Chapter 19: Date Night: Part 2

From heresy, frenzy and jealousy, good Lord deliver me.

-Ludovico Ariosto

Clark adjusted his jacket nervously as he stood outside Lois' apartment building. Staring down at the registry of people living there, he hesitated in pushing the button to call her room. Finally, after taking a calming breath, he reached out and pushed the button.

"Who is it?" Lois' voice came from over the intercom a second later.

"It-It's Clark," Clark stammered, immediately kicking himself for sounding like such an idiot.

"Hey Smallville!" Lois greeted him happily, "I'll be down in a second, okay?"

"Sure, I'll be here," Clark said, laughing nervously.

"You had better be!" Lois laughed in reply before the intercom went silent.

Clark spent the next few minutes nervously fidgeting outside the building's front door as he waited for Lois. He would periodically check on her with his advance senses, before getting angry with himself for spying on her. Eventually though, he saw her making her way down to meet him and quickly looked away, fixing his appearance as he waited.

A minute later and Lois walked out the front door. She was dressed in a white blouse and a black skirt, over which she wore a black winter coat. She also wore a pair of black shoes and a silver necklace and carried a black bag.

"Hey there, Smallville," she greeted him with a smile.

"H-Hey, Lois," Clark replied, blushing, "You look great!"

"Thanks, you don't look too shabby yourself, Clark," Lois commented with a smirk as she walked over and wrapped her arm around his, "Shall we go?"

"Uh, sure," Clark replied, blushing harder.

"Great, I know this great movie theater downtown," Lois said as she began to physically drag Clark behind her as she made her way down the street, "And after that I know a place we can grab some burgers that are just to die for."

Clark couldn't help but smile as he was dragged down the street, Lois chatting with him all the way.


Diana sighed, standing outside the house in one of Metropolis' more affluent neighborhoods. Adjusting her jacket, she took a calming breathe before walking up to the door and knocking. There was a slight commotion from within before the door was answered by a woman.

She had wavy brown hair done up in a bun. She had brown eyes and a slim build. She was dressed in a simple black dress with a pearl necklace around her neck. She looked at Diana and smiled.

"You must be Diana," she greeted her warmly, "I'm Dr. Marla Jameson, Jonah's wife."

"It's nice to meet you, Dr. Jameson," Diana replied, caught a little off guard.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Diana," Marla said as she opened the door more, "Please come in. And call me Marla, everyone does."

"Of course," Diana replied with a smile as she stepped in, taking off her jacket as she did so. Entering the home, she found herself in a well decorated entrance hall. Marla took Diana's jacket and hung it in a nearby closet before she began to lead her down the hallway.

As they made their way down the hall, they were almost bowled over as another person rushed into the room, almost bowling Diana over. The person was a young girl, only about fourteen years old, with short brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a brown blouse along with a pair of black capris.

"Whoa, sorry!" the girl exclaimed as Diana caught her.

"Mattie, what did I say about running around the house like that?" Marla said sternly.

"Sorry Aunt Marla," Mattie apologized, before looking at Diana, "Are you Uncle Jonah's secretary?"

"I am," Diana said, holding out her hand, "Diana Prince."

"Mattie Franklin," replied, shaking her hand.

"So Marla and Jonah are your aunt and uncle?" Diana asked.

"In a way," Marla explained, "Jonah is friends with Mattie's father."

"My dad hasn't been around for a while," Mattie explained a bit awkwardly.

"Well, it's a good thing you have your aunt and uncle then," Diana replied, earning a smile from Mattie.

"Prince! There you are!" Jonah bellowed as he entered the room, walking up and slapping his hand on Diana's shoulder, "Glad you could make it!"

"Good evening, Mr. Jameson," Diana greeted with a slightly forced smile.

"Please, Diana," Marla said with a smile, "No formality tonight. My husband is Jonah while you're under our roof."

"Alright, Marla," Diana replied with a smile as Jonah grumbled in annoyance.

"Hey, what's all the commotion in here?" a new voice asked. Turning to look at in the direction the voice had come from, she found a man walking into the room. He appeared to be in his mid-twenties, with wavy brown hair and brown eyes. He was tall and had a muscular figure, dressed in a dark blue sports jacket, white button up shirts, and dark blue pants with brown shoes.

"Well hello," he said, flashing a winning smile at Diana, "You must be dad's secretary, Diana."

"You must be John Jameson," Diana replied caught slightly off guard.

"Guilty as charged," he replied with a smile, before holding out his hand, "Nice to meet you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well," Diana replied as she shook his hand.

