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Elliot Stabler's desk phone rang; he barely looked up from the paper work as he answered it. "Manhattan Special Victims Unit, Detective Stabler." He immediately recognized the voice on the other line. "Uncle El," the voice began "don't panic, everything is fine but don't tell mom that your talking to me". As if on cue his partner looked up from her paper work and gave him a quizzical look, "Kathy" he mouthed.

"I need you to do me a favor," Gabby began. "Mom is totally gonna kill me that I did this but desperate times call for desperate measures".

"Ok…" Elliot replied hesitantly.

"I need you to call me out of school-" but Gabby was cut off by Elliot's "no". Gabby opened her mouth to keep talking but she was once again cut off by Elliot, "can you hold on one sec?" Elliot put his hand over the receiver and looked at his partner, "hey Liv, can you do me a favor and get me some coffee?" Gabby could visualize the reaction that her mom was giving Elliot at that moment but Gabby was sure her mom would comply with her partner's request.

Elliot came back "Gabs, you have one minute to explain yourself"

"Ok so here's the deal," Gabby began speaking rapidly, "other than mom you are the only one with power to sign me out of school and I need to be signed out but I can't tell mom why."

"Can you tell me?" Elliot asked.

"uhmmm…. Well…. ugh mom will kill me but whatever. I've known Alex for years but her and my mom have been dating for only like eight months or something and mom asked me last night if Alex could move in with us and I need to talk to Alex without mom around and the only time I can do that is during the day when Alex is in her office. I don't have a lot of work this afternoon and I will make it all up. Please Uncle El, I need to talk to Alex. I don't want her to hurt my mom and I need to talk to her. Please. Just this once."

Elliot recognized the slight beg in her voice and he understood that she was just trying to protect her mom. "Fine, I'll call the school and tell them you have a doctor's appointment. Can you walk over there or do you need me to pick you up?"

"I'll walk!" Gabby said as a smile spread across her face "thank you Uncle El, I owe you"

"Yea, well don't get used to this"

"I won't promise. Love you!"

"Love you too kiddo" Elliot said as he hung up the receiver just as Olivia began walking back over to their desks

"Everything ok at home?" Olivia asked Elliot.

"Oh just the usual" Elliot said with a small smile.

At 11:45 Gabby walked into the front office of her school. "Can I help you Ms. Benson?" The secretary, Mrs. Roberts asked looking up from her computer. "I have a doctor's appointment at noon and my uncle was supposed to call me out for the afternoon." "Why didn't your mother call?" Mrs. Roberts asked eying Gabby. "She didn't have time this morning and she has been really busy at work and my Uncle has written permission from my mom in my file to sign me in and out of school if needed." A slight panic rose in Gabby's stomach, they have never given Elliot trouble before for sometimes assuming a parental role in her life. Mrs. Roberts clicked around in her computer as she mumbled to herself. "Ah yes," she finally said, "here you are, ok my dear you are free to go". "Thank you!" Gabby said as she walked out of the office.

With her backpack slung over her shoulder she walked into the spring air that lingered in the city. The DA's office was only a few blocks from her school so she decided to walk. As she finally approached the DA's office she was stopped at the desk, normally her mom was with her so she never had never been stopped before. "Can I help you young lady?" the officer asked.

"Yes, I am here to see Alexandra Cabot."

The guard gave Gabby a once over, "your name?"

"Gabriella Benson"

"Ah, your Detective Benson's kid"

"Yes sir"

"Well then, just walk threw those guards over their and the elevators on your right"

"Alright, thank you" Gabby replied even though she knew exactly what she was doing, she had done this a hundred times before. As she approached the door to Alex's office she noticed it was slightly ajar, which meant Alex was probably by herself inside, which is exactly how Gabby hoped to find her. Gabby nervously shifted her backpack and knocked on the door. "Come in" Alex replied. As Gabby opened the door Alex looked up, her expression suddenly changed from blank to nervous and worried.

"Gabby! Are you ok? Is your mom ok? What's wrong? What are you doing here?" Alex said frantically as she got up from behind her desk and walked towards Gabby.

"Everything is fine!" Gabby reassured the now slightly frantic ADA "Promise."

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?" Alex said motioning to Gabby's school uniform.

"I…. uhm… well" Gabby stuttered. "I needed to talk to you, without mom, and I knew the only way that was going to happen was if I caught you in the middle of the day while mom was still at work, so I may have pulled a few strings to get out of school for the afternoon…."

Alex eyed the girl carefully, she was definitely Olivia's daughter, not only did they have the same deep chocolate eyes, darker skin tone and brown hair but Gabby shared Olivia's personality and that was the best thing for any young girl to have. "Do I even wanna know how you got out of going to school this afternoon?"

"I can tell you if you really wanted to know…." Gabby's voice trailed off as her stomach rumbled, "how about you take me out to lunch and I'll tell you" Gabby flashed her 1000 watt smile.

"Deal." Alex said as she reached for her coat and purse. Alex was very curious what was so important to Gabby that she just had to talk to her without her mom present…

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