Grand Finale

It's weird to think about it all being over... I first published the story something like 5 months ago. That's almost half of a year I've been writing it. It's crazy to just stop doing so. I can't imagine what it's like to be a legitimate author and finish a story of an entire series like this. It's so final. It's so weird...

Anyway, let's move on.

I really ship Sirius and Remus. They are my OTP forever. I have way too many reasons to think so also. Either way it really makes sense that they could be canon. I could talk about it forever. So I will.

-Sirius was never really in a relationship and neither was Remus.

-Remus only ever got serious with Tonks after Sirius' death.

-The incident in their fifth year was forgiven rather quickly...

-Sirius had said, in the 3rd book, 'he's at Hogwarts' possibly meaning Remus.

-Remus only got with Tonks because she could change her features. She could make her hair darker and longer, and also make her cheekbones higher and have gray eyes.

-Sirius and Remus appeared together [along with James and Lily] when Harry was going to meet Voldemort. It could have been anybody else, like Dumbledore or Cedric or Fred or anyone. Remus was influential, but so were the others.

-There are so many reasons, but each has specific details and I don't want to go into every-fucking-thing.

So, thank you all for reading my story. I'm so glad that others liked it [though now that I go through it I actually thought it was quite dumb and ill written.] and an especial thanks to those who reviewed so graciously.

In the [near] future I plan on having a Gellert/Albus fic as well as another Sirius/Remus fic and possibly another Draco/Harry fic. Though I really don't ship Harry and Draco. They hate each other and I see nothing more. It's Sirius and Remus that I can't help but love.

Thank you all, even those who didn't review and/or didn't like it, I'm grateful that people actually read it.