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The Building Blocks of Good and Evil

Chapter One- Oh Duck

Being one slayer of many had not made Buffy's job much easier. She had thought, at first, that maybe she would try to live the normal, All-American lifestyle. She had enrolled Dawn in some little, out of the way rural high school. She had gotten a job as a receptionist in some medical office. And all her friends went their separate ways. Willow, Giles, and Kennedy had decided that the slayers that had been made could not be left to their own devices. Together, with the other slayers that had fought in the Battle of Sunnydale—as if it was some battle that would make the history books someday, which Buffy doubted—the three of them had formed the New Watchers' Council. And of all plans, Buffy had been the most uneasy about that.

But she had stayed out of it. She had refused to look for or train the new slayers, despite how often Willow and Giles asked her. For three years, she managed to life that normal life. Long enough for Dawn to graduate from high school like a normal girl. Xander had shown up for the graduation, informing Buffy that he had tried his hand at a "normal life" too.

"It didn't work," he had said, smiling as Dawn strode proudly across the stage.

Buffy's smile, pride shining from her for her sister, faltered. She had glanced at Xander, who shrugged.

"I just kept… I don't know, Buffy… seeing monsters everywhere. And every time I was just going to walk on by, I couldn't help but think: Somebody is going to die. And I knew how to stop it. And I'd end up getting involved."

At which point, he had stopped, laughed, and tapped his eye patch.

"Believe it or not, mysterious man with an eye patch saving a girl from evil? Apparently a major turn on."

Dawn had retaken her seat and was now waving at her sister, pointing to her diploma, mouthing "I did it, I did it" over and over.

Xander and Buffy both smiled and nodded at Dawn. Finally, as the principal of the school stood up to make his closing speech, Xander leaned back over to Buffy.

"I really don't know how you have been staying away from the whole 'saving the day' gig," he said.

There was a momentary silence between the two then, nothing but the principal's voice droning over the speakers filling the gym. Finally, Buffy rested her elbow on the arm of her chair, rested her head in her hand.

"Actually, I haven't been staying away, Xander. I mean, I haven't been slaying as much as I used to… but every so often, like you said, when it couldn't be missed to someone who lived in Sunnydale, I would swoop in, and, like you said, save the day."

She sighed and bit her bottom lip, closing her eyes. She could almost feel the confusion radiating from her friend.

"You act like you're ashamed. Like it's some sort of drug you've tried to kick, and failed. I don't get it."

"But I did try to stop, Xan. I tried to give Dawn a normal life, a life she deserved. But every time I would save the day, go out at night here in this new town and kill a monster, I would get closer and closer to slipping back into that life, a slayer's life. And I get closer to ruining the normality I've built for Dawn."

Buffy felt close to tears. If she was honest with herself, this so called "normal life," was boring the living daylights out of her. Every day of going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, helping Dawn with her homework, and then going to bed just to start it all over again was getting closer and closer to driving her absolutely crazy. It just felt like, every day, she was just waiting, hoping for something to happen. Anything. Apocalypse, demon cult, anything! She expected Xander to lean back against his seat, and uncomfortably ignore her little confession. However, he simply chuckled. She turned, glared, and shook her head.

"What the hell, Xander? I pour my heart out, and you laugh? It hasn't been easy, you know!"

Xander held his hands up defensively. "I know, I know. It's just… Buff, you really make it sound like you were some sort of drug addict who keeps falling off the wagon. What you do is a good thing, Buffy. Never doubt that. We've all kept it up, Buffy. Even Dawn."

The principal instructed the students to move their tassels, and Buffy's shock was delayed for a moment as she clapped for her sister. As soon as the procession of high school graduates were led out of the gym, Buffy—as the fellow guests began to stand and follow them out—turned to Xander.

"What the hell do you mean, 'even Dawn'?"

Xander had stood only to roll his single eye and fall back into his seat beside Buffy.

"She made me promise not to tell, but I thought it'd make you feel better. Dawn's been helping me by doing my research when I go out looking for the big bads. She's gotten really great at it. Willow's even tapped her for helping with the training of the newer slayers."

And that was the night that she had considered herself "back in." Giles, Willow, Spike, and the whole gang of Scoobies had arrived to see Dawnie graduate. She had stridden out of the gym, ready to give her little sister a piece of mind. How dare Dawn do such a thing? But as soon as she had seen all of her friends, whom she had not seen in at least three years, her heart melted. And following a hug and "congratulations" to Dawn, her next words were spoken to Willow.

"I want back in."

That was five months ago. She managed to get out of her apartment's lease, and get Dawn enrolled in an online college. The two then moved to the newly established Slayer Headquarters in an old castle in Scotland, and Buffy assumed her—as Giles put it, "rightful"—role as leader of the new slayers. Dawn took over helping Giles with the research groups, which comprised itself mostly of newly arrived, undertrained slayers, Giles, and Dawn.

And two nights earlier, the group had stumbled upon a doozey of a problem. A demon had popped up on the Cleveland Hellmouth, causing more trouble than that Hellmouth was used to seeing—which, being a Hellmouth, was saying something. The demon's minions were spreading all over the city, killing without remorse, and draining their victims of blood. Rumor had it that, instead of drinking it, they were storing it away. And for what was only someone's guess. But Buffy figured it was for what demons usually gathered blood for.

