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Our friends are babies, literally

In the Marsh's household, Stan and Kyle sat side-by-side, watching reruns of the Terrance and Phillips show. As they enjoyed watching the funny Canadians and their fart jokes, the door bell rang.

"Ky, can you get that," said Stan, not taking his eyes off of the television. Kyle frowned at his boyfriend, stood up and smacked him besides the head. "Ow, Ky, what the hell..." Stan whined while rubbing his head, but made no movement to get up.

Muttering angrily, the seventeen year old boy with the green ushanka opened the front door to see a grinning Cartman and Kenny with four bottles in their hands. "Move over, Jew." said Cartman pushing pass Kyle. Kenny eagerly followed the fat boy to the kitchen.

Stan, who hear Cartman's voice, sighed, while getting up. As he walked into the kitchen, Stan groaned at the sight of Cartman's gleeful face, this can't be good. "What now, fat-ass?" he said, as he wrapped his arms around Kyle's waist from behind, resting his chin on the young red head's shoulder.

Cartman muttered "Fags" before showing them a bottle that he and Kenny had brought earlier, like three minutes ago...

"A bottle?" said Kyle sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"No, you dumb, Jew! The liquid that's in the bottle." snapped the larger boy.


"Mephisto made a new drink, and he said that we can be the first ones to try it!" Cartman said cheerfully, eying the bottle.

"Has it been tested?" said Kyle, frowning.

"Duh, Jew!" said Cartman sniffing the bottles before continuing. "You think he'll give us something that's not tested?" Kenny nodded in agreement. "Well...? Get a bottle!" He and Kenny didn't give the others to reply before they clung down theirs.

"Ah!" Cartman suddenly cried out, "my head!" he held his head while bent on all fours, as did Kenny. "What's happening?" asked Stan, running up to Kenny, holding the boy's head up. "Shit!" cursed Kyle. "Our parent's are gone for a week, Goddamn their cruise! Damn it Stan! Why didn't they at least leave a car behind?" panicked Kyle.

"Ugh!" Cartman grunted before suddenly shaking. "What the..."

Before their eyes, the two boys on the floor began to shake, their bodies shrinking. Kyle and Stan shared a look of shock before staring down at two crying babies. A chubby one cried the loudest, while the other with messy blond hair cried a little, his blue eyes were watery as he cried.

"S-Stan?" whispered Kyle, looking at the other boy who held the blond-haired baby. "Shh..." Stan whispered softly to the baby who stopped crying as he was gently rocked to side to side. "Ky," said Stan. "Try to calm Cartman down."


"Just do it." was the reply.

"Grumbling, Kyle lifted a crying Cartman off of the floor. Man! Was that baby heavy! "Um, these clothes are too big." he said to Stan as a baby Cartman snuggled up to him, finally calming down. "Yeah, I agree. My mom still kept my old clothes from when I was a baby." replied Stan as he motioned Kyle to follow him.

"Down here!" called Stan as Kyle stood by the basement's door frame, shifting the heavy baby to his hip.

Groaning at how much steps he had to take, Kyle, slowly walked down the steps. As he made it to the last one, he sighed in relief. In an out of breath voice he said: "Y-you take him now! My hips hurt as hell!"

Stan pulled out a stroller, took Cartman and placed him in it. As Cartman looked up at Stan with his huge, chocolate eyes, wondering what was is this thing he was on? Kyle noticed Kenny was on an old, but clean baby seat, making happy baby sounds, a little saliva running down his chin.

"You seemed to like kids a lot." Kyle said suddenly as Stan tickled Cartman's chubby chin, making the baby giggle.

"Yeah... I guess I do - I actually want my own, you know? By flesh - blood..." Stan trailed off, suddenly realizing what he said and quickly added: "With you."

Kyle snorted. "Stan, we're guys." he pointed out.

"Maybe Mephisto has something to make you pregnant." said Stan.

