Sharpe's Doctor Chapter 12

Thank you for all those who have read this far, I hope you will continue to read my work in a sequel I am writing.

Quote of the Week from Sharpe's Battle

'My grand-da got lost once,' Sergeant Harper said helpfully. 'He'd bought a bullock from a fellow in Cloghanelly Parish and decided to take a short cut home across the Derryveagh Mountains. Then the fog rolled in and grand-da couldn't tell his left from his right. Lost like a wee lamb he was, and then the bullock deserted the ranks and bolted into the fog and jumped clear over a cliff into the Barra Valley. Grand-da said you could hear the poor wee beast bellowing all the way down, then there was a thump just like you'd dropped a bagpipe off a church tower, only louder, he said, because he reckoned they must have heard that thump all the way to Ballybofey. We used to laugh about it later, but not at the time. God, no, it was a tragedy at the time. We couldn't afford to lose a good bullock.'

'Jesus bloody wept!' Sharpe interrupted. 'I can afford to lose a bloody Sergeant who's got nothing better to do than blather on about a bloody bullock!'

Chapter 12 The Last Chapter

Sharpe awoke to a beautiful Spanish sunrise which distracted him for an instance from the throbbing pain his thigh. In surprise Sharpe heard singing beside him.

"O'er the hills and o'er the main, Through Flanders Portugal and Spain, King George commands and we obey - Over the hills and far away"

Sharpe turned his head and saw the Doctor sitting beside him with needle and thread sewing up tears in his brown duster. The Doctor had changed his suit from brown to blue pinstripe and had on a red tie. The Doctor noticed Sharpe stare and gave an apologetic grin.

"Sorry I always find that singing helps me sew and I thought Over the Hills was appropriate. Well Hearts of Oak would have made a better sewing song but I thought the Over the Hills would be more appreciated "apologized the Doctor.

Sharpe looked down at his leg and saw the makeshift bandage.

"I believe I owe you thanks for my life" stated Sharpe gruffly.

Sharpe knew it must have been the Doctor medical knowledge that had saved his life since there wasn't a proper doctor for miles around.

"It was nothing; I'd be thanking Hagman if it wasn't his vinegar and brown paper you would have bled to death. Although you probably would have something to thank me for you, the stretcher we used was made out of my coat which almost ruined it. You know Janis Joplin gave me this coat in return for some pointers on her music. I think she also fancied me as well although I can't blame her. I looked incredible young back there not to mention, the blond hair and the decorative vegetable" the Doctor babbled.

"Well thank you anyway Doctor" said Sharpe awkwardly.

The Doctor was literally lost for words when Sharpe added a smile. When Sharpe smiled the mocking toughness fell away to reveal a rather handsome man. The moment was lost when Patrick Harper joined them with two cups of tea.

"Morning Sir nice to see you among the land of the living, I was starting think about praying to God to save your heathen soul" said Harper.

The Rifle Sergeant handed over a steaming tin mug to the Doctor while Sharpe sat up to take his.

"When does God listen to anyone in this Army Pat? To everyone else we're all damned to hell" asked Sharpe.

"Yes all you heathen sinners are going to hell but not us Irish. God's got a soft spot for us Irish rogues and me mum always said I have lived a charmed life" explained Harper.

The Doctor took a sip of his tea and his eye widen in surprise.

"Wow that tea certainly has a kick to it. Well to put it plainly it's like being walloped over the head with a giant mallet. Is that gunpowder I taste" asked the Doctor as he took another sip?

Harper gave a giant grin.

"Yes Doc it's an army delicacy called Rifleman's tea. You see we carry our tea leaves with our gunpowder, so it gets all gets mixed up in with the tea" explained Harper.

The Doctor sculled the brew down in one gulp, wiped his mouth on his sleeve and handed the mug back to Harper.

"Molto Bene Pat, thanks for the tea" said the Doctor a big toothily grin on his face.

"A pleasure Doctor" replied Harper.

During the night the Doctor had gained the big Irishman's respect. The Doctor had stayed by Sharpe's side taking care of him all night, only leaving once for ten minute to grab a new change of clothes.

