He leaned on the icy cold railing of the balcony and with one hand reaching out into the air, let the falling feathery snow descended on his palm. Enjoying every minute of this endearing day of Christmas Eve, Aaron marvelled at the breathtaking sight of the commonplace neighbourhood now covered in pure sheets of white. He looked up and more captivating snowflakes landed to caress his half-chilled face. Such pleasure to add to the treasured experience of winter's loveliness.

In the midst of this momentous amazement, Aaron seemed attuned to anticipating at just the right timing, the arrival of a certain someone to share in the completeness of this festive bliss. Fast-paced footsteps delighted his ears as a cheer-bringing girl marched excitedly up the stairs behind to show herself. He turned around to give her the most heart-warming smile while holding out his hand for her. Gui Gui rejoiced upon seeing him and rushed towards him to catch his grasp.

He chuckled as she reached his side, "Careful Gui, you might slip..."

She was still trying to catch her breath after all that running, "I'm not the least worried..."

He understood what she implied and turned her around to behold together the charming scenery before them, "See what I'd told you...it's finally come..."

Gui Gui was awestruck, "Feels like we're floating on a cotton cloud..."

Aaron laughed naturally in response to her description. He then took both her hands along in his and stretched out to let the snow settled on them. Gui Gui was thrilled, "Aaron, it's freezing cold but your hands under mine are warming every second..."

He sensed her gladness, "I won't let go of mine as long as you continue to rest yours on them..."

Gui Gui sneaked a glance at his handsome face. Inevitably, their cheeks rubbed against each other's which caused both to giggle playfully.

As she lifted her gaze to meet his, Gui Gui promised herself to make the most of this day that she was able to spend with Aaron alone.

Piling up more snow from the ground to produce a realistic-looking snowman, Gui Gui could not help but gathered a bit in her hand to hurl at Aaron.

"Oh,...another one from you again," he swept the chunk off his face and rolled a bigger piece in his hand.

Gui Gui cried out as she tried to escape getting hit by Aaron's attack. Stepping hard onto the deep blanket of snow all over the ground, Gui Gui failed miserably as she slipped and lost her footing.

Shutting her eyes to brace the impact, she did not expect that she would end up safe in Aaron's arms instead. Yet, very soon, they both stumbled at the same time onto the ground. A fit of laughter ensued.

When all was silent again, with Gui Gui resting near to himself, Aaron whispered gently to her ear, "Merry Christmas, Gui Gui..."

She turned back and was about to wish him the same when he drew closer to kiss her lips softly.

"Gui Gui?" Aaron's voice alerted her back to reality.

"Ah huh?" Gui Gui was a little blown away by her own world of imaginations. She then figured that they were still at the balcony.

Aaron was thoroughly amused by her innocence. He then closed the distance between them to hug her tight, "Merry Christmas..."

Gui Gui only smiled upon reflecting on how funny and naive her thoughts had been a while ago. She held snugly onto his shoulders and returned, "Merry Christmas, Aaron..."