Rated T for: some language, violence

Notes: Due to my recent discovery of Death Note, I have become more than mildly obsessed. I fell in love with the pairing of LxLight, so be warned that this will be a yaoi fic. However, the concept and style of the fic is different from what I've done. For each day of December there will be a new chapter as the characters will be participating in (often silly) holidays. Because of this frequent updating, chapter lengths will vary a lot. However, with 31 days in the month of December, it'll have enough time to move along nicely. So, December 2 will actually be posted on December 2, for instance. It's going to be a wild ride. So be sure to check in each night for their day-to-day adventures.

Side Notes: XD Oh, and all of these holidays actually exist. You'll see what I mean. I'll also spell L's alias with two u's (Ryuuzaki). I've seen variations (Ryuzaki), but I'm fond the former. Hopefully, it won't be a distraction.

Time it takes place: Right after Light regains his Death Note memories.

I don't own Death Note.

November 30

Even though it was still November, it was almost painfully apparent to everyone that the winter season was fast approaching. Low temperatures and plenty of rainclouds had meant one thing: lots. And lots. Of snow. So much, in fact, that transportation had been becoming an issue within the massive city. Tokyo had dispatched plenty of teams to plow snow and remove ice, yes, but nature wasn't about to let up on them. Not only did the elements hinder transportation, but people didn't seem to dare go outside. After all, it was freezing cold every day of the week.

And, the strangest thing to reach everyone's ears was the fact that Kira had mysteriously slowed to a stop on his killings.

Speculation was abound.

L spun around in his office chair, turning to face all of the room's occupants. Sure enough, they still worked diligently despite the lack of action on Kira's part. They didn't pay his movement that much mind. Eyes were glued to computer screens, newspapers, televisions, trying to make sense of it all. He glanced briefly at a certain Light Yagami. He was just as focused as the rest.

These men from the police force had worked ceaselessly since they had allied with him. Certainly, it was a good thing for the progression of the case. However, their daily efforts were becoming apparent. Often times they stayed within the building with L, constantly researching and analyzing information. L frowned slightly. They were beginning to become like him, but just slightly. The men hadn't been out in the sun as much; their skin had lost some color. Then, their eyes weren't quite as bright as he remembered them. Computer work had done their vision in. Yes, his plan was justified with these observations.

"Hey. I have something important," L stated plainly. He reached back to scratch his head a bit as the others tore themselves away from the objects of their scrutiny.

Chief Yagami was the first to speak. "Have you gathered more information on Kira?" All eyes were glued to L.

Unbothered, L's hand returned to rest on his knee. "Well…" he began slowly, "I suppose. I have some theories as to why Kira has steadily decreased in his killings, but that is not the centerpiece of my announcement. I want you to listen carefully and to not make any comments until I've finished. It's only polite, you know."

L spun around briefly, snatching a small cookie. He took a nibble on it, his owl-like eyes staring back into theirs. Light did not let any movements betray him. Matsuda's fingers twitched in anxiety.

"It's the end of November, as I'm sure you've all noticed, and the weather has been horrid. We are not making much headway at the time being, though in time this will change. Likely, after this bout of weather. Therefore, I will place you all on vacation for the entire month of December. There are no negotiations on this matter."

"That's insane!" Light shouted, rising to his feet. "You expect to let him do as he pleases for a month without our observations?"

"I have not finished." L's tone had risen, but just slightly. Light frowned, but sat back down in his chair. L's black eyes remained on his figure as he continued. "Like I said, I will observe Kira for the time being by myself. However, there are some terms about this vacation month which everyone must agree to. Even though it will provide relaxation and rest, you must abide by each day's holiday. I will be paying close attention to those who choose not to."

All of the men shifted in some way. Their eyebrows were furrowed, wanting desperately to be able to make some kind of input. L finished off his cookie and swallowed. One last sweep over their faces was made. Constant observation.

"That's all. I suggest you grab a calendar from the coffee table. I'll see you all tomorrow."

L got down from his chair and began shuffling back to his bedroom where he had his laptop patiently waiting, but a hand swiftly came to his shoulder. He turned slightly to take in the face of Light, who was clearly very cross indeed. L merely blinked.


It seems that the chain had been temporarily forgotten. L inwardly sighed.

"If you're going to put us through this ridiculous charade, I assume that you'll be following along as well?" Light raised his chained hand in front of the both of them. Well, he hadn't thought much of this, but…

"Very well. I'm going to my room now, Light-kun. Bring whatever you need."

And so began L's month-long remedy to finding – or rather, proving absolutely the identity of – the true Kira. A small smile played upon his lips.

December 1
Eat a Red Apple Day


Light frowned in his sleep. He didn't want to be roused into the land of consciousness. The bed was particularly soft, and L never bothered to sleep much, and certainly not in a bed…


An annoyed mumble came from his lips. In an attempt to hide, he brought some of the sheets over his face. Logic clearly didn't rule in sleepy-land, as this didn't deter the poker.


