Alice POV

Toby looked totally taken by surprise. Not that I could blame him. Obviously, he hadn't met many other telepaths either.

"Uh…what? What are you talking about?" he finally managed to stammer. Lame attempt at playing dumb. I could hear him thinking, Oh shit; no, she can't have found out. That was way too easy; she must be joking...but who jokes about mind reading?

He tried to listen for my thoughts again. I deliberately thought, dude, calm down. I'm a telepath too. I dare you to think of a number between one and fifty.

He thought 6,508.679.

"Really, Toby? You needed more proof? 6,508.679 isn't between one and fifty. Cheater," I said.

He was still totally shocked. So was I, but apparently I could handle this much better than he could. It might have been because I had met another telepath before. I don't know. Anyway, Toby got over his shock. He pulled a chair up to my bedside and asked me what I remembered from last night's episode.

I told him what I had seen. The guys fighting the other dude, the crazy-ass weapons in the car, and the weird star-circle thing that looked suspiciously Satanist-like.

"How did you all get hurt, though?" Toby asked.

I hesitated. "Do you promise that you won't say I'm insane or tell anyone?"

"What? Why? Do you think what you saw would make people think you're crazy?" Toby asked, quizzically.

"Probably. But I know what I saw. Do you promise or not?"

"Yes, of course," he said; "Tell me what you saw."

"Well…For one thing, the dude they were fighting was definitely winning, but he couldn't get away. But he was way stronger. Like, Superman strong. And he had yellow eyes!"

Toby looked up at me. "Umm, Alice…"

"Hey!" I interrupted. "No saying I'm crazy! I know what I saw!" He had been thinking that maybe I was in shock or something, and that it was making me believe strange things.

"Okay, okay," Toby surrendered. "Go on."

"Fine. Oh, and I don't know what happened, but I think that the guy with the creepy eyes did something weird so the street, like, totally blew up."

"You honestly believe he blew up a street?" Toby asked me, smiling a little at my supposed insanity.

"Who says he didn't?"

"The laws of nature."

"I can't believe you're actually saying that. Toby. WE READ MINDS. If that's not against the laws of…anything, really…then I don't know what is. If telepathy is a real thing, who says crazy-street-blowing-up-powers-of-doom isn't?"

"I do."

"Well, you're not a parapsychologist, are you?"

He was silent.

"Exactly." I proved my point. I was having fun talking to him.

"I think," he said, slowly, "that we should ask the other guys. They might back up your theory. Or mine."

"Mine, for sure. Okay. Let's go talk to them. After that, I'm counting on you to get me out of this hospital."

"Sorry, Alice. You have to stay here for another night, just so they can keep an eye on you."

"What? Why? Oh, whatever," I said, realizing that the hospital was probably better than my foster home. "Let's just go talk to those guys."

Toby got their room number and we headed down the hallway. We were just about to turn into the guys' room when I heard Toby trying to listen for their thoughts. That reminded me of something…

Toby! I basically thought-yelled.

Ow, my…ears? What is it, Alice? Toby asked, getting the message that this was a topic we shouldn't discuss in a crowded hallway.

Sorry. Anyway, the younger guy can feel us listening to his thoughts…so try not to do that too much if you don't want him to know, I told him.

Toby didn't get it, but obeyed anyway. We opened the door without knocking…well, that was me, not Toby. He flashed me a look that said, manners?, but I pretended not to notice.

Fine, Toby.

As we entered the room, I said, "Knock, knock". There's my manners.

Sam was working on his laptop in a chair and Dean was lying in the bed. Dean gave us this look that basically said, Fuck, I hate people. "Hi," Sam said, closing his laptop a little too quickly….

Interesting. Now, I wanted to know what he was looking at that he didn't want us to know about. Sam didn't really look like a Busty Asian Beauties kind of guy…even though his brother did. Whatever. I decided not to ask Sam about it and not risk him figuring out my telepathy.

I introduced myself: "Hey, I'm Alice. Nice to meet you…well, formally, at least."

Sam seemed to be the boys' spokesperson. "I'm Sam," he said. "And this is Dean." Sam flashed a half-smile, but Dean just looked at me coldly.

"Who are you?" He regarded the paramedic beside me.

"Toby Logan. I'm one of the paramedics who brought you in." Toby reached out a hand. The brothers shook it; Dean, a little more firmly.

There was a short awkward pause. Toby and I sat down in some armchairs in the room.

"Well, uh, thanks." Sam said.

Dean thought, Maybe we wouldn't have needed to be brought in if the girl wasn't so nosy.

Ouch, I thought, maybe a little sarcastically. I gave him a look, then realized that he hadn't actually said anything…whatever, he wouldn't notice. I decided to change the subject; I wanted to know why they had been fighting that man and why there were weapons in the car, so I asked them what they did for a living.

The seemingly more productive one of the two, Sam thought, Damn. How do we get out of this one…?

Meanwhile, Dean unknowingly gave me a confusing half-answer: Well little girl, usually we try to figure out a way to save the world's asses from Lucifer, and the Apocalypse I started….

Oookkay then.

It was, predictably, Sam who spoke first. "We're insurance agents," he said. Him and Dean told us a little bit about the company they worked for, while I thought-spoke to Toby.

Liars, I told Toby in thoughts. I recalled the memory of the trunk of the car, for his benefit.

Oh jeez. Who are these guys? Toby "said".

I don't even know… I thought.

Sam and Dean finished their short, disorganized speech. I spoke up.

"So, what's with the crazy-ass weapons, then?"

Sam and Dean seemed to be thinking together: shit, shit shit shit….

It was Dean's turn to come up with something. He wasn't very successful. "What are you talking about?" he stuttered. Interesting. Dean seemed to be a smooth talker; rarely was he at a loss for words.

I kept pushing him. "Oh, the knives, the guns, the jars, the plastic water containers, the salt bags…you know, all that stuff in the trunk."

Evading the question, Sam said, "Speaking of cars, what happened to ours?"

"It's in an impound lot. Don't worry, they aren't allowed to snoop," Toby told them.

Toby, I thought, they're not going to say anything if you're here.

Why would they not say anything? He thought back.

Because you have to write a report. And you're technically a government worker. They're afraid of getting caught, I explained.

Oh. Okay…well, I'll be outside. Tell me if you need me.

Toby got up, excused himself, and left. Once he was safely out of the room, I leaned in closer to the boys.

"You can trust me. And Toby, too. We won't tell anyone. I swear," I said quietly.

Sam spoke. "Give us a second, okay?"

He and Dean leaned away from me and whispered to each other. It sounded like they were arguing…then they played Rock, Paper, Scissors. Sam won.

"Dean. You gotta stop picking scissors," Sam said. Then he turned to me.

"How do we know we can trust you?" Sam asked me.

I hesitated. "Toby wouldn't turn on me. And I have my own secrets to keep."

The boys looked at me questioningly. Alice, Toby warned, are you sure about this?

I won't tell them about you. I promise, I told him.

"Trust me, I do not want them to find out. It's probably stranger than yours." I said to the brothers.

"Doubt it," Dean stated.

"Try me."