Christmas Time.

Summery: A series of one shots that cover the Characters of Winx Club throughout the Christmas Period.

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Chapter One: One Year Over.

Bloom quietly stood in her large room at the palace at Sparx and took a deep breath in, it was nearing Christmas, the Earth celebrated tradition that over the years slowly spread across the Magical Dimension too.

However, the intensions were different, while most of Earth celebrated the birth of a child at Christmas with giving gifts and spending time with the ones they loved, the Magical Dimension just gave gifts and spent time with their families, they had no idea what the fascination was with the Baby Jesus.

Bloom didn't really complain, she was just happy that over in Sparx they were still able to celebrate her favourite holiday, she was concerned after she was reunited with her birth Parents that as soon as Christmas hit it would just be another day for them, however she was relieved when their maids started to decorate the palace with tinsel and big fir trees.

This year, it was going to be her first ever Christmas with her birth parents…well, that she could remember anyway, since she had spent all of her Christmas celebrations on Earth for the past few years, she was excited to see what instalments Oritel and Mariam has planned for the family celebrations.

Despite it being so close to Christmas, the weather outside was still considered as warm, this annoyed Bloom slightly and it made her wish that some of the frozen ice and snow that had encased Sparx years ago hadn't left, but only some of it, if it was still here then her parents wouldn't be here with her.

It wasn't just that, it was also going to be Bloom's first Christmas as an engaged woman, that was another thing, Sky was also going to be around for Christmas, he was in Eraklyon so it made things a lot easier for visiting over the busy period.

In fact, today was one of those days, Bloom was currently waiting by her window to see her fiancé walking along the bridge that led to the palace gates to meet with her, it was stressing her out slightly, she really wanted him to hurry up, she had spent the past few hours on the phone to Stella panicking about what to wear.

Stella had tried her best to calm her frantic friend and soon managed to get Bloom to see sense, with Stella's help she soon settled on a long blue shirt and a white skirt, on her legs were black tights and warm fuzzy boots on her feet. Stella had to remind her that even though she wanted to look good, she also had to be warm.

Bloom had no idea what the weather on Solaria was like, surely it would stay hot all year round, despite it being Christmas, but she knew that the weather here was not suitable for wearing fuzzy boots, not yet at least, she hoped that Sparx would show some signs of the changing weather.

Bloom was so enveloped with thoughts about the weather that she didn't see Sky walking up the pathway, however he saw her. He smiled at pulled out his phone and dialled her number.

Bloom however, continued to think about the weather, when was it going to turn into proper Christmas weather? Soon she hoped, in her opinion it wasn't Christmas until the weather started to get colder.

Soon her phone started ringing, Bloom snapped out of her thoughts and dashed to the phone, she picked it up and answered it without checking who was ringing her.


"What are you doing waiting by the window? Come down and see me?"

Bloom's heart started to flutter when she heard the words of Sky fill her eyes, a goofy smile spread across her face as she dashed to the window; sure enough he was standing outside waiting for her.

She smiled and waved down at him and he replied the wave, then she darted out of her room and ran downstairs.

"I'm sorry, I was thinking" Bloom said as she ran down the several staircases in the palace.

"Thinking? About what?"

"Oh…things…I'll explain more when I'm outside" Bloom said as she neared the door.

"Alright then, wrap up warm, its getting cold outside".

Sure enough as Bloom stepped outside a cold wind instantly met her, she shivered slightly but still smiled at it, finally winter was started to make an appearance for her.

Bloom smiled at this, 'Finally' she thought as she left the large palace and followed the path alone, until she finally was in the arms of Sky, he smiled when he felt Bloom meet his arms and he held her close, stroking her soft flame red hair and smelling the scent of her sweet perfume.

"You missed me?" He asked when she pulled away.

"You know I did" Bloom told him, "Why didn't you come and visit sooner?"

"Sorry" Sky said as she reached down and held her hands, "There was so much to deal with on Eraklyon; it's a tough business being King".

"I'll bet" Bloom said sympathetically.

"But" Sky said kissing her hands and looking at the ring that was tightly secured around her wedding finger, "It'll all be worth while when you're standing next to me as my Queen".

Bloom smiled at this, "I can't wait" She said happily.

"That reminds me, Mom's been on my trail about the wedding too" Sky told her as the two walked along the path, hand in hand, "She wants to talk to you about arrangements".

Bloom wrinkled up her nose slightly, she was never too keen on Sky's Mother, she was always very bitter and cold whenever she saw Bloom, it wasn't a hidden fact that Bloom was never really liked by Samara, then again, she didn't like many people, but still there had to be something that got in the way of her and Sky's happiness, and it just so happened that it was her future Mother in Law.

"Oh…" Bloom mumbled, "You can tell her that I'm really not fussed, if I had a choice I would be taking you straight to Vegas so I could get married to you right now".

"What's Vegas?"

"Never mind".

"Come on Bloom" Sky then said, pulling her close once again, "She just wants to get to know you some more, maybe the talking about the wedding will bring you two closer".

"Maybe" Bloom whispered.

"Trust me" Sky said rubbing her head, "One second of being in her presence and she'll love you…just like I do".

"Boy I hope so!" Bloom laughed as she wrapped her arms around Sky too.

"She will, trust me".

The two stayed in silence for a few minutes, Bloom couldn't contain the smile that was spread across her face, she loved this, being with Sky and in his grasp, it felt comforting, then again it should be, he was her fiancé after all. But it felt right, like she was meant to stay there for the rest of her life.

"You know, the way things go, this might be our last Christmas together as a couple" Bloom told Sky.

"What do you mean?" Sky asked pulling away slightly.

"I mean, if we get the wedding planned fast enough, we'll be celebrating Christmas together as a married couple" Bloom explained.

Sky's face lit up, "Oh, yes!" Sky said pulling her in for a kiss, it only lasted for a few seconds because Sky wasn't finished, "And that day, when everything starts for us, will be the best day of my life".

"And mine too" Bloom replied.

Sky then pulled away and kissed her again, this time firmer and harder than before, Bloom enjoyed this even more than being in his arms, feeling his warm lips tickling her own, she could feel Sky's lips curving into a smile as he kissed her.

His hands travelled up her back and his fingers became entwined in her hair and stroked the soft locks as he continued to kiss her.

Suddenly, something cold touched Bloom's cheek, she broke the kiss and looked around to see what had caused that, and then she saw it.

Several tiny white snowflakes were pouring out of the sky above her, she gasped in awe at this sight, it was finally snowing! Now Christmas truly was coming.

"Finally" Bloom muttered, "Christmas is coming!"

"It sure is" Sky said as he wrapped an arm around Bloom's shoulder, he noticed her shivering slightly and he quickly pulled of his jacket and handed it to her.

"Here" He said, "Can't have you getting sick over Christmas".

Bloom smiled as he draped it over her shoulders, "Thank you".

"No, no" Sky said modestly, "The pleasure is all mine".

Bloom smirked, "You got that right, I love you Sky".

"I love you too Bloom".

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