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I remember waking up in strong arms. I must have been light at 7 years old. I woke up in my own bed with my cat, Shadow, on my arm. Suddenly the events from yesterday crashed down on me. The funeral procession, the banquet, Anubis…

I shook shadow off of my arm and slowly got up. I went into my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Seven years old and look at me. I thought dully. I then took in my physical appearance. My hair was black down to my shoulder and pure white eyes. I was told that when I was born my eyes were brown as expected but I was blind so the moon goddess took my blindness away but made my iris' silver.

I sighed and went to the trunk at the end of the bed and got the linen dress that my servant put out for me. I took it to my bathroom and called two of my servants to my room. They filled up the bath with warm water and sweet smelling oils. I dismissed them and sunk into the bath. I let myself relax...

Eight years later..

My fifteenth birthday just passed and today marks the sixth year in which my mother died and two new pharaohs had risen, Ay and Horemheb. Ay was the vizier for my father and some say he was the power behind the throne. He stayed pharaoh for four years but Horemheb instigated a campaign against him claiming the throne. Horemheb was the general for my father's army and has always wanted the throne.