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How the mighty fall

Isabel awoke to the sound of engines firing and managed to lift her head up just in time to see Dave flying off with Mindy. "That's okay, I'll catch you guys later," she groaned as she rubbed the side of her head and pulled away to find blood. Hoisting herself to her feet using a chair as support, she stumbled over to the window. "What the fuck…" She mumbled to herself as she looked and saw smoke still floating in the air.

"The fucking bazooka." A voice said behind her. She spun around and found herself almost face to face with Chris, who was shaking and holding a sword in his hand. "What," she asked in genuine confusion. "They blew him up. With the fucking bazooka."

"Well as much as I'd like to say I'm sorry…" Isabel said before she could stop herself and she noticed the change in his eyes. It was like something had snapped. Then he had her by the arm and the sword was at her throat. "I could throw you out the window right now if I wanted to." He hissed at her viciously and her breath caught in her throat as she squeezed her eyes shut.

She was surprised when she felt the cold metal leave her throat and she opened and eye to see him looking defeated. The brunette gulped as she struggled to find something to say. "Go before I change my mind." He said suddenly. His voice was quiet, but his tone was dangerous. She did as he said and took a few steps toward the door before stopping and turning around with tears in her eyes. "I-" "Didn't you hear me? Get the fuck out before I gut you!" He roared at her and she stumbled back in shock.

They stood there for a second with their eyes locked before Isabel turned on her heel and rushed from the room.

She'd made her way to the roof where Dave had the sense to go back and check for her. That day, going back to Dave's house wasn't the same. They were both bloody, beaten, and so tired. But the victory was something neither of them could ignore.

The first thing she did when she got back was hobble up the stairs and lock her bedroom door. She dialed a number with a shaking hand and waited for the person to pick up. They didn't. So she dialed again. And again and again. Finally, on the fifth try, a worried voice answered in an uncertain tone.

"Hello?" "Jude?" Her voice cracked and she heard him put the phone away from his ear and say something to someone in the background. "Sorry about that…I thought you were dead." He hissed into the phone and almost immediately, his planned lecture was lost as the girl started sobbing into the phone.

Sobbing about how her best friend's dad was killed, something about a bazooka, and everything about the day. He just listened and shook his head as he tried his best not to cry as Cecelia watched him out of the corner of her eye from the spot on the couch with the television on low volume. It was running some developing story about how a New York business owner had apparently exploded over the city. Reports and eye witness accounts were still being collected. The red head shook her head and clicked her tongue, mumbling about how much of a shame it was.

"I want to come home," Isabel finally said into the phone and Jude nearly dropped it into his coffee cup. "For how long?" "As long as I need…" she trailed off and choked back a sob. "I'll be there whenever you need me."

It was a little more than a month later, and all of Isabel's things were being piled into the trunk and backseat of Jude's Impala. Jude made small talk with Katie, Marty, and Todd as Isabel talked quietly with her cousin.

"Are you sure you want to? I mean, you don't have to go…" "I do, Dave. I'm not okay here. Everytime I drive past that building, I just…imagine him exploding." She shuddered and Dave's arm was around her shoulder, pulling her into a one-armed hug. "It'll be okay. We'll still be here for you. You know, if you ever want to come back. I'm sure that my dad wouldn't mind." He trailed off and Isabel let out a laugh and wiped a tear from her eye. "You won't be rid of me for that long. Kick-Ass needs his loyal friend." "Sidekick."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, there," Isabel laughed again and embraced her cousin one last time before picking up her last bag. She bid her other friends goodbye, with hugs and promises of phone calls and postcards, before allowing Jude to help her into his car. "I'll be seeing you around," she mumbled as she waved her hand slowly as they pulled away.

"You okay?" Jude asked as he drove down the street and merged onto the one that haunted Isabel with the possibilities of what had happened. She thought for a second, and Jude was patient. The light was red as they stopped in front of the building that was almost destroyed and she couldn't help but shudder. Her eyes widened as the dark haired boy walked out of the front door, followed by a shorter man and his mother. He looked up just as the light turned green and saw her for a split second before she turned around and faced forward.

Tilting her head slightly, she had a soft smile on her face. "I think I'm as okay as I'll ever be."