"Well now that all these introductions are out of the way, how about we eat?" Jonah suggested rubbing his stomach greedily.

"Fine," Marla chuckled while rolling her eyes, "Don't want to keep the hungry bear waiting."

Diana smirked appreciatively as John and Mattie chuckled, before they all began to make their way into the kitchen.

"You're in for a treat," John whispered to Diana, "My mother is easily the best cook in all of Metropolis."

"I look forward to putting that to the test," Diana replied with a smirk. John chuckled in reply as they walked into the dining room.


Four people sat on the rooftop of a convenience store across the street. Spider-Man, Jimmy and Mary Jane sat around with dubious looks on their faces as Thor stood on the edge of the building, staring intently into the home across the street.

"They're just having dinner, Thor," Spider-Man spoke up with a sigh, "I think you're taking Diana's past relationship with JJ a bit too seriously."

"Nay, I am sure the villain is up to something," Thor replied, continuing to stare.

"Looks like dinner to me," Jimmy quipped, earning a glare from Thor, "Sorry."

"Really, Thor," Mary Jane spoke up from her position next to Spider-Man, "I think you might be looking for something that's not there."

"I thought you three had come here to assist me," Thor stated, turning from the house to look at the four teenagers.

"Well," Spider-Man said, scratching his head, "It was more to make sure you didn't do anything…rash."

"Rash?" Thor asked, "When have I ever been rash?"

The three teenagers merely stared at him blankly for a moment.

"I feel some trouble is afoot," Thor insisted.

"They're just having dinner," Spider-Man pointed out, "what could possibly happen?"

"Hello, my love," a new voice said, catching all of them off guard. Turning around, they found Enchantress and Executioner standing on the other side of the roof.

"Me and my big mouth," Spider-Man sighed.

"Amora!" Thor gasped, "What are you doing here!"

"I take it you know these guys, Thor?" Jimmy asked.

"We're lovers," Enchantress said with a smile, earning a grimace from Executioner.

"That's a lie, witch," Thor growled.

"Ex-girlfriend," Spider-Man muttered to the other two, earning a nod from them.

"Your words wound me," Enchantress said, holding a hand to her heart.

"Should I teach him a lesson, milady?" Executioner asked.

"Jealous boyfriend," Spider-Man muttered, earning another nod from Jimmy and MJ.

"What did you say, mortal?" Executioner snapped, glaring at Spider-Man.

"Whoa touchy," Spider-Man said, holding up his hands in a defensive position, "Don't burst a blood vessel there, big guy."

Executioner growled as he took a step towards Spider-Man, but was stopped when Enchantress held up her hand.

"Calm yourself, Skurge," she stated, "We must not always jump to violence."

"Why are you here, Amora?" Thor demanded.

"I thought you'd be glad that I came to you in your time of need," Amora explained.

"My time of need?" Thor questioned.

"I saw how it pained you to see that Amazonian harlot with another man and I came to comfort you," Enchantress explained.

"What did you call Diana!" Thor demanded, taking a step towards Enchantress.

"Easy, Thor," Spider-Man said, stepping in front of Thor and putting a hand to his chest, "I don't think we've been introduced. I'm Spider-Man."

"I do not care who you are, mortal," Enchantress said dismissively.

"Well, that's rude," Spider-Man replied, "Usually one gives their name after being told someone else's."

"I am Amora the Enchantress, you insolent whelp," Enchantress growled while glaring at Spider-Man, "And this is Skurge the Executioner."

"You would be wise to respect your betters, insect," Skurge snarled.

"Arachnid," Spider-Man corrected.

"What?" Skurge asked.

"A spider is an arachnid, not an insect," Spider-Man explained, "Don't worry though, I'm sure you're not really the scholarly type."

"Peter!" MJ hissed at him.

"Oops," Spider-Man said as he noticed the Executioner glaring at him, "Me and my big mouth…again."

"I'll crush you!" Skurge growled as he stomped towards Spider-Man. As he did, Thor stepped in between the two of them, glaring at Executioner.

"I suggest you take a step back, Skurge," Thor growled.

"I'm not afraid of you, Thunderer," Skurge growled back, gripping his axe tighter.

"You should be," Thor said, his eyes narrowing, "We've had this fight enough times before for you to know how this will end."

"I wouldn't do that, my love," Enchantress said, catching everyone's attention. She stood on the ledge of the building, pointing her hand at the Jameson home across the street, a ball of mystical energy swirling in the palm of her hand.

"What are you doing, Amora!" Thor demanded as he turned to face her.

