a passionate kiss full of every bit of anger, jealousy, and wasted time that existed between them. They melted into one as Carlton's hand rested on Shawn's back only bringing them closer together.

When they finally broke apart for air, Shawn looked at the dominant detective above him, and smiled. Every lie they ever told and every emotion between them flooded out and surrounded them in a promising and still chilling blanket. The only thing that broke their loving gaze was when the front door to Shawn's apartment opened and Gus walked in.

Shawn rolled over and pretended to go back to sleep before Gus had a chance to walk in. Carlton followed his lead of pretending they weren't close to each other. And when he finally took notice of where his feet took him, he was standing in front of Gus. He knew it not best to stick around after Gus was here to watch him, and when he went in to say goodbye, Shawn was asleep again. So he lightly pressed a kiss to his forehead before returning out the door.

On his way back to his car, he turned around one last time, looking up at the window leading to Shawn's room. There he stood, looking back at him, with a small smile and a hopeful look in his eyes. In a single motion, Shawn held up his hand tucking in every finger except the thumb the index and pinky, as said before his hand read 'I Love You.' Carlton couldn't help but smile as he hesitantly made the sign back.