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Our Friends are Babies, Literally!

Chapter 5: You're spoiling them!

"Stanley Randall Marsh! Put that away!" Kyle snarled at his boyfriend, Stan, who was apparently filming on the way to the mall. Kyle was fuming.

Stan rolled his eyes and turned the video camera away... for now. He crossed his arms childishly. Cartman glanced between the two teens. "Mo-" he stared but stopped when he saw a big blue balloon on the air, being held by a man in a clown costume. "Want!" he exclaimed, pointing at the balloon.

"You want a balloon?" Bebe cooed as she drove, looking side to side to look for a parking space.

"Yea!" Cartman nodded as Kenny looked at the other as if he was crazy. "My ba-loo" he added. Kyle frowned. Even as a baby, Cartman wanted whatever he wanted. He could see the look on Bebe's face the reverse mirror and she looked excited. She's going to spoil them...

"I'll buy you one, Eric," Bebe cooed at the chubby baby, who looked at her as if she was a miracle or something...

"Bebe..." Wendy sighed at her girlfriend, (A/N:Yeah, they are dating. For some reason I paired these two together).

"Wendy..." Bebe whined.

As they sat at the food court waiting for the others to arrive, they spotted their old teacher from the fourth grade, Mr. Garrison.

"Oh, hello," he greeted them as he was walking pass their table, but stopped when he saw two babies. "What the hell?" he than cursed, ignoring Kyle's glare. "Is that Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick?" he added.

"How do you..." started Stan.

"Oh please..." drawled the man as he rolled his eyes. "You think I won't recognize you little bastards."

After explaining about the incident to the fourth grade teacher - Mr. Garrison interrupted. "Do they have the mind of a 1 year old?" He asked. "Or are they trapped in a baby's body?"

"Yeah - I guess so..." said Stan.

"Okay; Eric what's 2 plus 2?" he asked the baby. (Credit goes to Traban16)

Cartman blinked.

"Come on, Eric."

"Twe- Twelf!" He yelled out.

"Well, he's a complete retard - I'll tell you that."

Kyle glared at him. "No he's not." he defended the baby. "At least he said twelve." he added as Cartman looked confused.

Kenny on the other hand was ignoring them all - eyeing a fry. Stan noticing this pulled out his camera from his coat's pocket and began to film as Wendy gave the baby a fry.

This went un-noticed by Kyle and Mr. Garrison...

"Oh great," said Mr. Garrison. "I must be dreaming - Kyle defending Eric - what? Did being a mommy affected your brain?"

"Mommy!" Eric exclaimed.

Kyle flinched. "Wha- ?"

Mr. Garrison grinned, as Kyle flinched. "Whatever you say, Kyle." he left the teen shocked. Kyle turned to Stan and glowered as Stan quickly pocketed the camera away.

"Hey guys!" they saw Token and the others wave at them, well except Craig, who flicked them off as in greeting and Tweek who twitched and yelled about underwear stealing gnomes; and surprisenly Butters who had a frown on his face - well to make it shorter only Token and Clyde waved.

"How are the kids?" asked Token as the group walked towards them.

"They're fine - fussy but fine." replied Stan as he gave Kyle a wink. Kyle blushed and shook his head and muttered under his breath.

"Want!" Cartman yelled out as he saw a clown - what the hell? A clown? - anyway, he eyed the clown's balloon animals and smiled. "Want bafoon!" Bebe grinned as she walked towards the clown with Cartman in her arms.

"Ugh!" Stan, Kyle and Wendy groaned.

Kenny just blinked, not knowing what the hell was going on.



"Eric. NO."


"Just buy him the Goddamn toy!" exclaimed Stan, who was, still, filming.

Kyle sent him a dirty look.

"Guys!" They didn't need to turn around as they heard the voice of a chirping blond, Bebe. "What about these?" She and Wendy came into view. Wendy wearing a "help me out" look as she carried a cart full of baby clothes, toys, shoes and... more clothes...

Clyde, who was stuffing a taco in his mouth, began to choke. "Ga- dam- wo-" But he could barley spit the words out.

"Huh?" Bebe frowned.

"Gah!" They all jumped as Tweek, shaking pointed a shaky finger at the cart. "W-what if the gnomes steal t-their -ack- underwear? Oh God! TOO MUCH PRESSURE!"

"They are still in diapers, Tweek," said Kyle as he shot a gleeful Stan, a heated glare. "GET RID OF THAT!"

Pouting, Stan pocketed the small camera again. "I can't even film anything around here..." Stan muttered angerily.

Cartman blinked, looking amused at the two teens. "Daddy!" He yelled suddenly, as he stared at Stan.

All eyes were on him.