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"Papa! I'm home!" Riju yelled as he hung up his jacket on the wooden chair.

"Oh...um...I'll be downstairs...in a minute," The pink-haired man heard his father boom upstairs, followed by the shuffling of not one, but two pairs of feet.

"Make sure you're dressed too!" Riju yelled back before grabbing a soda from the kitchen. Flipping the cap open, he took a sip of the cooling liquid, then let out a loud belch just as Chisato-san, his father, darted down the wooden stairs, his lover and Riju's best friend trailing silently behind him.

"Oh-Ohyao Riju-kun," Shunsuke blushed, letting his bangs fall down his cheeks to cover the redness.

"I didn't expect you to get home faster than me, Shun-kun! Oh well; sometimes I think you know this neighborhood better than I do sometimes," Riju laughed, trying to cover up the awkwardness. "Anyway, while Papa cooks us dinner, do you wanna go play video games?"

"Yeah, but-"

"Oh, you guys...in my room...in MY room?" Riju stuttered, surprised and angry at the same time (if that was possible). "Aw, c'mon, why my room? Why couldn't you use Papa's room or even the freaking bathroom? Not that I have a problem with you too being together, it's just...MY room?"

"Gomenasai, Riju-kun. His latest manuscript is scattered around his room so-"

"I get it, I get it. Let's just go watch TV or something NOT in MY room," Riju groaned.

"Okay, I'll grab some popcorn and meet you in there, 'kay?"

"Sure," The younger man sighed and headed towards the living room.

"Don't lie to him," Chisato smirked when Shunsuke entered the kitchen.

"How else can I tell him," Shunsuke wrapped his arms around the older man's waist and nuzzled his neck, breathing in his pine-tree scented cologne.

"That he has the most comfortable bed in the house?" Chisato's lips parted in a simple, yet sweet smile.

"I have no clue," Came the older man's, simple reply.