NOTE: Surprise, Surprise! I got inspired last night (Don't think pervertly) so voila! I continued it!


This is huge, Riju thought as he and Chisato entered the mattress shop. Their noses were overwhelmed with the plastic scent of artificial metal and comforters; baby blue walls trimmed with white and the royal blue carpets outline how truly large the shop was. Mattresses and futons piled on top of each other loomed other the family of two.

"Okay, Papa," Riju smiled. "Admit it."

"Wh-what?" Chisato mumbled, shuffling his feet and twiddling his thumbs like an eight year old who had just stolen an extra cookie.

"Don't even bother to trick me. Shunsuke told me everything." He smiled and watched his Papa's cheeks flush under the florescent lights. "We're here to buy me a new bed, since I'm giving mine to you guys."

"Why can't we just buy Shunsuke and I a new bed?"

Riju growled.

"No way in hell am I sleeping on a bed you and Shunsuke did it on!"


"It doesn't matter that I do it with Kateru! It's you guys'...oh..." Riju looked up at Chisato's face; protective and swelled with anger at the same time.

"You...Kateru...WHAT?" He shouted, his face red as a tomato. "THAT SON OF A SWINE-"

"Welcome to MatAttack sirs, where when the going gets tough, the tough goes to sleep on a MatAttack bed. My name is Yugamume Machiko, manager of MatAttack, and how may I help you?" A short plump man waddled out behind a stack of fluffy beds and smiled, two feet shorter than Riju.

He had black, curly hair with no grey streaks that fell just below his chin; round watery eyes framed by high-arched eyebrows. Yugamume also had cherry-red lips, always in a pout, and puffy cheeks. The salesman resembled a modern-day cherub, but an awkward one at that.

"Um, yes. We would like to purchase a new bed," Riju looked at his dad. "For us."

Yugamume frowned and darted his eyes between father and son.


"No, no! Nothing like that!" Chisato interrupted, waving his arms and finally catching on. "This is his bed! I have my girlfriend...uh...Suki."

"Oh!" Yugamume smiled, flashing his slightly yellowed teeth. "For a moment, I thought you two...never-mind."

Turning his back on the two, he marched forward, his rear jiggling with every step.

"If you follow me, our newest and most romantic-" Riju could of sworn he had heard him sigh. "-beds are right here." Yugamume pointed his pudgy fingers at the stack of shoddy mattresses.

"Are these the only ones you have?" Riju asked, slightly morose at choice.

"But these are the best in quality!" The man exclaimed. "They're on sale for only fifty thousand yen."


"Gomen, Riju. You might need to sleep on the couch one extra day," Chisato sighed as he ushered his son out of the overpriced shop, Yugamume yelled out from behind them, "Ten precent off!"

Chisato, inside his mind, debated himself on whether he should tell Riju about Shunsuke and himself two nights ago...


"Papa, there's something you're not telling me."

"N-no Riju! Why would you think that?"

"Well, your face is flushed, your eyes are shifty, and you're developing an erection like the ones you get when you're thinking about Shunsuke in a naughty way."

"...Do you wanna sleep on the floor?"


"Then don't ask," Chisato replied as he ruffled his son hair with his...fidgety fingers.