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Alice POV

One, two, three...that's three twenties...sixty bucks...sixty bucks? That guy ripped me off; after all I've done for him! The little bastard, he's going to pay...

Oh my god, this is amazing, we should definitely have dinner together more often...

I can't believe he killed himself. I just...can't believe it. He never seemed like that kind of person...

Stupid thoughts. Get out of my brain!

Oh, sorry, I should probably explain...

I'm Alice Foster, and I'm a telepathic fifteen-year-old girl. I live in Toronto, Canada.

And now, as I was walking on Bay St., I was trying to block the many thoughts out of my brain. I hear people's thoughts, but I can't place my thoughts into other people's brains, which I could definitely have some fun with.

I heard yelling, and the bashing of something. It sounded like fighting...screaming...something big was happening. I ran towards the sound and peered carefully around the corner.

Two guys, pretty hot actually, were fighting another man. The guy that was on his own was definitely winning. He was way stronger...inhuman, almost. There was a car parked right next to me, a nice old black one with the trunk popped. I looked inside. There were weapons: guns, knives, stakes, you name it. There were also some jars filled with something red…blood?...and a huge bag of road salt. On the ground, beside where the guys were fighting was a huge star-circle thing. The two hot ones were trying to push Solo-dude into it. At first I thought that these guys were just insane, but then I saw it. The two younger guys were shooting at Solo, but nothing happened to him. He could survive tons of bullets? Definitely not human. What the hell?

I crept closer, behind the car. I was pretty close to them now. I listened, really hard. The older of the two guys was thinking:

I gotta get more holy water...

The other one:

We're running out of time, and energy. We might lose...Dean and I might die, right here, right now...

This guy...he could feel me there. He could feel some sort of presence in his head.

The older of the two could see his buddy faltering.

Sammy, stop it, keep fighting, he willed his partner on.

So the older one's name was Dean, the younger's was Sam. Dean was running towards the trunk of the car. I hid underneath it. The inhuman guy's thoughts hit me hard, like being thrown against a brick wall at a speed of a hundred kilometres an hour.

These guys are good, truly John Winchester's sons; too bad I'm stronger. Oh, my, there's someone in my head; hello, telepath.

I was completely shocked. Nobody had ever felt me in their head before. These guys were weird. But Solo was distracted now; he was trying to find me. Sam took advantage of this and tried to push him into that circle thing.

Solo's thoughts:

Oh, you're under the car. Come out, come out.

I was going to run, but I couldn't just leave them here!

My problem was solved by Dean, because at that moment, he saw me hiding under his car.

"What the hell?"

Sam looked up and saw Dean drag me out. The other guy, who I now realized had yellow eyes, decided to take advantage of the distraction.

He blew the street apart.

The last thing I saw was Sam and Dean thrown backwards, and the ground forwards. I hit my head, and then it was all black.

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