"Me? Pregnant?" said Kyle. "Oh, no! I'm not carrying the baby in my stomach, Stan, why not you?" demanded the red head, as he crossed his arms.

"Ky, you look -" Stan began, but was cut off by an enraged Kyle, who looked ready to kill.

"Were you going to say that I look like a girl?" Kyle whispered in a deadly voice. One of the thing that Kyle hated the most was being compared like a girl. He looked nothing like a girl!

"No," said Stan quickly. "I mean to say that you look better - pregnant."

That didn't help. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?" yelled Kyle, making Cartman and Kenny to jump, startled. Then to make it worse, they began to cry. Stan frowned as he lifted Cartman off of the stroller as Kyle did with Kenny.

After ten minutes of trying to calm the babies down, they headed upstairs. As they sat on the sofa, Kyle spoke. "Does your mom keep baby food too?" he asked with sarcasm as Cartman began to bite Stan's t-shirt.

"No." said Stan, than said: "What I meant to say in the basement was that you'll look better-"

"Not this again, Stan." Kyle sighed.

"No!" said Stan. "Listen. I'll doubt your mom would kill you - because you're going to be carrying her grandchild."

"Yeah, but that means she'll kill you." Kyle rolled his eyes. "And eventually me when I give birth - and why are we talking about this anyway? I don't want to get pregnant and we can't even have kids." he pointed out. "It's impossible."

Stan and Kyle stood, outside of Dr. Mephisto's laboratory with Kenny and Cartman who were each on a stroller (luckly Mrs. Marsh had an extra). As Stan knocked, Kyle sighed. "I'm coming!" they heard Mesphiso's raspy voice. "Kevin, hand me my cane - thank you."

Kyle groaned as Stan sighed, starting to get impatient as they waited for the elderly man to open the door. "Who's there?" they heard Mesphisto say as he opened a little window to see the visitors. "Oh, it's you two. What brings you here?"

"Well, if you open up, you'll find out." said Kyle, losing patience.

Mephisto looked between the two teens through the little window, sighed, than reached for the locks.

Kyle rolled his eyes as they heard like ten locks clicking as the scientist was unlocking. Finally, about two minutes later the door swung open with a tired looking scientist leading them in, not noticing the babies.

Cartman, of course was asleep; if not, than he would have been noticed instantly with his baby babbling. Kenny, on the other hand, was wide awake, while sucking on a bottle filled with warm milk that should have made him fall asleep like it did to Cartman.

Mephisto gave out a sleepy yawn, while rubbing his temple, his back turned to them. "Why are you here again, at 11: 46 in the night?" he asked, while, Kevin, his friend, noticed the babies.

"Why did you give fat-ass and Kenny your experiment without testing it?" demanded Kyle, getting right to business. "Or did you know and gave it to them for fun or revenge?"

The scientist's eyes widen, as he turned around and saw two very familiar looking babies. "Are those..."

"Yes," said Stan. "As Kyle was saying - why did you gave them this liquid-drink - whatever; anyway, why did you gave it to them?"

The scientist frowned before saying: "They probably grabbed the wrong bottle." he walked over to a cabinet that was locked; searching in his lab coat's pockets - the man grabbed a key and unlocked the cabinet.

Kyle and Stan watched in awe at different looking bottle's each containing some sort of liquid that glowed.

"Sadly they got the one that transforms them into babies." said Mephisto as he closed the cabinet and locked it. He turned to face them.

"How did the fat-ass even get in your cabinet?" asked Kyle.

"Um, I leant him the key to get the new improved drink that I made." shrugged the scientist as he placed the key back into his pocket.

"And how do they turm back?" asked Stan.

"They'll be back to normal in a week or so."

"Or so?" asked Kyle.

"Yes, so, now you can get out of my laboratory."

As Stan and Kyle walked back to Stan's place, each pushing a stroller. Stan said: "Well, at least they'll be back to normal."

"Yeah..." said Kyle as Kenny cooed happily as he finished his bottle. Taking care of babies for a week... this must be fun...

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