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I also put the whole of a song in this chapter, why? Because it suits, and I don't normally do that but I felt the need to so that this chapter could flow a bit better.

The song is called 'Merry Christmas, Darling' by the Carpenters, a song that I think (In a bizarre way) works in this situation.

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Chapter 8 I Wish You Merry Christmas.

Riven woke up the next morning in his apartment in Gardenia, the boys had decided to stay there during their stay at Earth for Christmas to make it a lot easier for themselves.

He had slept in pretty late that day, while the rest of the Specialists had gotten up and were up and about, he was still dozing.

However, that was all about to change.

A loud knocking could be heard from his door; Riven grumbled and pulled a pillow over his head.

"Go away! He called angrily to his room intruder.

The door opened and Riven groaned again to realize it was Helia at the door, "Can't you tell that I'm sleeping?" Riven angrily snapped at him.

Helia rolled his eyes, "Calm yourself, you have mail".

Riven looked up at Helia, slightly confused, "Mail? Like Email".

Helia chuckled softly, "No…a letter, no idea who it's from though".

Helia handed Riven the letter and then left, Riven looked at the letter, still as confused as before, who sent letters nowadays? He had no idea but still carried on; he carefully ripped the light pink envelope open.

Two pieces of folded paper fell out onto Riven's bed, thinking nothing of it he picked up the first letter and started to read it.

However, as Riven read every word, his nonchalant expression changed to shock and pure hurt.


I know you're probably sitting here thinking how I got your address, or maybe your wondering who the hell this is, don't worry, I'm sure you'll realize who I am at the end of the letter.

Well, I was actually forced to write this, I hate writing, this is why computers were involved, so we could type, still my career told me that I had to write, and if I did I would be one step closer to leaving this hell hole.

I don't really have a family, my parents are dead and any other family member would question why the 'disappointment of the family' would be writing to them. So, I chose you, I really have no idea why, I guess it's because since I last saw you, you haven't left my mind.

It's kind of sad to know that me, once the most powerful female in the realms (Aside from my sisters…they made me write that) has been reduced to sitting in some stupid grassy meadow, writing a soppy love letter for someone who probably won't even remember my name, let alone who I am. If you do have some sort of incline on who this is well…I hate it where I am, everywhere people are in love and expressing love for one another, my sisters and I hate it, its horrible here, they play stupid love songs all day, except for this time of year, its all about Christmas here now, and they keep playing terrible Christmas songs that make you want to rip your head of, just so you have something to throw at the radio.

To be honest, the reason who I wrote this letter to you was because I know that wherever you are right now, your probably feeling the same thing, your probably sitting at home, cursing the man who invented this stupid holiday, I know you Riven, I know what you like (Which isn't very much…like myself!) And what you don't.

I suppose that's one point of this letter, the other being…well…I miss you Riven! I know this might come as a shock since things didn't really end well between us last time, but you have to know something, back then, when I was planning on taking over the realms and destroying your school, I was planning on letting you out of your prison by the end of it, and reigning with me, I had imagined it and that was the main thing that had drove me to succeed with our plan.

Obviously things didn't really work out, thanks to that stupid Red head pixie, your girlfriend and her scraggly friends. I guess I would rather be with you, ruling the realms and having you beside me then sitting here, writing a letter about how much I'm in love with you.

There, I said it. I'm in love with you.

I suppose you might want to hide this letter from your Pixie girlfriend…I don't think she'd really appreciate seeing that another girl is just as in love with you as she is, yeah, she is in love with you, I can tell by the way she looks at you, it makes me feel sick…but its love.

A lot like the look I wear…well…so the people that live here keep telling me, I actually pushed someone's head into a toilet when they said that to me, I hate it!

I don't know what I hate more, feeling like this, or having people tell me that I'm smitten over you.

I suppose I better wrap this letter up, my hand is getting tired and I'm bored, but…the main point of this letter was for me to tell you this.

Merry Christmas, Puppy Dog.

I love you.

Love, Stiletto.

PS. The next piece of paper are lyrics from this song that I heard at Light Haven, if you think this letter is some stupid hoax, then look at the lyrics.

Riven slowly lowered the letter and picked up the other piece of paper that was still on his bed, he carefully picked it up and unfolded it, reading every lyrics slowly and carefully. A small tear coming to his eye as he read...

Greeting cards have all been sent
The Christmas rush is through
But I still have one wish to make
A special one for you…

Merry Christmas, Darling
We're apart, that's true
But I can dream and in my dreams
I'm Christmas-ing with you…

Holidays are joyful
There's always something new
But every day's a holiday
When I'm near to you
The lights on my tree
I wish you could see
I wish it every day
Logs on the fire
Fill me with desire
To see you and to say…

That I wish you Merry Christmas
Happy New Year, too
I've just one wish
On this Christmas Eve
I wish I were with you…

Logs on the fire
Fill me with desire
To see you and to say
That I wish you Merry Christmas
Happy New Year, too
I've just one wish
On this Christmas Eve
I wish I were with you
I wish I were with you…

Darcy slowly placed the pen on the ground that she was resting on and sighed, she reached over and grabbed a nearby envelope that was by her foot and placed the letters inside and folded it.

She hoped that Riven would read this, it was soppy and loving, everything she wasn't.

She what possessed her to write this letter? She blamed the Christmas spirit that everyone was talking about, or the fact that deep down, her icy heart was slowly melting with the love that was being sent from all of the locals here, it was horrible, yet oddly warm.

She leant against a tree and looked down at the letter again; she did know one thing, however. She had to send this and do it fast, Icy and Stormy would be coming back any minute now, and if they saw that she had written a letter to her old crush, they wouldn't let her forget it.

She rose from her ground and started to find a mailbox, no matter where Riven was in the realms, the letter would find him, or so she hoped.

Magic was a powerful thing, after all.

She found a mailbox and paused in front of it, before posting in through the small slot, she brought the envelope up to her lips and kissed it twice, then finally let go of it.

"I meant every word, Riven" She quietly muttered before walking back to her original spot…

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