Broadway Baby, Chapter 1

Manhattan, New York, 1999

Lucas Black - Vampire

Parties like these were never really my style. Even when I was "supposed" to be here. Hell, party can't even describe this. Just a bunch of second-rate thespians getting drunk in "celebration" of the end of a half-assed off-Broadway show. But that was a couple decades ago for me.

Now I'm in the director's house scouting out the dinner to accompany the show. I pulled in the last drag from my cigarette before snubbing it out in the ash tray on the coffee table. I pulled myself out of my chair and finally set out on the hunt. Lots of pretty little vermin, but all too scrawny for my tastes. Since when do you have to starve to act?

She was just brushing off another admirer when I saw her. The lovely little thing that'd played Nancy in tonight's Oliver!. A bit young for the part but her voice never betrayed her. And she wasn't bad to look at, either. Her hair was average, brown, and I couldn't see here eyes from here, but her face was pretty, and her body…delectable. What was her name? Wanda or something… I wonder what she'd sound like screaming my name?

She'd caught me during my musing, taking the beer bottle from my hand and holding it up. I smirked as she threw back a long swig and waved it in my face. When I reached for it, she stepped back. So she wants to play, does she? Then let the games begin.

I followed her up the stairs and caught her outside an open door, grabbing her by the waist and taking back my beer. She spun out of my grasp and practically danced into the empty bedroom. I laughed against the bottle as I finished off the bitter liquid and closed the door behind me. Judging from the look in her eyes, she knew what she was doing. She's probably worked her way through all the leads the troupe's had. But shouldn't such a…seasoned…individual have the instinct to avoid dangerous situations?

I slid my hands onto her shoulders and fiddled with a lock of her hair resting there, her gaze never leaving mine. I finally realized how small she was, her head barely reaching to my chin and her body seeming fragile under my hands. She leaned up on her tip toes to get closer, maybe trying to get taller, and challenging me in a way. I raised a brow at her and she narrowed her eyes. Yep, a challenge.

I smirked and leaned down to kiss her lightly. Before I had time to process the tingling sensation the swept through my body she'd grabbed me by the collar and practically slammed me into the wall. I was barely aware of the thunk made by the empty bottle hitting the floor. Damn, she's a strong little vermin. My hands found her hips and pulled her against me, eliciting a rather loud moan from her. She jumped, surprising me again, and wrapped her legs around me. I shifted my hands to hold onto her ass as her tongue forced its way into my mouth.

In the next second I had her on the bed and curled my hands into the waistband of her tight jeans. I accidentally forced a few of the seams to pop, and she gasped and lifted her hips. I unbuttoned them with one hand and slid them down while she wriggled out of her shirt. I pulled mine off and unbuttoned my pants, and somehow she managed to flip us so she was above me. Again, strong little vermin. And she apparently likes catching me off guard, too, seeing as how she took the opportunity while I was distracted to grind her hips against mine, giving us both the friction we needed.

I barely managed to get her bra unhooked before she slid down my body, taking my jeans with her. She tossed her bra away with my pants and slowly moved back up, stopping just above the tent in my boxers. I was sure she knew what she was doing after what she did next: she lowered her head just slightly and blew through the slit in my boxers. I shuddered violently and groaned.

Without thinking I had her pinned under me again with a hand curled into her panties about to rip them off, a low growl rumbling through my chest. She whimpered and lifted her hips, practically begging me to take her now. I somehow managed to remove her underwear without ripping them to shreds. My boxers, however, were a different story, as I was desperate to free my aching cock.

I climbed back over her and was just getting situated when she leaned up on her elbows and started searching the floor frantically. Probably for her purse. Does my breath stink or something? She leaned over the side of the bed, mumbling something incoherently, as I sat up on my knees. But I did manage to catch one word: condom. I rolled my eyes and grabbed for my jeans. I can't have kids, but I may as well make the human happy.

I pulled the foil package from my back pocket and waved it at her. She smiled and laughed, laying back and pulling me onto her. I laughed with her as she took the packet from me and tore it open with her teeth. Again the little brat flipped me and slid down my body to put the rubber on me. I rested my hands behind my head and waited as she climbed back up.

She was strangely careful as she positioned herself over me, but I soon found out why. She went down on me so agonizingly slowly it felt like I was being engulfed in flame, and the further she went, the tighter she got, practically forcing the moan from my throat. She was doing this on purpose and damn she was good at it. She lowered the rest of her body onto me and slowly began to piston her hips, forcing our bodies to grind together.

My hands found her hips again and I forcefully flipped us, practically slamming her into the mattress as I thrust into her. I don't think it bothered her though, as she grabbed onto my hair and pulled me down, moaning into my mouth as my tongue found hers. I fucked her at a moderate pace, sliding my hands down her sides and lifting her hips so I could go deeper. She easily kept up with my rhythm, thrusting in time with me.

I slid one hand around between us to gently rub her clit, working her closer to orgasm. Her nails bit into my shoulders as she moaned out her pleasure. I absently remembered that I hadn't told her my name, so therefore she couldn't scream it. Oh well, that's not what I'm here for… I needed to drive her over the edge quick, or I may end up biting her early. Hearing her heartbeat race in my ears and feeling her pulse pound around me was becoming too much.

I carefully tilted my hips just a bit more and immediately received the reaction I was looking for. Her face contorted in pleasure as I continued to thrust against her g-spot. She began to tighten around me again, this time of her body's own accord, and I knew she was close. I leaned down and began to suck on her neck, preparing her, and making sure there'd be a hickey to hide the bite. I pinched her clit ever so lightly and that set her off, her body trembling and thrashing beneath me as she came. That was my cue.

I sunk my teeth into her tender flesh, finding my own release as her blood brought a new kind of ecstasy into my body. I drank deeply until my breathing evened out and I'd had my fill. I gently licked the bite closed as she whimpered beneath me, barely clinging to consciousness as it was. I smirked as I easily pushed into her mind, mumbling "Sleep…" into her subconscious. She automatically went limp and I carefully removed my body from hers, instantly feeling a strange sense of loss.

I tied off and threw away the condom before pulling my clothes back on. I started toward the door, but stopped and looked back at her. For some reason I didn't want to leave her, but I would. Just not like this. I stepped back to the bed and pulled the sheets up over her, hiding her exposed body from prying eyes. I nodded my half-hearted satisfaction and left, this time not even looking back.