Lilly Vanderson. A girl with short choppy black hair who had been at Tower Prep for the past three years. She had lightly brown eyes that were always on the move, taking everything in. Like all new students, she had had many questions. But, unlike the new students, not ones of where am I? How did I get here? Do my parents know? They were a completely different set of questions. How am I to reach my potential? What is the end game of this school? How can I better achieve my goals?

Lilly was a smart girl. She learned quickly and was able to adapt herself to any situation. By observing other students and the life style there, she knew what type of questions to ask and how to get on everyones good side. Almost like a chameleon. But this was not her gift. No, she had something that was very unique. Lilly had the ability to see the affects of people's actions. Not necessarily the outcomes, but what kind of affects they would have. If a woman were to jump off a bridge, Lilly could see and feel what that woman's family would feel. It was called Emocognition

At times, her gift was useful. But most of the time, it put Lilly in an irritable mood. For some reason, negative actions had the biggest impact on the girl then the positive. So, when Ian Archer came to Tower Prep and he began galavanting around the school trying to find a way out, that was when Tower Prep became Lilly's worst nightmare. Every choice and Ian and his friends made created such horrendous effects on the school, that it soon began to take a tole on Lilly. Albite her being there for three years, she was never trained to handle this amount of stress actions caused.

After a month of being at Tower Prep, Ian had caused Lilly days of sleepless nights. Her dreams were filled with the affects of his actions. Never had she had such a powerful connection with one individual before. Because of this fact, Lilly began to look like a zombie. Whenever she would try to get some sleep, her mind would fill with Ian and his plans. It became so bad that there were deep circles under her eyes. Lilly would often hide it with makeup, but her roommates began to notice. She tried to hide the effect Ian's choices were having on her, but her best friend in all of Tower Prep became concerned. It was starting to become so bad that she was thinning, becoming almost skeleton like.

"Maybe you should tell the school nurse or Headmaster."

"No Jules, I'll be fine. I can handle it." Lilly lied to her best friend.

"Come on Lilly, I know you. You cannot handle that amount of stress. You really should talk to someone about Ian."

"Like you said Jules, you know me. That is not in my personality."

"I don't want to see you suffer Lilly. Not like this. If you won't go to Ian or Headmaster, then I will."

A suddenly alarmed Lilly stood up. "No!" She nearly shouted at her friend.

Jules looked at her, debating if that was a real sign of the affects of her outcome, or it was her just pretending to keep her from going.

"Are you lying to me, Lilly?"

"No Jules, I would never lie to you about that."

Jules bit her lip. "I don't know..." She trailed off.

"Please Jules, don't go. By having you got to Headmaster, it just creates something even worse. Worse than what it is now."

Jules sighed. "Very well then. I won't go to Headmaster."

Lilly nodded her head and smiled slightly. "Come on, lets go grab something to eat."