Warning- The following story may or may not contain explicit slash between Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Consider yourself warned...

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"The only thing worse than a boy who hates you, is a boy who loves you."

Taken from the novel 'The Book Thief' by Mark Zusak.

Remus sat atop the roof of the Shrieking Shack, his transformation was the night before, and he had woken up fairly early. The sun was just peaking over the mountains, the light cascaded across the lake and warmed the pale boy's skin as the sun rose. Remus was tired, that was true, but he loved watching the sunrise... It meant the moon wouldn't be out until many hours later, and that was time he had for himself and didn't have to share with the beast within him.

His skin warmed as the sun rose... Aside from his normal love for the sunrise, today's sunrise was particularly grand. Sometime last night Sirius had let Snape know about him being a werewolf, and the poor lad didn't believe Sirius so he came to find out for himself. What Snape found was horrible, he saw Remus as he transformed... He saw the whole thing, bones broke and screams tore from Remus' throat as he changed from the quiet and humble man he was into a murderous and ferocious beast.

As the tawny haired boy relived the night, he realized how much he hated Sirius at that moment for what he did. Remus could have become a murderer and sent to Azkaban forever, and it wouldn't have even been his fault... Thank Merlin James had been there early, or Snape would have surely died. James practically threw himself in front of Snape just before Remus was about to pounce, luckily all Snape suffered was a scratch to his face and a few bruises. Dumbledore apparently talked to Snape about keeping the whole Remus-is-a-werewolf thing on the down low, and-thank Merlin-Snape obliged.

Remus felt his face heat up as anger rose inside him. How could Sirius, his friend since the first day of their first year, betray him like this? Of course, Remus would forgive Sirius... He had friends who accepted him, and once he shunned Padfoot both James and Peter would leave too and that would leave him back in square one. Remus had no choice but to forgive Sirius, even if he forgave the boy he didn't have to necessarily be nice to him. Remus looked down at his legs, his pants were frayed at the leg holes from all the use, but they were his most comfortable... These were the ones he normally wore after transformations. Oh, his transformations, he did not want to think of those right now. He had just gotten over the last one and he had a month to mope about the pain and suffering he endured.

"R-Remus?" A whispered voice called from the door going from the roof into the attic.

"What do you want, Sirius?" Remus' response was cold, Sirius felt the tinge of hate within it.

"I-I want to talk to you. Please, Remus?" Sirius said, his voice was weak and very pathetic.

"Fine." Remus said, he scooted over on the roof so Sirius had room to sit. "But make it quick."
"Okay..." Sirius said as he sat next to the boy. "I'm sorry, Remus. I'm so so sorry... I never should have done that to you, I never should have said anything to Snape. I was just trying to screw with him, you know? I never meant to hurt you, I should have known how this would have hurt you. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Sirius was crying now, he sobbed through his words as the fat tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Okay." Remus said. He wasn't really forgiving Sirius, he acknowledged his apology.

"Please, Remus, please forgive me. I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry." Sirius looked right into Remus' eyes, his deep gray ones racked with sorrow and fear. "I love you, Moony, you're my best mate. Please... Please forgive me." Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus' rigid body, the dark haired boy's body shook as he sobbed.

"Okay." Remus said, his voice far softer. "I forgive you..." Remus said, his voice barely a whisper as tears started to roll down his cheeks.

"Moony..." Sirius said. "I'm so sorry, I'm so so sorry. You have to believe me, I'm so sorry. I never want to lose you, I love you mate."

"I-I know, Sirius. I forgive you..." Remus said, he leaned into Sirius' embrace, the tears rolled down his face and he could feel them drop off at his chin. "Ju-just don't hurt me like that anymore, Sirius." Remus said.

"Never again, never again. I'll never hurt you again, never." Sirius said, his face burrowed into Remus' neck as he sobbed and whispered his apologies. Sirius clutched Remus' shirt as he cried, his entire body shook and his breathing was ragged.

The pair stayed that way, Sirius whispering about how sorry he was and Remus holding the poor boy and telling him it was okay and that he was okay. Sirius looked up into Remus' eyes, his own eyes were bloodshot from all the crying, and he smiled weakly. His expression was one of a pathetic puppy that had never been loved.
"I love you Moony, I love you. I love you and I'm so sorry." Sirius said before sitting up and pulling off of Remus and looking directly into his amber eyes.

"I love you too, and I forgive you." Remus nodded. His body was cooler now, the heat shared between the boys left as Sirius' body did.

Sirius just sighed and looked down at his lap. His gaze shifted back up to Remus' face and- as if in slow motion- and he leaned in and placed a light kiss on the pale boy's lips. Sirius' eyes were closed and his face stayed close to Remus' even after the kiss. Remus stopped breathing, his mind tried to place what had just happened, and nothing was making sense.

Sirius had just kissed him on the lips. Though every muscle and joint in his body ached, waves of an odd floaty feeling washed over him. The feelings were almost pleasurable, in an odd way.

"I-I'm sorry..." Sirius stuttered.

"I-Uh." Remus had no response. He was utterly and completely speechless.

"I-I'm going... I'm going to jus-just go." Sirius' face was beet red and his eyes as wide as plates. He was obviously scared, but of what. Remus was a werewolf, anything that anyone ever admitted was nothing compared to that.

Author's Note:

I am the biggest loser ever.

I'm sorry I got rid of the story, but I just couldn't do it. This is the beginning that I originally wanted by my dumb ass decided that it would be better to just not do the awkward kissing scene. Seeing as how I wasn't prepared for that scene not to happen, I was just typing randomly and hoping it went somewhere. I'm sorry I haven't been updating and that I deleted the story, please forgive me. It was for the benefit of the story, and not because I'm just a lazy arse.