All had been silent. The only sounds are the wind rushing through my hair as I sped towards the Godric's Hallows home. I was off to see my Lily, danger was rushing towards them and it was my fault! My fault! She could be dead by the time I get there, her and that little brat of a son. Not that I would mind if James just dropped dead. But if it would hurt her, I think I could find the heart to care a little….

When I arrived all was peaceful and silent. Hovering in front of a window I saw Lily holding baby Harry as she watched TV, James was making bubbles with his wand to entertain the prat. Dropping my broom at the back door I knocked rapidly, hard, meaningfully. I wasn't going to let her die. I saw Lily lift herself from the chair and walk closer to the door.

Grabbing her, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she truly was.

"Lily, please you have to listen!" Panic laced my voiced and it seemed to show through.

"Snape? Snape what's wrong? You're hurting me!" Her bright green eyes seemed scared. I was scaring her! But there was no other way to warn her! I had to get through to her, she was in more danger then she realized! I was the cause of it! God Dammit! I wasn't going to let her die!

"Lily, please, Voldemort is coming! He's coming Lily and he's going to kill you! He's going to kill you Lily, you and your son!"

"Snape? Snape, are you okay? If Voldemort was coming Dumbledore would've warned me if he was! So please remove yourself from my home." Defiance and fear were bright in her eyes. She was angry, she didn't believe me. She was just going to let her family die.

"Lily, please my love, you have to believe me! LILY DAMMIT YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!" The next move I never saw coming. A single tear rolled down my face, I sank to the ground, covering my black robes in snow. Grabbing her wrists and sobbing.

"Lilly, please, you must believe me. He's coming after you Lily. He's going to kill you! Lily… please….."

The kiss was quick. Frantic, and loving. I didn't mean to have kissed her. But I knew she would never listen. I knew she didn't believe me. She was going back inside to face her death, but she didn't believe me. Looking back into her eyes, she had tears falling sweetly down her cheeks.

"Lily? Please, you've got to believe me! Voldemort is coming, he's coming to kill Harry. Lily, please believe me?"

"Severus, my dear Severus, I'm sorry. I'm sorry my love but I - I have to go."

The door slammed. She slammed it in my face. I watched her as she wiped the tears from her eyes and walked back into the living room to a happy, bouncing baby. This was the last I would ever see of her. The last I would see of my only true love.

A cold wind filled the air. The Dark Mark began to burn. HE was coming. Grabbing my broom I sped quickly away from sight. The searing of my forearm almost too much to bear as I flew. Landing in a nearby tree I waited and listened. It felt like forever. I was anxious, tears sliding off of my rudely crooked nose. I could see the house. I could see the flash of green. I could hear the screams as Lily was hit with one of the three unforgivable curses. She was gone. I tried to warn her. Now, now, after everything I had tried.

She was dead.