Yuzuki's PV

It's been over a decade since Chi launched the program that gives persocoms the ability to express their feelings and things have changed quite a bit around the world, however in what I like to call our own little world, that small but very close circle of friends that I now dare to call family, things have gone well, most of the changes have been somewhat predictable and welcome.

Minoru-Sama has grown to be a wonderful man, he recently became a lawyer and handles complicated cases related to persocoms, the laws are still being adjusted, we have some basic rights and rules now, for example we have the right to choose our love partner and job, some could even been adopted to the family if they have been together for long enough and nobody is against it, but we are not allowed to be responsible for young children or pets, the laws for rape and sexual harassment are the same for humans and persocoms and was one of the first ones to appear, until this day it is still the one that gets most people in trouble.

We can no longer be sold or traded of course and there is much debate on when it should be allowed to create a persocom now, the main manufacturers were forced to become some sort of private hospitals for the time being to stay in business and so we can get repaired or even get our version of a plastic surgery, we do not age but as it turns out, with feelings comes the good and the bad, some do it out of vanity or to be more practical, but I've heard of some with a more dramatic past where they are forced to change their looks to hide from possessive owners.

As for my old workmates, the other maids in the Kokubunji manor, they made their own lives, some of them just had different interests and changed careers, others fell in love, whatever the reason was Minoru-Sama always supported their decision and even helped them get started by lending an apartment and giving them some money in thanks for their services (we might not need food but our electric bills are high in winter!)

It will sound strange but I think Minoru-Sama thought of them as daughters, whenever we said goodbye to any of them he had this proud look on his face and something else I can't quite point out, maybe he was starting to miss them already, he made them after all and that is all he had while growing up before he came across Chi and her friends, but you have to accept it is just weird to see a teenager behave like a father to a girl... well, persecom, that looks almost twice his age, then again Minoru-Sama has always been so mature and so kind, he might have dressed the staff in skimpy clothes at one point but he was young and it was just a phase, back when he used to think of me as a replacement for his sister Kaede, even then he always took care of us. God I miss him.

I guess I should start talking about myself. Let's see... I was with Minoru-Sama until he was 18, then he left the country to go to college and since he was going to live in an apartment he no longer needed help with domestic chores, but he did need someone he could trust to take care of the manor, to be honest I wanted to go with him, but how could I say no to such request? I knew how important was his home to him and I was honored he asked me, he also offered a great salary so I could even hire help if I did not want to do things myself. He knew that I would have accepted even without pay, I knew he would have made that deposit in my bank account whether I liked it or not.

At first, quite honestly I had no idea what to do, the first month I tried to do everything myself, I no longer had to cook or attend visitors so most of my time was spent cleaning and taking care of the garden, but it is such a big place that even a persocom like myself would end up exhausted at the end of the day, so I gave in and hired a maid to keep the first level in perfect condition and a gardener who would take care of the garden and on his free time would help clean up the second level, which did not require that much effort really, everything was untouched, it was just a matter of keeping dust from piling up and vent the rooms now and then, there was only one area of the second level I took care of myself, it was where my own bedroom was and at the end of the hall Minoru-Sama's until this day his bedroom has become my sanctuary, after 5 years it still smells like him, more than once I ended up falling asleep before I could realize I was actually sleepy, his scent takes me to such state of relaxation it still amazes me.

We never stopped communicating, of course I was sad when he made it clear he would not be able to come back even on holidays, he is a genius and could have taken the free time or finish faster than that if only he wasn't responsible for his family business, but alas he was. Still he was kind enough to check on me on regular basis, at first he would call me every weekend and write once a month, as time passed by he was just more busy and it could take him quite a while to get in touch with me, so I stopped waiting to hear from him and just felt lucky whenever he had the time to, it was easier for me this way.

I started visiting our old friends every once in a while and even went on tiny trips near by, I had never been outside the city, in fact I didn't even know the city that well... ok ok, maybe I did because of my sophisticated navigation system but it's not the same as actually walking and being there! The little of the city I did "really" know was because sometimes Minoru-Sama asked me to walk with him but it would be either to his favorite park or to the graveyard to visit their parents tomb. I would be lying if I said I was not fond of those places and visited them by myself a few times when I could have gone somewhere else, somewhere new, but being there would remind me how it felt to walk next to him and a feeling of warmth would grow on my chest.

By the end of the second year I felt pretty independent, I still had impeccable manners and was myself, but at the same time I felt more relaxed, I honestly enjoyed doing anything I could for Minoru-Sama but with this new found peace and so much free time I learned that to focus on myself would not hurt anyone, there was nobody else to focus on anyway! I also developed a fashion sense, it was still somewhat modest but I guess it is natural when you don't have a flashy personality you simply are not interested in flashy clothes, but I did like pretty and feminine things.

I discovered I just love sundresses but they are not the most practical thing to wear everyday, so I saved them for special occasions, I would mostly wear a nice pair of jeans and a cute top, some could be considered sexy but none showed too much skin, I was not comfortable with that, also nothing too girly, I had the face and body of a young woman and that would just look silly on me, I think compared to a human I might look 21-22 years old so I dressed accordingly.

Minoru-Sama would always make time for a routine check once a year no matter what, he was adamant about it and when I told him I could have it done at the persocom hospital he almost sounded offended, so I figured who was I to complain? He just cared for me and wanted to make sure I was healthy, it took longer than in person because we had to secure a direct connection through internet and he was not able to check the hardware but it was nice because we would get to talk for hours, that meant more to me than he could ever imagine, even if it was just once a year, I always though of it as my birthday present, after the first time he did it, he just kept doing it the same date every year, I suppose it is easier to remember that way, but it made me feel special, I wish I had a birthday, Chi has one but she is different.

Somewhere between the third and fourth year of being alone I became a little more adventurous and asked Minoru-Sama if it was ok to travel a little because I already knew all the surrounding area and the city pretty well and he approved as long as I promised to be careful, I did and I was off on my way, saw different places with beautiful scenery, met interesting people and I started to change little things, some violet highlights first to go with my blue hair hair resulting in some sort of bluish-amethyst color that would match my eyes and after some time I stopped braiding my hair and just let the mix of curls and waves free, but it would get a little in the way since it was past my waist, when I would sit on it by accident it did not look very nice, so I cut it a little, just to waist level that way I did not have to worry when sitting down.

Well let's just say that when I was done with my traveling and went back to get everything ready for Minoru-Sama to come back home, the change in attitude and looks made Hideki-San walk right past me while I was shopping for vegetables, I thought of saying hi, I did keep in touch and visited them before I started traveling, but instead I just smiled and figured it would be nice to see Minoru-Sama's surprised face, I don't think I've ever seen him surprised and if someone recognize me first they might tell him, all this years we only talked on the phone or by emailing you see, I never mentioned any changes because they were so tiny and unimportant, but it has been such a long time so I guess they pilled up.

Suddenly I was even more excited about seeing Minoru-Sama again, my heart was pounding and I started to ask myself what should I wear, started thinking of all his favorite foods and thinking what to prepare, should I greet him like I always did? Like nothing had changed? I am not sure I could, I was too excited about it and wasn't sure if I could control myself enough to not run and give him a very big hug!...

wondering where that thought came from while I blushed I said out loud:

"a hug?"

and then I smiled, maybe I've changed more than I realized.

Note.- This is my very first try at writing a fanfic or anything for that matter, it was supposed to be a one shot but I think it might turn into 3 chapters at least. I do not have a beta reader and I am still trying to figure out how things work around the site, I would appreciate any advice or opinion you might have :)

Marina C. Luna