"I'm removing the problem troubling you, my love," she explained, as she turned towards the building as the energy ball in her hand began to spin faster and faster. Just as she was about to fire the ball of energy, Spider-Man fired a webline at her, snagging her arm and yanking it to the side. The energy ball flew through the air and slammed into the street below with a large explosion that ripped a hole in the concrete. Car alarms blared as dogs barked wildly.

"You dare touch me, scum!" Enchantress shrieked as she turned to glare at Spider-Man.

"Oh, I dare," Spider-Man replied before firing a web blast at Enchantress, hitting her directly in the face, completely covering it in webbing.

"I'll kill you for that, worm!" Executioners shouted as he charged at Spider-Man, his axe raised.

"Look out!" MJ screamed as Executioner brought his axe down on him.

"Oh boy," Spider-Man muttered as his spider sense went crazy and the world seemed to slow down around him. He leapt backwards as the Executioner's axe swiped through the air where Spider-Man had been standing a moment before, instead digging into the concrete making up the roof and cracking it severely. Spider-Man flipped around and landed on the street below, looking up at Executioner.

"I will crush you!" Executioner bellowed before he leapt into the air with his axe raised. As he fell through the air, the head of his axe began to glow light blue. Spider-Man leapt backwards to avoid the axe strike that split open the asphalt. At the same time, there was a flash of light blue energy before spikes of ice began shooting out of the ground. Spider-Man's eyes widened behind his mask as he backflipped away, the stream of ice spikes chasing him as he went. Spider-Man continued to flip backwards eventually landing on top of Jameson's car as the ice spikes followed him. The car blared as an ice spike shot up through the engine, inches from Spider-Man's face.

"Whoa," Spider-Man whispered to himself. As he did, the Jameson family, along with Diana, came pouring out of the house.

"What in Sam Hill is going on out here?" Jonah demanded, before he noticed Spider-Man sitting on his now ruined car, "What did you do to my car!"

"Don't blame me!" Spider-Man shouted back, "Blame the crazy giant with the huge axe!"

As he said that, Executioner leapt into the air again, raising his axe above his head, the blade now glowing a reddish-orange. Spider-Man back flipped off the car as Executioner brought his axe down on it, causing it to explode in a small fireball. The blast knocked the Jameson family and Diana off their feet and shattered the windows of their home.

"My car!" Jameson shouted as he got back to his feet, before he turned and looked at his home, "My house!"

Jonah turned back to the flaming wreck that was his car, just as the hulking form of the Executioner rose out of the fire.

"Hey, you big idiot!" he bellowed, catching Executioner's attention, "What the hell do you think you're doing! That was my goddamn car!"

"You dare to speak to me like that?" Executioner growled, stomping out of the inferno towards Jonah, "Do you know who I am!"

Jonah growled before taking a step towards Executioner, glaring up at him. Diana took a step forward to stop him, but she was stopped when John stepped in front of her and grabbed Jonah's shoulder.

"Dad, wait!" John called, trying in vain to stop his father, "Maybe you shouldn't go picking fights with giants!"

"I don't give a damn who you are!" Jonah shouted back, ignoring his son's pleas, "I'm J. Jonah Jameson and I'm not afraid of roid-raging pinhead like you!"

Executioner roared in rage as he lifted his axe above his head to slice Jonah in half. As he did, Spider-Man leapt over his head from behind him, firing webbing into Executioner's face. Spider-Man flipped around and landed as Executioner stumbled backwards, dropping his axe as he tried to pull the webbing off his face.

"Hey, pal!" Spider-Man shouted at Jonah, "Why don't you leave this to the professionals?"

"Why you little…" Jonah growled at Spider-Man but his next insult died in his throat as Diana grabbed his shoulder.

"Sir, I think we need to get somewhere safe," she said with a serious look on her face before she glanced over her shoulder at Marla and Mattie, who were looking at him with scared expressions.

"Right," Jonah replied after a moment, "Let's get somewhere safe."

Diana nodded as she turned to go with the others as Jonah grabbed both Mattie and Marla's hands and dragged them away.

"Come on, John!" Jonah shouted over his shoulder.

"Right behind you, Dad!" John shouted back, before he reached out and grabbed Diana's hand, "Come on, Diana. We have to get somewhere safe!"

"Um…right!" Diana agreed, trying not to break her cover. Glancing over her shoulder as she ran with John, she saw Spider-Man looking at her, giving her a thumbs up. She nodded in return, before turning and running with the Jamesons.

Just as the Jamesons were safe, Spider-Man turned to face Executioner, who had finally managed to get the webbing off his face.

