Love & War



King Arthur's Point of View

I took an oath when I became king after my late father's death. I was seventeen years old when I promised the city of Camelot that I will always protect them from harm. I was seventeen years old and never expected ten years later, fifty thousand of King Henry's men to sail toward Camelot for war.

Gripping my balcony rail, I looked over the darkness toward my beloved city; the city that I have never failed.

"Arthur" My wife whispers as she comes behind me and wraps her thin arms around my middle. I close my eyes as she presses her face against the back of my shoulder and breaths in my scent. "Why are you awake?" She questions.

Slowly opening my eyes, I look out to the stables where my father once taught me how to ride and where someday I hope to do the same with my child.

"I'm not tired, my love" I whisper back. It was the truth. How could one sleep when a fleet of King Henry's army would be at their shore in a matter of days? "You should get some rest" I said as I pulled away from her warmness.

"I will, if you only come back with me" She teases, her smile lighting her eyes. She was always the one to convince me to do such foolish things as children and it seems through the years of marriage, I cannot resist her of her wishes. Rubbing my thumb across her bottom lip, I nod.

"Come then, my love" She says as she takes my hand in hers, and slowly leads me back to our bed. Gently pushing her onto the pillows, I slowly made love to her, my wife; Morgana.

It pains me to think, afterward as I lay with her in my arms, of her future without me. As a king, I should be most worried of my countrymen, but I cannot help but worry most of my dearest love, the woman who has been beside me my entire life. Morgana has always showed the power of a fearless queen, a daughter of a great warrior, but deep down I know of the fear she has of losing me and I know of the risk it will be to my country if I am gone and there is only my queen left to rule in my place.