I got an idea for this when, being the insomniac that I am, I was lying awake for all hours of the night. There's the Kit/Nita fans and the Ronan/Nita fans, but what about those who think that Nita needs a different guy entirely. Some questions I wanted to cover were:

How would Nita react to having a guy (besides Kit) act positively towards her?

What if he wasn't a wizard?

What if he found out she was?

But only after she was in trouble?

How would he react?

(Possibly how Kit would react, though I'm not sure yet.)

Among others.

This story will eventually have a plot, though there will also be plenty of fluff (also eventually.). I know this is short, but the rest the chapters will doubtlessly not be. This chapter seems to have nothing to do with the plot I've said, but, well.... You'll see.


It's been a year since Dilemma. Nita is now 15, a sophomore in high school. Kit is a freshman. (I know he skipped, but I'm pretty sure Dilemma said he was still a grade under Nita.) Nita's mother has had only one relapse, and is now in remission. Today is August 26th, the third day of school.

Nita sighed and slid into her seat. It was only the third day of this class, and she hated it already. The fact that today was not going well at all probably didn't help much, either.

"You okay, Neets?" asked Kit from behind her, the only freshman in their Algebra II class.

"I think I'm dying of boredom and the class hasn't even started yet." she replied, not exactly in the best of moods.

She was saved from a reply from Kit, who liked math, when the bell rang, and Mr. Shurt, the teacher walked in. He was a small older man with a monotone voice. In a matter of minutes Nita was nodding off, only waking with Kit poked her in the back with his pencil. She turned around to snap at them, and Mr. Shurt's rang out,

"Miss Callahan, Mr. Rodriguez, is there a problem?"

"Yeah," muttered a voice from somewhere around them, "They can't keep their hands off each other long enough to get through class." Muffled snickers spattered around the room.

Nita flushed, angry. There was nothing going on between her and Kit, and she was sick of people say that there was. Especially since there was absolutely nothing what so ever to suggest that there was. Nita, in her bad mood, and feeling suddenly impish, decided to give them something to talk about.

"I'm waiting." said Mr. Shurt.

"He's right." Nita answered to the astonishment of everyone, particularly Kit's.

"Who?" asked Mr. Shurt.

"Him." said Nita, point, "He's quite right. I just can't keep my hands off Kit. I'd sit in the same desk with him if you let me. Please?" asked Nita, mock hope and pleading in her eyes.

"Miss Callahan, this it quite inappropriate." started the teacher.

"Oh, not at all. You asked me a question and I answered truthfully." By now the class was in stitches.

You ain't seen nothin' yet. thought Nita.

"Miss Callahan!" His voice was sharper, "If you would kindly hold—"

"But, I can't wait. I simply can not get enough of him. Do you not see?"

Kit had been sitting in complete shock, eyes wide as he took in Nita's words.

"No, I do not see. One more word, and I will—"

"Okay, okay, no more words." said Nita, right before she leaned over the desk and kissed Kit full on the lips.