"By the way there a favour I'm going to need from you and your Riflemen" asked the Doctor all of a sudden going all serious and business like.

"What is it" asked Sharpe his stern look back in place?

Although Sharpe now trusted this Doctor, he was wary of the man who could destroy a company of well trained soldiers with a flick of his blue wand.

"I need you to keep silence about my involvement in what happened yesterday and about Dupont's plot against General Wellesley. This is all top secret, hush, hush" said the Doctor.

Sharpe shrugged his shoulders.

"It's no skin off my back" said Sharpe.

"You have my silence Doctor and I'll make sure the lads stay silent" said Harper.

"Thank you, both of you" said the Doctor.

Changing the subject Sharpe asked Harper.

"How are the lads, all present and accountable for"?

"Oh there fine and dandy sir. They quite enjoyed yesterday's fight" said Harper.

"Good because they're not going to be too happy about carrying me back to army base at Abrantes" said Sharpe.

"It's only half a day's march from here to Abrantes I'm sure they won't mind" said Harper.

"Doctor, do you want to accompany us back to the Army" asked Sharpe.

Only to realize that the Doctor was no longer sitting beside him Sharpe and Harper looked around but the Doctor was nowhere in sight, Harper chuckled.

"Where the silly bugger got to" wondered Sharpe?

"I get the feeling that the Doctor hates to say goodbye. That man has got wanderlust in his eyes and more energy than a sack of puppies" commented Harper.

"Aye you're probably right Pat. But I really wanted to ask if he knew anything another man who went by the name Doctor" complained Sharpe.

"What other Doctor" asked Harper?

"A Doctor I met one time in India back when I was a Sergeant" said Sharpe.

"Really maybe he had a son" said Harper.

"Nah our Doctor's too old, the man I met in India was as young as I was, or seemed to be" explained Sharpe.

With Harper's curiosity peaked Sharpe weighed up whether to tell the story or not. Sharpe didn't like telling stories about his past exploits mainly because of pride. He much preferred the men to find out about his deeds through rumour rather than boasting about them. But the tale of his exploit with that other Doctor was such a strange and curious tale it was worth telling to Harper at least.

So Sharpe made up his mind to tell Harper about this escapade. An adventure involving a mad man with a box, a red head beauty called Amy, a scheming Indian Rajah and an old foe.


The Doctor bounded into the humming console room of the TARDIS, dumping his newly repaired duster in its usual place and making his way to the console. He entered the dematerialisation codes, flicked a few switches and released the handbrake, letting his ship return to the Time Vortex. The Doctor grinned bringing his hand up and stroking the centre column. It had been an interesting adventure meeting Sharpe and his Riflemen and running through the Spanish countryside not mention those Voltgeurs face's when he'd released that Chinese firework. He would remember it most of all because of the life he'd saved, just by being Sharpe's Doctor.

Historical Note

Unlike other crossover fan fictions I actually did some research. The Skirmish at Casa de Salinas was an actually event in the Napoleonic Wars which is described a bit in Sharpe's Eagle. Where the Spanish having made an embarrassing retreat from French force through Casa de Salinas and the British are forced to make a rear guard action for their allies. General Sir Arthur Wellesley or Duke Wellington as he is later known was too busy watching the skirmish to notice a company of Voltgeurs out flank him from the left and attempt to cut him off his allies. General Wellesley was lucky to escape in the nick of time and this event has become a major what if in history. If Wellesley had been captured at Casa de Salinas the British and their allies would no doubt have lost the Peninsular War and what would have happened next is anyone's guess. Major Dupont's plan, knowing this event in history planned to out flank Wellesley from the right side while the other company outflanked him from the left which would have ultimately cut off Wellesley's escape. The Doctor and Sharpe of course were able to foil Dupont's plan by destroying his company of Voltgeurs. This story has been the first fanfic I have ever written so this story was a testing ground to see if I could put Sharpe and the Doctor in the same universe. This of course was an outstanding success, such a success that in the words of Bernard Cornwell Sharpe and the Doctor will march again.