Author's Note: So this chapter is really more or less because I haven't put anything in here and I don't like waiting too long to update. Yes, people, this is PURELY FILLER. Alden's point of view because I 3 him and maybe a bit fluffy.

They're perfect for each other.

Kurt, the young diva who is secretly screaming for someone to notice him, a complete bitch if ever I saw one, and just feminine enough to be categorized as 'beautiful.' He bounces between moods faster than any boy I've ever met, and some of them can be hard to handle.

And Blaine. Blaine, who is humble enough to step down and offer up his spotlight to Kurt, patient and empathetic enough to see through Kurt's bitchier moments to the very real and tangible pain beneath it, and smart and kind enough to cheer him up when those moments come up.

It's funny, in a macabre kind of way. When I met him, he was this awkward, timid little boy with too much hair and a face that resembled a lobster. "How much you've grown, Frodo…" The words escaped my mouth before I could stop them, but luckily, I was leaning against the rail watching the two fangirl over a jacket that Kurt is salivating to have. I might buy it for him.

Gone are the days of timid smiles and soft words. He things he got the nickname I gave him because he's short and had ridiculously unruly curly hair when we met. That's certainly part of it, but I was referring to more at the time. He was timid and young, but I knew he would grow to be someone brave, someone stronger than the rest of us. I was right, but I never expected it to happen so fast.

Frodo doesn't need me anymore, and I think that's worse than anything. He thinks he does, and I'm in no hurry to tell him that, because every chance I get to talk to him or see him is worth it. I've always been selfish like that.

There's one person that Blaine needs, and it's the boy standing at his side. No matter how much I wish I was in Kurt's place, I know that I won't interfere. Amy always talks about it. She's fond of looking at me proudly and proclaiming 'That's real love, Alden.' And I guess maybe it is (Hey, I'm only twenty. I don't have all the answers.)

It just... frankly, it sucks. Blaine's happy, and it's my lot in life to watch him be happy and not do anything to fuck it up, as much as I want to. Because I know that if I turned on the charm and started flirting, I could get him, or at least make him confused enough to consider it. And it's been a long time since he's given me any romantic attention.

But I don't, and I won't, because I'm not that kind of guy. It's not because I'm a nice guy, because believe me, I'm not. Blaine's a nice guy. I'm not, and Kurt's not.

And I know that no one likes to think that Kurt's not a nice guy because he's just goddamn adorable, but the fact is, as much as he wants to be a nice guy, it's not in the cards for him. He's just as selfish as I am.

That's the absolute worst. Kurt's just like me… except I'm tall and can kick someone's ass if I have to. Kurt's just like me, and I know that Blaine's as perfect for me as he is for Kurt, and still I won't do anything.

Because Blaine's happy, goddamn him. He's happy with Kurt and he's half in love with Kurt if he isn't already, and I would have to be a way more selfish asshole than I am to try to ruin that.

Blaine turned to smile at me and caught the melancholy look on my face. The smile turned sympathetic, and I kind of wanted to punch him. "Save your sympathy for someone who wants it, Frodo."

He smiled again. "People who want sympathy don't usually deserve it." He replied. "It's only the people who smile even when it hurts that do."

He had a point there, but I hated him for it. "I don't need it. I'm one of those privileged bastards, remember? I have everything I want, save for one thing."

"What's that?" Kurt asked curiously. I almost laughed.

"Me." Blaine replied, still watching me with that look on his face that said that he was picking up on every nuance in my posture and expression. I crossed my arms defensively. I hated that he could see right through me.

Kurt looked between me, my arms crossed, glaring at the boy I'm hopelessly in love with, and Blaine, smiling gently and sympathetic, telling me that he's sorry, because he does know how much it kills me.

He doesn't. He's never lived every day knowing that the one thing he wants more than anything in this world is the one thing he can never have. It's an agony that you have to live to understand, but he can certainly pity me for it. "Y… You…"

"Yes, Kurt, I'm madly in love with your boyfriend. Can we move past this please?" I know I'm being snappy, but really, can you blame me? I never intended Kurt to know. I don't need him to start getting all defensive.

But – "What the hell, Kurt?" I asked as he threw his arms around me, covering up my view of his watery gaze. "What's with the waterworks?"

"Be- Because you love B.. Blaine, and you never even- You-" He dissolved into tears, ruining my shirt, and Blaine hurried over to rub Kurt's back. I was standing stiffly, not understanding how we got from where we were to where we are. "And you never do anything about it, and it's not fair, because you deserve someone!"

Oh my God. "If you do not get off of me right now, I will throw you over the railing." My voice is perfectly controlled and just dark enough to make Kurt back off in a hurry. I grabbed his chin, making him look at me. "Now, I want to make something perfectly clear. I do not want your sympathy and I do not need your sympathy. You are not permitted to pity me for any reason. Is that perfectly clear?"

"But… But-"

"Is that clear?"

Kurt nodded and I released him with a smile. "Good." I strode into the store and tossed the jacket he had been drooling over at him. "Try it on."

He did, and I grinned and went to the cashier. "What are you doing?"

"We'll take the jacket."