I'm aware that I shouldn't be starting another story after being so much time without updating my other two. I'm very sorry! Things have been quite difficult during this time and I couldn't really find any motivation to write. I promise that I will update soon! Anyways, This is my first Harry Potter fanfic, soit is bound to have OOCness. I will try and correct that in the future. It has been over a year since I last read the 7th book. So I don't remember this scene clearly. Please forgive me for any inaccuracies. By the way, in this fanfic Dumbledore and Gellert will be one year younger. Meaning that Dumbledore just finished his 6th year in Hogwards (but he turned 17 during the summer). The same goes for Gellert.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. It belongs to J.K. Rowling

I closed up my eyes. I could feel a tear forming on one of them, prepared to drop any moment now. How had this all happened? It seemed so surreal. It seemed like an impossible situation, like a bad dreams. Like one of those that had haunted me these last months since the death of my mother, and the drastic change of my life. Ariana laid dead before me. Her eyes still open from the shock she had had when she saw the curse reflect towards her. Beside her was Aberforth, crying, I suppose. With his head buried on Ariana's now still stomach. He made no noises. I wiped the tear that was now falling down through my cheek and looked up at the other teen, before me.

He looked... scared. Something strange. I ignored that, or more accurately, didn't notice. I was being blinded by my anger. "Albus I-I" I heard him start saying with his thick German accent, not being able to stop himself stuttering. "Get out" I hissed. I did not want to see him or hear anything from him again. He could die for all that I cared. He opened his mouth again, but quickly closed it again. He was probably decided whether to get out of the house at that moment or continuing to apologize. He decided to try and apologize. I didn't really know why. "Albus, I did-" He started saying again. This time without stuttering. He seemed determined to leave things clear. To get me to accept his apology. Why? I don't know. Was he unable to realise that this was now all broken? That things would never be the same again? "Get out!" I shouted, interrupting him again. He looked at me, surprised or scared. I did not know which. He started walking backwards, trying to remain as impassive as he could manage. I heard the front door open some moments later, after what had seemed like an eternity. "Get out" I said again, with a mixture of anger and sadness. Sadness that I didn't know why it was caused. I soon heard the door close.

I standed still during a few seconds, not knowing what to do, say or think. I was blank. On one side I wanted to comfort Aberforth, to tell him that everything would be alright and that I would immediately deal with Gellert. Hexing him into oblivion. On the other one, I wanted to run outside to forgive him. To tell him that I wanted us to continue being friends. I continued standing still. Not knowing what to do. The few thoughts that I had were interrupted by Aberforth, who started crying loudly. I placed my hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. "Aberforth, don't worry, everything will be alright" I said. He immediately stared at me, with a way of looking that seemed like he was trying to burn two holes on my head. "How do you dare!" He shouted, very angry. Tears were streaming down his face. "Aberforth, I..." I started saying, but stopped. Not knowing how to continue. "How do you dare!" He shouted again, this time louder than the time before. I could just look at him. I didn't know what to say. "This is all your fault!" He said, before sobbing again. He had always been the one who was the closest to Ariana, after all. "This was all your fault!" He said again "It has all happened because you befriended that... murderer. You did it knowing that he was a bad person. That he couldn't be trusted! You knew this and yet you ignored it!" He shouted. He suddenly got up, and started running towards the stairs that led to the top floor, with ou rooms. "It is all your fault! I hate you!" I heard him say as he went up. I could say nothing again. I could not move. I could not think. I wasn't brave enough to go upstairs or go outside to try and make things all right. I was a coward and I just remained there, staring at Ariana, the door and the stairs, letting fate decide what to do. I fell on my knees and I started crying. For my mother, for Ariana, for Aberforth, for Gellert... for my life. That now was broken and destryed. For my even more shattered heart.