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"Where are we going?" Logan asks as Kendall drives them through the streets of Austin.

Kendall just turns to look at Logan, even though Logan can't see him and he smiles, but ignores the question.

"You didn't answer my question."

"And I'm not going to."

"Why can't you ever just tell me what we're doing?"

"Because, then it wouldn't be a surprise."

Logan sighs. "But I hate surprises."

Kendall scoffs. "Yeah right. In fact, I know you love my surprises. Pretty sure it's a turn-on for you."

Logan laughs, but shakes his head. "So, where are we going?" he tries again.


"It's not like I can even see where we're going."

"Well, you don't have to keep your eyes closed. I never told you to."

Logan opens his eyes and turns to Kendall to see him grinning and focused on the road. "I figured you'd want to completely surprise me."

"See, turn-on. But you being able to see the road won't give anything away."

"Fine." He rests his head against the window, watching all the trees and houses go past them.

He truly does love when Kendall takes him somewhere new, without telling him anything about it. He asks all the questions, not because he really wants to know, but because that's just what he does and he knows that Kendall loves it.

Finally, Kendall pulls the car into a spot on the side of the road, near where a lot of others cars are parked. But there is nothing really around them, except for trees.

"Um, really, what are we doing?"

Kendall laughs, climbing out of the car and walking over to where Logan is standing. He reaches out and grabs Logan's hand, intertwining their fingers together.

"You know, I figured it out."


"All my questions? That's your turn-on. You love it when I ask about everything." He smirks up at Kendall, making him laugh out.

"That could very well be it."

They walk over to where there is a very long set of steps, but it's in the middle of nowhere and it is also surrounded by trees.

Logan stops, making Kendall stop as well at the foot of the stairs. "This looks very ominous."

"It's not, don't worry." He smiles down at Logan and gives him a quick kiss to the temple.

They slowly ascend the steps. Logan's not actually scared, it's just random and he knows if he was here a year ago, this would have been terrifying for him.

Once they reach the top, Logan can see a sign.

"Mount Bonnell?"

Kendall nods, still smiling and pulling Logan to the edge where there is a small wall as a barrier.

Logan is finally able to see why Kendall brought him here. It's amazing. They are able to look out onto the lake and he can even see the 360 Bridge. The sun has just started to set as well, making it absolutely breath taking.

"Wow." He is still staring out at the scene in front of him.

Kendall lets go of his hand and wraps his arm around Logan's shoulders. Pulling them together.

"Kendall, this is..." He trails off, still not able to put what he is seeing into correct words.

"I know." Kendall looks around and then starts moving them down a dirt trail. "Come here."

They continue to walk, until Kendall spots a ledge and he pulls his arm off, stepping down on the rocks to reach the ledge.

"Wait, Kendall. How do you even know if that's safe?" Logan's worry is finally coming through.

"It's fine. I promise."

"What if we plummet to our deaths?"

"Then we'll go together." He smiles, reaching his hand out to Logan for him to climb down as well.

Logan rolls his eyes, but grins. "You're so cheesy."

"Just get down here."

"Alright, alright."

Logan takes a shaky step down and when the rock doesn't give way, he breathes a sigh of relief.

Kendall sits down on the ledge and stretches his legs out. He leans back on one of the rocks, so that he's facing right where the sun is going down. He opens his arm for Logan to come and sit down next to him.

Logan slowly sits and Kendall pulls him to his side, as Logan rests his head on Kendall's chest. Both watching the sun set.

"This is just...beautiful." Logan lets out a contented sigh.

Kendall turns to grin at Logan. "Not as beautiful as you."

Logan rolls his eyes again. "Seriously, when did you become so cheesy?"

"When I met you," he tries to deadpan, but he can't help it when a smile breaks through.

They both start cracking up, trying to catch their breaths from laughing so hard. Logan pushes himself away from Kendall and leans back on the other side of the rock. He crosses his legs, just staring at Kendall.

They stay silent for awhile. Just taking in the scenery and having each other right there next to the other. Both with smiles on their faces and a slowly setting sun, lighting up their eyes.

"Are you excited about school tomorrow?" Kendall asks, breaking their silence.

"I am, actually. I'm ready for my tougher math classes."

"Is sophomore math that much harder?"

"It's not that it's sophomore stuff, it's now I'm starting more of my actual accounting classes."

"Oh yeah. Exciting stuff." He smirks over at Logan.

"It really is."

"You're working tomorrow, right?"

Kendall sighs. "Yeah, but maybe we can meet up for lunch?"

