Chapter 4: Beating Down the Beagles

It was the right time for Kitty to put her plan into action, as the Beagle Boys continued to search Scrooge's massive amount of wealth, Kitty decided to put a fake tail of hers pretending to hide among some of the wealth. It was just then, that Bouncer, the biggest of the Beagles approached the fake tail.

"Ah ha, there you are" laughed Bouncer as he was about to pull it out.

Yet what poor Bouncer did, was really pull the fake tail right out of his place, not knowing that the pile of wealth it was caught was about to tumble on the poor Beagle Boy.

"Hey, what the heck is going on over there?" cried Big Time as he rushed to the area as he gazed upon an unconscious Bouncer, who had a fake tail held in his hand, Big Time couldn't believe how stupid his brother was.

"I expect this from Burger, but you?" asked Big Time.

"Kitty cat was hiding" replied Bouncer who was a bit dizzy from the experience as he got up.

"Those two tricked you, you imbecile!" roared Big Time.

"Hey, looking for us?" asked Dudley as he popped up.

"There, get him!" ordered Big Time.

As Bouncer chased after Dudley, the other Beagle Boys noticed him and began to chase after him as well.

"Get that intruder!" roared Ma Beagle.

"I hope Kitty knows what she's doing!" cried Dudley as he continued to run around.

"Time to show them who's boss" said Kitty as she then leaped out of her hiding place.

Kitty with one swipe of her claws literally tore off the pants of the Beagle Boys, showing them the embarrassing underwear which Dudley stopped to laugh at.

"That's funny, you guys still wear children's undies?" laughed Dudley.

"Enough!" cried Bouncer who felt hurt obviously by those comments.

Bouncer raced toward Dudley in attempt to grab him by the neck, yet Dudley made a quick dash right between Bouncer's legs and literally knocked two Beagle Boys unconscious as he obviously didn't see that they were right behind Bouncer. The other Beagle Boys then began to charge toward Kitty, but Kitty with her obvious skills managed to knock each one right unconscious. Even as one of them tricked to sneak up on her, she managed to knock that Beagle Boy right in the face sending him collapsing to the ground.

"Ha, that was too easy" laughed Dudley.

"That's right you think!" roared Ma as she along with Big Time and Burger were on the drilling machine ready to use it on the two T.U.F.F. agents.

"Great, how are we going to come up with a plan to deal with that?" asked Dudley sarcastically to Kitty.

"I think I got another idea" replied Kitty.

As the drilling machine came toward the two T.U.F.F. agents, both of them obviously dodged the drilling machine to which Ma Beagle attempted to steer the machine going after Kitty, obviously believing Dudley was less of a threat to them.

"Why are we not going after the other one?" asked Big Time.

"Because I'm the one in charge here" replied Ma to her son.

"Hey, why are you guys not chasing me?" cried Dudley as then he noticed Kitty was heading to a corner mostly filled with Scrooge's wealth which was piled up as if they were mountains.

"End of the line Little Missy" laughed Ma.

"Not if I can help it" said Dudley.

As Dudley raced toward the drill machine, he managed to knock off Big Time and Burger from the drilling machine and literally placed his paws covering Ma Beagle's eyes, making her miss her intended target Kitty.

"Hey, I can't see!" cried Ma as she was driving right through all of Scrooge's wealth, and eventually even making a hole right out of the hideout.

"You're going to pay for this" said Big Time.

"I don't think so" said Kitty as she then gave him a good punch knocking him out.

"Please don't hurt me, I'll just play dead" said Burger who then also fell purposely down to the ground as he obviously didn't want to get smacked by Kitty.

Meanwhile, Dudley was struggling with Ma Beagle over the controls for the drilling machine, the machine itself was literally tearing up Duckburg, as the two were trying to gain control of the steering wheel. Kitty knew she had to help out Dudley, but she immediately called in the Chief.

"Chief, this is Kitty, I need other T.U.F.F. agents to clean up this mess here, and secure Scrooge's wealth" said Kitty.

"Don't worry, I am sending in a clean up crew, and another squad of agents to beef up the place" replied the Chief on the other end.

As the other T.U.F.F. agents arrived on their armored vehicles, one of the T.U.F.F. agents also brought over a spare motorcycle for Kitty.

"Need something to catch up with Agent Puppy?" asked one of the T.U.F.F. agents to Kitty.

"I sure do" replied Kitty as she got on the motorcycle and drove off.

As Kitty raced to help out Dudley, downtown Duckburg was quite a mess thanks to Ma Beagle and Dudley trying to stop her.

"You idiot!" cried Ma, "I'm so far from Scrooge's treasure!"

Ma Beagle finally was able to push Dudley out of the way and attempted to head back not knowing that an army of T.U.F.F. agents were already guarding her former hideout. It was just then that Kitty was racing right toward her, the drill was literally targeting Kitty, at the very last moment, Kitty leaped right over to which the drill on the machine made the motorcycle explode right in Ma Beagle's face turning herself mostly black smoke, and the drill machine eventually coming to a halt.

"You, you!" roared Ma as she was about to pounce on Kitty.

"Not so fast" replied Kitty as she prepared the handcuffs for Ma Beagle, "your sons will be joining you and D.O.O.M. in prison, where you belong."

As the Beagle Boys were being brought in a van handcuffed right next to their mother, Scrooge was thankful that T.U.F.F. was there to save the day, and eventually getting back his wealth.

"I am surprised that you were able to find out this was a plan by the Beagle Boys all along" said Scrooge.

"The odd part is that Big Time wanted to play both sides in trying to also use D.O.O.M. to help release the Beagle Boys from prison, not knowing it would be part of their mission as well" said the Chief.

"If there is any brand of reward I can offer you, you name it" said Scrooge to the two T.U.F.F. agents.

"Can Ms. Beakley make me more chocolate chip cookies?" asked Dudley.

"I suppose it wouldn't it" replied Scrooge.

"I'll get to it" said Ms. Beakley.

"Yeah, cookies!" laughed Dudley.

The scene ends with Ms. Beakley finishing a batch of cookies for Dudley, only for poor Ms. Beakley to be pounced by Dudley who was obviously waiting impatiently for the cookies, where he literally was about to eat them from the tray itself.