That one really lingered in his side, and it was hard. Light's eyes opened just a fraction, trying to take in his surroundings. Thank the heavens, all the lights weren't on to blind him. A blurry, dark-haired figure was crouched over beside him on the edge of the bed. Their hand, pale and almost glowing in the darkness, ever so slowly started to reach out, only inches from his side and-

"Stoppit," Light mumbled, more coherent this time.

"Ah, it seems my methods have worked. Good morning, Light-kun." He moved closer, staring at him with those wide eyes. "You know, it's the first of December. We have to get started."

Light rolled over, his back to the detective.

"It seems you leave me with no choice, Light-kun."

Wait a minute. The logical part of his mind, though it had to fight to get there, was now in firm control. If he didn't comply with the man's wishes, he would resort to other methods, or…

Light had little time to contemplate his next actions, as he soon found himself in bed with a large coffee mug of icy-cold water poured upon his head. Needless to say, he was fairly awake at this point but less than happy. He sat up in the bed at once, hair dripping with the rage of a non-morning person. L wondered briefly if he had made a good decision.

Wordlessly and stiffly Light got out from the bed and started toward the bathroom. L was forced to follow, to a certain degree. The teen quickly dried off his hair and face, then started off to the kitchen. L remained silent and followed. They were both greeted by two astoundingly large red apples sitting on the kitchen table. Light paused to look at them.

"Ah, yes. I had Watari acquire those for us. Today's holiday is Eat a Red Apple Day, you know."


"Yes. You can eat yours whenever you'd like. I hear these are particularly juicy and crisp, so I'd like to ask you not to eat mine. I'm saving it for later, since I already had some cake…"

Damn him. He was still going to try to get more evidence on him, no matter what the circumstances. Light was fully aware of a particular clue he had left the detective in the beginning, regarding the eating habits of Shinigami. He was going to have to keep Ryuk from eating L's apple, for L would accuse the Death God of eating it, or worse…he could very well witness Ryuk eating the apple.

As far as L knew, he had no knowledge of being Kira. They had retrieved his notebook only days before, and yet…


L turned his head around, having been rummaging around for a certain kind of tea in one of the cabinets. He was on the tips of his toes, struggling to reach one on the very highest shelf. After a short moment of groping the air without result, he managed to snatch the box and face Light fully.

"Yes, Light-kun?"

Light leaned on one of the kitchen counters. "Why exactly are we still chained to each other?"

L opened his box of tea, pulling out a couple of bags. "Just one more month, I assure you. I want to be completely certain when the chain is removed. My apologies."

Light sighed. So, this month was another one of his ploys? Well, he would beat him at this game. By the end of the month, L would have not a valid reason in the world to think that he could be Kira. These holidays would assure that.

Turning on the stove, L began to heat water for his tea. He placed the teabags within the water at once, and as the liquid heated a distinct smell began to fill the room. Apples and cinnamon. He began readying his bowl of sugar cubes.

Ryuk didn't take long to meander into to the room. Light didn't turn to look at him, but he knew he'd be salivating.

"Light…" the Shinigami said, almost pitifully, "you humans have apple flavored drinks? Can I have some – Oh! Look at those!"

That hadn't taken long. Light clenched his fists slightly. Don't you dare…

"What?" Ryuk inquired. "These are the largest, most succulent apples I've ever laid my eyes on! What do you mean I can't have any?"

L, quite oblivious, began rummaging around in other cabinets, seeming to pass the time.

It's a ploy. He wants you to try and eat one so that he'll know you exist and follow me. Light turned his head a bit to have the Shinigami in his line of vision.

"Hmph. Well, you owe me another apple like that," he paused to look longingly at the fruit, "later. This is too depressing…"

Then leave for today.

"No, no, no. I'm staying. Though it may torture me…I do love the smell of that apple drink." Ryuk walked over to the steaming concoction and inhaled deeply. He was going to have to keep an eye on him for the entirety of the day. Or, at least until L finally ate his apple, whenever that would be.


Snapped from his thoughts, Light turned to look at the other man. "Yes, Ryuzaki?"

"I was wondering…would you possibly care for some apple cinnamon tea? I made plenty, and it would be appropriate for today." L began transferring the drink from the stove into his porcelain teapot.

"Yes, that would be fine…but, if I could add my own sugar." He shuddered at the thought of having the same amount L usually added. He'd not be able to eat anything remotely sweet for months.

"Okay then."

"Light…? Are you sure you're going to eat that apple?" Ryuk suddenly inquired.

Wordlessly, Light grabbed the gigantic fruit and took a bite into it. It made a satisfying crunching sound. He wasn't one for sweet things, but this was fairly good. If he ate the whole thing, he surely wouldn't need to look around for some breakfast.

Yes, victory would be sweet.