"Yeah, what time will you be home?"

"A little after six. I can bring us back some dinner from work."

Logan nods. "Just don't steal someone's order, please."

Kendall raises his hands up. "Nope, I won't."



"Have you talked to Julia recently?"

Kendall tries to recall the last time they spoke. "Not since she left to move to Waco. Why? Have you?"

"Yeah, we talked on the phone yesterday. I wanted to make sure everything went alright."

"Did it?"

He nods. "She moved into her apartment and she said she was trying to learn where everything was at. She spent most of her day just walking around, getting familiar with it all."

Kendall chuckles.

"She said hi."

"I'm going to have to call her soon."

"Yeah, you need to. But she did say that when she comes down to Austin, we all need to get together."

"We do."

They both sigh and lean back where they are sitting, focusing on the sky again.

"When are we going to start our exploration of the rest of the city?"

"We are right now. This is something new I'm showing you."

"Yes, but you said we are going to start going around North Austin and that this was the last part of the west side of the city."

"It is. Every year, we're going to go to a different area. This past year was the west, this year now is the North and then soon we will hit the east side and end with the south."

"Okay, so when are we going to the north?"

"Not enjoying this right now?"

Logan laughs. "No, I love this. It's just, you know I have to ask questions."

"Oh? Are you asking questions to turn me on now? But Logan, we're in public."

Logan reaches over and punches Kendall in the chest. "Idiot."

"Yes, but you love me."

"Do I? I didn't know that."

Kendall gasps, and mockingly puts his hand over his heart.

Logan laughs and crawls over to Kendall, pressing their lips together. Kendall's hand goes to the back of Logan's neck, running his hand through his hair.

When they pull apart, Logan gives one quick peck to his lips and leans back to where he was sitting before. "I love you."

"Knew it."

"Idiot," he repeats.

"Mmm, but I love you too."

Logan glances over at Kendall, who is now gazing at him.

They hadn't even noticed that the sun had completely set and that night was starting to fall. Kendall finally breaks his gaze with him and looks around, noticing the lack of light. "Ready to go?"


They both stand up, wiping the dirt off their jeans and Kendall climbs back up from the ledge and holds his hand out to Logan. Logan grabs onto him, helping pull himself up.

"Thank you," Logan says as he walks over to the trail with his hand out, waiting for Kendall to walk over to him.

"Anytime." And Kendall and Logan lock their hands together, again.

"Thank you, for taking me here as well."

"We should come here more often."

"We should. Or what we should do, is every year, right before I go back to school and we have finished seeing one area of the city, we end it here."

"Deal." He leans down and they meet in one last kiss before heading back down the stairs and to the car.

Logan still has no idea how he got so lucky. It may have taken them forever to finally be together, but as Julia had told him five months ago, they fell in love first. That love will always be there and every day it seems to get stronger and stronger.

He didn't even hesitate when Kendall asked him to move in. They waited until Logan finished up his first year at UT before he did, since he had already paid for room and board.

His parents weren't exactly thrilled when he told them he wouldn't be coming home for the whole summer and that he was just coming to visit for a week. But when he did go back to Connecticut, he decided it was time to tell them.

He told them he moved in with Kendall and told them how they were together. Needless to say, they were shocked, but eventually, after thinking about it, they had both just known. When they would talk to Logan on the phone, they could hear it in his voice, when he would talk about Kendall. He would just seem that much happier. So, once the initial shock wore off, they were happy and told Logan that Kendall needed to come up, so they could meet him.

They also knew that Kendall was good for Logan. They noticed the change in him, when he was there for the holidays and they could tell it was because of him. So, to know that their son was taken care of and loved by someone, they were ecstatic and couldn't care that he is a guy.

Logan climbs into the car, watching Kendall walk around to the drivers side and sliding into his seat.

Yeah, he'll never fully understand how this one guy could change everything he knew. A year ago, he was scared. He had just moved to a new city and didn't know a single person. Then, he went out a month later, trying to do something different to get him to step out of his dorm. And he's so glad he did, or else he wouldn't be sitting in this car, driving back to the apartment he lives in, with Kendall.

He always thought he needed his future to be planned out, to know exactly what his life had in store for him. That he had to have a certain life, career, and partner. But since he has been with Kendall, he has learned to just let things happen. He still has paranoia, he still worries about things going wrong and he still knows what he wants out of his life when he gets older.

Now though, Logan has the best plan laid out in front of him; he's going to live right here, right now and enjoy himself the only way he knows how to.