Kurt stared at Pavarati, then carefully opened the cage, reaching in. Pavarti stepped primly onto the offered finger, his tiny beak traveling along Kurt's hand, searching for food. For the first week at Dalton, Blaine had almost constantly been busy, leaving Kurt to find his own way around. It was bittersweet. Everyone was so nice here, but… even Rachel Berry herself would have been impressed with his solo audition. So why weren't they?

"We wear uniforms here, Pavarati." Kurt murmured, smiling sadly at the bird. "There's no room for individuality. I don't know how Blaine stands it. New Directions picked our setlist. Not the seniors. Even Mr. Schue listened. Rules are rigid here, and I'm not sure I like it." Pavarati whistled softly and crawled to his shoulder, pecking at his hair, which he had coiffed perfectly, messing it up. Kurt lifted a hand to stop him, then dropped it, not seeing much of a point. "I don't know if I can be happy here. Hell, I spent more time with Blaine when I was a half hour away than I do right here, right now." He sighed. "And I can't go home until this weekend." He plucked the canary off his shoulder, watching him.

He was distracted by a knock on the door. It scared Pavarati, who fluttered his wings, crawling back to Kurt's shoulder. He stroked a finger down the bird's back soothingly and glanced at the door. "The door's open." He called.

Blaine came in, and smiled almost immediately. "I see you two are making fast friends." He reached out a hand to the bird, clicking his tongue softly. The bird climbed onto his hand, and Kurt smiled. The bird liked Blaine as much as he did.

"Yeah, I guess." Kurt took the bird back, holding his hand up to let the bird fly from it. Pavarati fluttered his wings and took a step sideways along Kurt's hand.

Blaine laughed. "His wings have been clipped. He can't fly."

"What? Why not?

Blaine shrugged. "All the canaries are. That way, they can't fly away."

He lowered Pavarati, stroking a finger down the yellow back. "That's horrible."

"You get used to it."

"Yeah…." Kurt nodded absently. "I guess I will."

"You know, there's a solo coming up in the Warblers. You should audition."

"That didn't work out too well for me last time."

Blaine smiled. "I'll help you. With my help, you're a shoe-in."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Your ego is invading my room."

Blaine laughed. "What do you say?"

"Alright, alright."