"A ritual," she said as the group that she had gathered to take of this problem moved into position.

The demon and his lackeys had gathered inside an abandoned warehouse on the bad side of town—as all cities had one. Even from the place where the slayers had gathered, several hundred feet back from the building, they could still hear the droning of chanting. And an odd, red-colored light was leaking from the building's high windows.

"Yes, but a ritual to what end?" Giles asked, adjusting the crossbow in his hands.

"Killing people? Just a guess," Buffy replied, shrugging.

"It's often a little more complicated than that. I would have thought that you'd know that by now, Buffy."

The slayer chose to ignore that one as she turned toward her group. It was a rather formidable one, if she did say so herself, save for the absence of Willow. Willow was busy in South America, gathering together a group of young women who had recently discovered their slayer abilities and had decided to go just the tiniest bit rouge. To be honest, Buffy had thought that maybe, just maybe, she ought to have gone with her powerfully witchy friend. But, for some reason, her attention had been drawn to the blood-gathering, ritual demon. There was something just… off about this demon.

"His name is Kae'uqs," Dawn said, reading from a tome that Buffy thought was a bit too heavy to bring on a demon hunt. "He's known as The Keeper of Destiny, the Guardian of Keys, and the Opener of Doorways."

"'Opener of Doorways'?" Cassandra—a bright, intelligent slayer and one of the first to complete the preliminary training set up by Willow and Giles—asked. "What kind of name is that? It's not exactly frightening, is it?"

"Or mysterious," Allie—an Asian-American slayer who had gained quite a reputation for a swift kill—put in.

"We can ask him right before we lop his head off," Buffy interrupted. Then, on a second thought, she added, turning toward her sister, "We do lop his head off, don't we, Dawnie?"

Dawn, her hair now cut to shoulder length and currently tied back into a low ponytail, flipped through the dusty pages of her tome. Skimming one thin index finger down a page, she finally nodded.

"Yup. An iron axe to the neck ought to do the trick."

Buffy twirled such an axe in her hand, only to catch it and hold it close to her. The other slayers, Dawn, and even Giles were similarly armed.

"Then let's do this," she said.

She heard Dawn set the book down upon the cold asphalt as she darted her way over to the demon's warehouse. She stopped at the two, large metal doors just long enough to make sure her group was there to back her up. Finally, a small smile upon her face, she said, "Let's not knock."

Lifting her right leg, she delivered a swift kick to the center where the doors met, sending them both flying open.

"Anybody home?" the Chosen One called.

Immediately the demon's minions, all of whom were obscured by their long black robes, rose from their knees, whirling upon the group. A quick count told Buffy that they were outnumbered, four to one, but she had been through worse. She brandished the axe again, and flipped back her blonde ponytail.

"I'm going to guess that you didn't check to see if demonic rituals were within the zoning rights for this area, am I right?"

The minions roared, their hoods falling back to reveal grotesque faces of black and green. They were terribly malformed, with their eyes being where their mouth should be, their mouth being where their nose should be, and horns being where their eyes should be. A nose was completely missing.

But at their center, lowering his own hood was their leader, Kae'uqs. All his face-parts were exactly where they should be—save for the addition of spiraling horns and the fact that he was a deep purple color—and he smiled down upon Buffy and her group, laughing.

"The Chosen One is mine!" he cried out, throwing his arms out in front of him.

The demon minions rushed forward, totally ignoring Buffy as they went. She even managed to chop off a few heads without much of a fight before she had to rush forward. Sounds of metal meeting claws and slicing flesh met her ears, but she ignored them as she moved to face off with the master. Her stomach curled, just a bit, as she stomped over pools of blood—human blood, she knew—to reach Kae'uqs.

He had not moved down from his raised dais. As still as a statue he stood, arms now crossed low across his torso, smiling at the slayer approaching him. Buffy held her weapon tight against her body, tense and ready for a fight. Kae'uqs's smile did not waver in the least as, finally, she stepped up near him. He did not even retreat from her.

His confidence worried her. But she would not let him know that.

"This is over. Whatever this is," Buffy said, casting a quick eye to her bloody surroundings.

He laughed a deep, roaring, throaty laugh that shook her to her very core. She had gone up against worse, she knew this, but something about this demon was unsettling her big time. Shaking his head, he uncrossed his arms and held a hand out. For a moment, Buffy thought that he was offering her to take it, and her stomach tightened with disgust. But he grinned, moving it so that it gestured to the surrounds.

"Slayer, you come to destroy me, yet you do not understand what it is I do. Humans never cease to amaze me in their ignorance," he said, his voice just as deep as his laugh, making Buffy think of sickly sweet cough syrup.

She had never liked cough syrup. Give her a pill any day.

"You kill people. That's all I need to know."

Again, that booming laugh.

"Such bravado. Slayer, this is all for you. Destiny has seen it fit that our paths might cross, and that I might play a role in what is to come for you. I am simply doing just that."

