A Demon's Soul

This is a brief chronicle of the love shared between Saint Urbain and Yuria the Witch

Initially Urbain was at odds with Sage Freke and Yuria because all three wanted the Dragon's God's soul - Freke could make a miracle, called God's Wrath, from the soul, while Freke, who, like other magicians, was selfish, could use it for the Fireball spell, but Yuria was able to make Firestorm, which is better.

Urbain was devastated to hear of Maiden Astraea's death. Even though she took a Demon's Soul, he knew there was still some good in her. He tried to become like her - selfless and understanding that even those who work against God are still inherently good. He became fascinated with Yuria's ability to channel raw human emotion with her magic and instead saw her as a catalyst [LOL] for the human essence, which is basically what God is. He extends an offer of friendship to both Yuria and Freke, but Freke refuses and calls him an faggot.

Instead of a random hero putting the Old One back to sleep, Urbain steps up and does it. When he receives the Maiden in Black's soul, he frees Yuria in New Game+ (who remembers nothing from the first game) and explains his undying love for her in the tower after wearing an Official's Cap to fool the Official standing up there into lowering the bridge so he could get up but first he had to use the keys from the first Official to go back to 1-2 and free Biorr to make the Penetrator boss battle easier and get another Official's keys to come back to 1-3 and free Yuria which is when he used the Official's Cap to fool him. The two touch penises inside of the Maiden's soul because Yuria's actually a transsexual. Urbain realizes the Maiden is neither good nor bad, but neutral, after reading a description on the Talisman of Beasts which says that the Talisman of God was nothing but an image of the Old One, so he comes to accept that God is really the Old One and it keeps resurrecting for infinite New Game plusses.

In a mystical chiaroscuro of beauty his light magic and Yuria's dark combine through the Penis Maiden's soul and Stockpile Thomas transcends mortal limitations.

Inspired by Urbain's Heart of Gold ~don't let them take it from you!~, and to end Demon's Souls once and for all, he climbs to the highest mountain in Boletaria and swallows the universe with his asshole.