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Winter Wonderland

Chapter 4: Moonlight Sonata

~Christmas Eve~

Normal POV

The sun was setting as Amu and Ikuto walked through the woods hand in hand. In Ikuto's free hand there was a lantern, and a basket with blankets, food, and other equipments. That night the teens planned on going star gazing.

Since their reunion at the airport, Ikuto never left Amu's side unless she had to go to the restroom, or if it was night and they had to go to their separate cabins back at the ski resort. Slowly, they recovered the time lost by talking and doing activities together. Amu learned that Ikuto eventually had become a famous violinist since they had last met. She also learned that faced his stepfather, and was now reunited with his real father. Ikuto found out the reason for Amu's absence those eleven years and learned that Amu has lived a pretty normal life since she met him. Other than that the two teenagers hadn't changed much, but they were happy to see each other after so long.

Ikuto POV

Amu let go of my hand and ran ahead of me motioning me to hurry up.

'As energetic as always' I thought, quickening my pace to catch up with her. Once I finally reached her, she had her back towards me and was looking up in amazement at the stars. I slowly dropped the objects I was carrying and walked up to her hugging her from behind, burying my face in her hair.

Surprised, Amu tried to pull away, but that only made me hug her even tighter. I could feel the heat going to her face, and whispered in her ear "You're beautiful my little strawberry."

"Ne…Ikuto…stop…" she stuttered helplessly.

"Why? It's not like anyone is watching."

"I know but I don't deserve your affection…"

I grabbed her shoulders and spun her around until she could face me directly.

"Amu we already discussed this. It's not your fault that you couldn't come back. Everything was simply out of your control. Stop living it the past, and enjoy the present with me right not."

"But we could have so many more me-"


I stopped talking as Ikuto pressed his lips to mine. Ikuto was kissing me. My first kiss, with the first boy I had ever loved. Wait…did I say love? I love Ikuto? At that moment I realized the truth of everything. I loved Ikuto, not as a brother, but as a soul mate, and that is why I needed him in my life.

I closed my eyes as Ikuto's soft lips remained on mine. His taste was so sweet. Slowly Ikuto released our lip lock and looked me directly in the eyes.

"Amu, I know how stupid this may sound, but… I love you"

Ikuto looked down, covering his eyes, as if he was getting ready to be rejected.

I blushed a little at the sound of his words, uncertain if what I had heard was true. Even if they weren't I knew this was the time for me to get my feelings across.

"It's not stupid, I love you too silly." and before Ikuto could say anymore this time I kissed him.

Normal POV

For the rest of the evening Amu and Ikuto spent their time at the snow covered meadow. Like in their first encounter, they ice skated on the frozen lake, made snow sculptures, and had a picnic. Towards midnight, they sat on their blankets gazing up a the stars. Ikuto admired Amu's beauty as the moonlight shined on her and once the clock struck twelve, indicating it was Christmas, he kissed Amu causing them to fall back onto the snow. Ikuto was on top of Amu. Amu blushed as Ikuto spoke words of affection into her ears finally ending with "I love you my little strawberry, Merry Christmas."

Gently Amu smiled and replied

"I love you too Ikuto, Merry Christmas"

Slowly their lips met once again as they embraced each other under the moonlight.

"Now that we are back together, don't think I will ever let you go Amu."

And he never did.