Buffy twirled her iron axe. Talk was cheap, or so they said. And she figured that talking with a demon was even cheaper. Behind her, her fellow slayers and family fought the horde of demon minions that Kae'uqs had sent at them. She dared to steal a glance behind her. She quickly spotted the slayers she had brought with her, bruised and cut, but alive. Giles was in a similar state. Dawn, thankfully, had not a mark on her as she fought on just as ferociously as any slayer. Buffy turned her attention back to Kae'uqs.

"Do you know how often that I hear that? A lot. Oh yeah. And not just from demons. Vampires, too. So if we could just, you know, fight and get this over with?"

"Miss Summers, my destiny is not to fight you."

Buffy's eyes widened. "How do you know my name?"

She realized it was a stupid question. She was the Chosen One. Not only that, she was the one who had shared her power with many. Of course she was known throughout the demon underworld. Wasn't she?

"Our paths are intertwined at this junction, Slayer."

More sounds of weapons meeting claws and flesh slicing. She heard Allie cry out, but she could not turn away from Kae'uqs.

"You feel it, do you not? You can feel that tonight is not like any other."

With that, his arms raised and he began to chant in some strange demon language that Buffy had never heard. Andrew, since her return to the life of a Slayer, had taken it upon himself to begin to teach her such things… but just as when she took French in high school, it was not going well.

"Bad move," she said, lifting her axe. "Leaving yourself all open like that."

But as she started to bring the weapon across his neck, a grunt of pain caught her attention. She turned to see Dawn, her weapon clattering to the warehouse's cement floor, clutching her stomach.

"Dawn!" Buffy cried, her eyes wide.

She leapt down from the dais, hacking and slicing her way to her sister. Meanwhile, Kae'uqs's chanting continued.


Another demon minion in her way. Another demon minion without a head. Dawn was now on her knees on the floor, and something had changed. It did not look like she was clutching her stomach in pain, so much as clutching it to keep something in. Buffy's stomach lurched, fearing the worst. Kae'uqs's chanting grew louder. Suddenly, Buffy stopped.

Leaking out from under Dawn's crossed arms was a bright, green light. And it seemed to be growing. The chanting stopped, and Buffy turned back towards Kae'uqs.

"Destiny is ours tonight, Slayer!" he cried.

"What have you done to her?"

Buffy began to run toward the demon, ready to put an end to all of this. But Dawn cut her move short.

"Buffy!" she cried out.

The Chosen One turned just in time to see a luminous green light burst forth from her sister's body, unchecked. It blinded her, and she shielded her eyes as it completely filled the warehouse.

"Dawn!" Buffy yelled back, but suddenly, she felt woozy.

She felt herself falling and hitting a hard floor, her axe mysteriously gone from her hands. And before she knew it, all she could see was blackness.


Buffy groaned, her head pounding. She tried to open her eyes, but they did not seem to want to work at the moment. So she lay there, relishing in the pleasant chill of the concrete floor below her. However, her mind did not let her rest for long. Images of the green light bursting forth from her little sister flashed before her eyes, and she forced them to flicker open. And one thing was immediately clear.

She was not in the warehouse anymore.

"Or in Kansas, I take it," she muttered, hoping that somehow, somewhere, Xander would be proud of that joke.

Everything looked, in a word, weird. In two words: mondo weird. And in three words: super freaky weird. Colors were… more vibrant than she remembered, but not so vibrant that they stood out as being especially strange. In fact, she felt like she was suddenly in a toned-down version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Only no overly sexed red heads, and, like she had noticed before, not as vibrantly different than her own skin tones and such. Everything in the strange place had a slight, cartoony feel to it, but not. It was not easy to explain or comprehend.

She cast her gaze upwards, noting the strange gadgets that hung from the ceiling, and the raised platform that loomed in front of her. It had to be several feet high, and finally noticing the high windows, the place itself had a distinctly tower feel to it.

"Uh, Dad?" a voice to her left suddenly called. "Dad!"

Buffy turned, and this time she thought for sure that her eyes were just going to roll right out of her skull. A duck with red hair wearing a light purple jersey shirt that had the number one on it, who stood probably no higher than her knees, looked wide-eyed at Buffy. In the place of wings where they should be on ducks, feathered arms and four-fingered hands were instead. She still possessed the webbed feet, though.

"Dad!" the duck called again, and Buffy was sure that this was a little girl duck.

"What is it, Gosalyn? Daddy's busy!" came a reply from atop the tall platform.

"Oh my God," Buffy breathed, and the girl duck—Gosalyn—gasped.

"Keen gear! What are you?" she asked, taking a tentative step forward.

"Whoa now, Gos. Be careful. I mean, Me and DW have seen this type of creature before. She's a human," another duck—this one probably standing Buffy's full height, dressed like a pilot with a tuft of red hair poking out from under his aviator's cap—said.

"Wow," Gosalyn breathed.

"Where am I?" Buffy asked, still sitting on the cold stone floor.

She heard a voice clear itself and looked up to see a big billed duck dressed in a purple suit, hat, and cape standing before her.

"Well, you're definitely not in Kansas," he said, crossing his arms.

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