….I slipped on my skinny jeans, and paired it with a soft bubblegum pink tank top. I pulled my silver locket with a horse carved in it over my head. Then I looked at the clock. Darn it! It's already 6:00am! I needed to be out at the car by 9:00am, but I wanted to get Midnight exercised and ready for the 3 hour trip.

….I walked down Midnight Stable, named after my horse, and slipped into her stall. She nickered at my sight.
…."Sweet girl" I said to her. She was a sweet girl. Her muscles shown threw her velvety black skin. Her eyes were black and had its normal sparkle. You could see her veins ripple with each move. As I walked her to the grooming stall with a rope tied to her hunter green leather halter, I studied the stable.
The way things worked on Bull Rider Ranch was crazy, but they did work. There were seven stables, each consisting of thirteen stalls. They were all in a ¾circle around a patio. You couldn't see the corners; everything was hidden, making the whole thing look round. In the center of the patio was a spiral staircase up to the hayloft, which held hay, grain, and every mash ingredient you could think of.
The entrance to each stable was an iron archway, with an iron lace pattern in the corners. Then, when you walked in to each stable, there were five stalls per each side. The tack room was at the end, with a grooming stall on each side. The stall doors weren't solid, but instead an iron lace pattern, matching the archway. Each stable was the same.
….After grooming Midnight, I got the strong mare tacked up and I clicked the lead line off of her halter. I was using my extra tack set—brown saddle and bridal. My white set was for showing—only!
….Slipping into the worn in leather, I squeezed Midnight's sides. Slowly her hooves clicked on the concrete floor of the stable. I ducked under the archway, and walked around the stairs and out the Main Stable.
….Once I was outside, I saw the pink and orange lights filling the sky. 7:00, I thought. I walked Midnight for half an hour to warm her up. Trotting another half hour, I neared the passageway.
I gave a silent signal to Midnight for her to canter. Smoothly, rhythmically, we went on a secret path. I discovered it a year ago, and it's forever been my favorite trail. Whenever Midnight has to travel, I take her on the passageway; it calmed her wonderfully.
….I cantered her into the archway; a long time ago, this was a real trail, made to look marvelous. The entrance was a stone archway, but now it was so overgrown with wild grapes – which were edible and safe to eat – you couldn't tell. Then, as I kept the trail swept and clean, and everything trimmed, it was a perfect tunnel of large birch trees, and when it's dark, moonlight shown the tangled leaves. After a quarter mile of tunnel, there was a large clearing. That's when you entered the trail.
….It was impossible to see without looking; a huge rock thing stood in the way. But the what-ever-it-is was light. I could roll it easily. By now, I could move it without dismounting. When you entered the beauty began. It was a long trail with tall trees on all sides, blocking out light from anywhere. I used a flashlight at night.
Fallen logs littered the path, making it fun to canter through, along with a creek that twisted around the path. Two miles later, there was a huge evergreen tree. It was where I turned every time. I had never gone farther. I looked at my watch.
….Are you kidding me?
….This trail itself is an hour long! I'll never get back home in 45 minutes! I shot her into a gallop, since the jumps were so far apart. She thundered down the grass, her hooves roaring. Midnight *was* an ex-race horse.
….I looked at my watch, almost to the rock-thing

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