Sharpe's Doctor

Blurb: Haunted by Astrid's sacrifice and by his inability to save her, the Doctor travels to Spain in 1809 during the Napoleononic wars. Where he teams up with Lieutenant Richard Sharpe and his Riflemen to combat a threat that could change the course of human history.

This story is a crossover between Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series and Doctor Who TV Series. I do not owe any of these two franchises and this work is non-profit

This occurs between the episodes of Voyage of the Dammed and Partners in Crime for Doctor Who and between the books Sharpe's Havoc and Sharpe's Eagle for the Sharpe series.

Based on the events of Skirmish at Casa de Salinas in Napoleonic wars

Chapter 01 Temporal Anomaly

The Tenth Doctor lay on his back with half his body in the service hatch beneath the TARDIS console fixing the neutron barriers with his sonic screwdriver and brooding over the events of the Titanic. In his latest adventure he had been unable to keep his promise. A promise to keep Astrid and the others alive but due to the deadly events in the belly of the Titanic nearly his entire group of survivors had perished.

Most of them sacrificed themselves so I could live. It was Astrid death that had hit him the hardest. She just wanted to see the universe but made the mistake of getting involved with him. She had saved him by pushing Max Capricorn into the engine of the spaceship with a forklift truck. A he couldn't save Astrid so had settled with giving her ghost the ability to wander the universe.

It was becoming a disturbing trend that everyone that he got involved with ended up dead, wounded or had damaged in someway. This brought back memories of Martha's family, Donna's wedding reception and a teary farewell at Bad Wolf Bay. Pain and suffering seemed to follow in his wake.

The Doctor shook his head trying to shake off these dangerous thoughts. Onwards and upwards was his motto so it was no use dwelling on the past. Not with a whole universe to explore, so many times and places to experience. The Doctor smiled as he scrabbled out from under the console and stood up. Revealing his brown pin stripped suit, blue collared shirt, blue stripped brown tie and white sneaker while the Doctors hair sticky up hair contained his brainy specs.

The Doctor's smiled widened as he started to stroke the green glowing console contain with it's wide range of buttons, levers, knobs and other types of strange controls

"Ah that's better isn't old girl. I've fixed up the shields properly this time so we won't have anymore ships punching a hole in your plasma outer shell. No more surprise visits from strange ships".

There was a sudden urgent beeping coming from the other side of the console. The Doctor his silly grin melted off his face to reveal a look of surprise walked around the console, flicked a few switches and stared in utter astonishment at the read outs being present to him by the scanner.

"What! What! WHAT"

According to the TARDIS's Time Warp Vector Display human history had suddenly changed in a different direction. It seemed Time had slipped a grove causing the wrong timeline to take the place of the right. This had happened once before when the Doctors old companion Evelyn Smythe had almost been deleted from history by just such a temporal anomaly. But this anomaly was bigger then the other one he had encountered in London 1555 CE.

If this Temporal Anomaly had its way millions of people will be erased from history causing untold damage to the vortex. The Doctor pressed a couple more buttons to concentrate the Vector Display and discovered the anomaly seemed to center around the events leading up to the battle of Talvera in particular the Skirmish at Casa de Salinas

The Doctor frowned the Skirmish at Casa de Salinas wasn't the biggest or most important event of the Napoleononic wars. But it seemed the due to the French winning this Skirmish they won ultimately won the war. The Doctor brainy spec perched on his nose brushed his hair back, a typical gesture when he was trying to think. At the moment the whys didn't matter he had to stop this change in history from becoming permanent.

The TARDIS's groans subsided as the ship reentered the physical plane of existence. The Doctor grabbed his duster overcoat and left the warm safe coral incrusted console room for the mysteries of outside. The Doctor emerged from his police box disguised ship to a baking hot hillside covered landscape filled with grass and grey boulders.

The Doctor's geeky grin appearing on his face as he remembering the last time he'd been in a Spanish summer. Two versions of himself had been in Seville Spain in 1985 and foiled the plans of a squad of Sontarans and a pair of nasty Androgum's. The Doctor had a feeling that this trip was going to be a lot more fun than his last adventure in Spain. No Androgum's to eat him this time.

The Doctor had landed two miles away from the temporal anomaly nexus point. He had to stop this nexus point from reaching the Casa de Salinas in time for the skirmish and so averting the change in time. The Doctor strolled up a steep slope intending to get to the top of a hill to get his bearings. Without warning a green jacketed figure came up behind the Doctor and smashed him on the back of his head with the butt of his rifle. The Doctor knew no more.

The man who had knocked out the Doctor was a man in his sixties who moved like a poacher. While the other green jacketed man who joined the old rifleman looked like he had just entered puberty and stood over the unconscious Doctor. Together the riflemen picked up the Doctor and took him back to there camp

The Beginning

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