Being TUFF in Duckburg

Chapter 1: Verminious' Latest Scheme

It was another typical meeting for the members of D.O.O.M., where its arch leader Verminious Snaptrap had a scheme of getting rich quick.

"So what's all this about boss?" asked Ollie to Verminious.

"We're going to get rich" laughed Verminious.

"How are we going to do that?" asked Francisco.

"By stealing Scrooge McDuck's own wealth!" laughed Verminious.

"But he's all in the way in Duckburg" replied Ollie, "and who else could have known how to steal his wealth before us?"

"That's why I have hired one of the smarter Beagle Boys, Big Time to help us" laughed Verminious to which the lone Beagle Boy calmly walked in from a door behind.

"The pleasure is all mine, after all, you were the only group who rescued me" said Big Time, "out of prison!"

"Say, why the heck does he get to decide how the plan will work out?" asked Larry.

That comment obviously made Verminious Snaptrap angry, and pressed a button on a console that was nearby him which launched poor Larry into the shark tank that was nearby. Larry struggled to eventually get out of the shark tank, all literally chewed up by the sharks.

"Now that's funny" laughed Big Time.

"We're going to need your expertise to help infiltrate Scrooge's lair" replied Verminious.

"Oh, I hope you were asking for that" laughed Big Time.

Back in Duckburg, Scrooge McDuck was already informed that there might be another break in, into his large vault filled with so much of his wealth. He was surprised, a new group of villains had emerged wanting to take a large chuck of his wealth for their own. That would then bring in T.U.F.F. to help out Scrooge.

"I am so glad you have the time and even the money to pay us" said the Chief as he was walking with Scrooge.

"You're saying this DOOM organization is far dangerous than any other groups that have tried to steal my wealth?" asked Scrooge.

"Of course, I have agents Kitty and Dudley on the case" replied the Chief, "they will be great assets to securing your wealth."

"I sure hope so" said Scrooge as they continued to walk through the long hallway.

As the two continued to walk, Dudley was obviously taking advantage of Scrooge's rich life for his own. Even going as far enough to annoy Scrooge's personal butler, Duckworth.

"That's it, keep on with the cookies" laughed Dudley who scarf down another batch of cookies which was baked by Ms. Beakley.

"Dudley, that's enough" said Kitty as she came into the scene, "don't you know that you're taking advantage of them?"

"May I sharpen those claws of yours Madame?" asked Duckworth who had a filler ready for Kitty.

"Aw come on Kitty, everything's already paid for us" laughed Dudley as he ate another cookie.

"I wish those nephews of Scrooge were around" sighed Ms. Beakley as she grabbed the empty plate after Dudley ate the last one, "but I guess they have grown up so much."

"Hey, another batch please" said Dudley as he then burped out loud.

"Dudley!" cried Kitty who scolded him.

"At least he said please dear" continued Ms. Beakley.

"Fine, get with the claws" said Kitty to Duckworth.

"I thought you never asked" continued Duckworth as he began to sharpen her claws with the filler.

Yet as the two TUFF agents were enjoying their welcome, Scrooge and the Chief were already walking into the scene, when the Chief noticed how they were receiving first class treatment.

"Gee, how much money do you pay for these two?" asked the Chief, "We could borrow them back at the base if you don't mind."

"Is this what I am paying you two to do?" cried Scrooge who felt he was a bit cheated.

"Er, yeah" replied Dudley who hardly cared.

"You are suppose to be guarding my wealth" continued Scrooge.

"Well, we would like to know where it is" added Kitty.

"Fine, I'll show you then" said Scrooge who was obviously getting a bit grumpy.

"You two, follow me" said the Chief who wanted to also look good in Scrooge's image.

As the four headed out of the mansion, and to the large vault, Dudley couldn't believe how large it was.

"Wow, how did we miss a symbol like that?" asked Dudley referring to the large dollar symbol on the building.

"I guess he must be keeping it far from the mansion" replied Kitty.

As the four finally entered through the vault building, and up an elevator, they eventually made it to Scrooge's office which led to another area of the vault that actually had a vault combination to it.

"This is where I keep my wealth" said Scrooge.

"Wow, that must be the world's largest safe" laughed Dudley.

Yet Dudley along with the Chief and Kitty would soon realize how much wealth Scrooge really had once he opened up the vault door.

"You mean we got a tip that D.O.O.M. will try to steal all of this?" cried the Chief who gazed upon Scrooge's wealth with awe.

"Apparently local law enforcement has already a mole within D.O.O.M. itself giving the details on their plans as we speak" replied Scrooge.

"Very interesting" continued the Chief.

"So, shiny!" cried Dudley as he couldn't believe how much gold was in Scrooge's vault.

"Dudley, enough!" cried Kitty as she pulled him away before he was about to literally take a swim within all of Scrooge's wealth.

"Good call Agent Katswell" said the Chief.

"Good, then I shall be able to leave these two agents here over night to guard my wealth" said Scrooge.

"You have our word at T.U.F.F., that these two will be the best security has to offer" continued the Chief.

Yet as both TUFF agents were preparing to spend the night guarding Scrooge's wealth, back in the D.O.O.M. headquarters, Verminious had unveiled his latest digging machine, along with a large vacuum that'll be able to suck all of Scrooge's wealth from beneath the vault itself.

"You're going to do something as obvious as that?" asked Larry.

"Yes Larry, yes I am" replied Verminious, "and since Big Time has been such a help, and because he has failed so many times in acquiring Scrooge's treasure, he'll be driving the digging machine."

"What?" cried the other members of D.O.O.M.

"You heard me" said Verminious, "he knows the area, so therefore, it should be logical to hand it over to him."

"But boss, he's a Beagle Boy, they're usually untrustworthy" said Ollie.

"Who cares!" laughed Verminious, "Come on, get into the digging machine!"

As all members of D.O.O.M. were prepared to obey comments from Verminious Snaptrap, they were still not going to be loyal to Big Time anytime soon.