"I'LL RIP YOU APART!" Executioner bellowed.

"This…is not going to be fun," Spider-Man whispered to himself as he crouched down in a fighting stance.

Meanwhile, Thor and the Enchantress stood on top of the building, watching the fighting down below. Mary Jane and Jimmy were taking cover a few yards away.

"Amora, stop this madness," Thor demanded, turning to look at her.

"It is not my place," Enchantress replied, "Your mortal whelp has offended Skurge and I see no reason that he should not get the justice he deserves."

"Justice?" Thor replied, shocked, "This is insanity. You and Skurge will leave at once!"

"Not until I got what I came for," Enchantress replied, giving Thor a coy smile.

"What you came for?" Thor asked, confused.

"You, my love," Enchantress said as her smile grew.

Before Thor could react, Enchantress disappeared in a cloud of yellowish green smoke. As Thor looked around in surprise, Enchantress appeared behind him in another cloud of smoke.

"Thor! Look out behind you!" MJ screamed, pointing at Enchantress. Thor turned around as Enchantress reached up and grabbed the sides of his head before pulling him into a kiss. Thor's eyes shot open in shock, before they took on a dazed, glassy look to them. Enchantress slowly pulled away, smiling as she did so.

"How do you feel, my love?" she asked.

"Alive, as I am with you, my beloved," Thor said in a dazed voice.

"That can't be good," Jimmy whispered to MJ, who nodded fearfully.

"You say the sweetest things, my love," Enchantress cooed, before turning her green eyes to the two teenagers as her expression turned sinister, "What do you say you show these mortals the true power of a god."

Thor slowly turned to face Jimmy and MJ, his eyes glowing with power as sparks began to shoot off the head of his hammer and his hair was tussled by the air stirring around him.

"Oh my god," MJ whispered as her eyes widened in fear.

"Move!" Jimmy shouted, before he dove to the side and tackled MJ to the ground, just as Thor lifted his hammer and fired a lightning bolt at the two of them, causing part of the roof to explode where it was struck. MJ and Jimmy screamed in fear as debris rained down around them. Down on the ground, Spider-Man looked up as the sound of the explosion caught his attention.

"MJ!" he shouted in fear "Jimmy!"

As he did, Executioner charged at him with axe raised, causing his spider sense to go haywire. Backflipping away as Executioner slammed his axe against the ground, he watched as the pavement crumbled and cracked below. He landed a few feet away, glancing up at the now smoking roof before looking back at Executioner.

"That all you got!" Spider-Man taunted, causing Executioner to seethe in rage.

"Brave words from a coward who doesn't dare stand and fight me!" Executioner bellowed back.

"That's the way you want it, huh?" Spider-Man said mostly to himself, "Fine! Let's do it!"

Rushing at Executioner, Spider-Man leapt into the air. He flipped around and landed hard on the broken asphalt in front of Executioner. He landed on a single piece of asphalt, causing it to seesaw upward, striking Executioner on the chin, knocking his head backwards and causing him to stumble back. As he did, Spider-Man ran up the upturned piece of asphalt and vaulted off of it. Flipping through the air, Spider-Man landed feet first on Executioner's upturned face. Connecting weblines to each of Executioner's shoulders, Spider-Man began to repeatedly pound his feet against Executioner's face before leaping off. As Executioner stumbled backwards, Spider-Man flipped back onto the upturned piece of asphalt, still holding onto the weblines. Landing on the lower portion of the chunk of asphalt, he yanked on the weblines, pulling Executioner forward and slamming his face against the asphalt. Running back up the chunk, he flipped back over Executioner and landed behind him, before he pulled down on the weblines, spinning Executioner around and slamming him into the ground.

"Had enough!" Spider-Man demanded, before he turned and fired a webline at the building, yanking himself up, "Because I have! Toodles!"

Landing on the roof, he looked around. Smoke billowed out of the hole that now took up most of the roof, making it hard for Spider-Man to see anyone.

"Jimmy!" he called out, "Mary Jane!"

"Peter!" he heard MJ call out from the other side of the smoke cloud. Running towards it, he leapt into the cloud and landed on the other side, finding MJ and Jimmy, a little dirty and bruised, but ultimately alright.

"Are you two okay?" Spider-Man asked.

"No!" Jimmy shouted, "Peter, that Enchantress lady, she…"

As he spoke, Spider-Man's spider sense went nuts, prompting him to quickly rush forward, grab Jimmy and MJ and leap away, just as a lightning bolt struck where he had been standing. The resulting explosion caused the roof of the convenience store to cave in as the shockwave knocked the three teenagers through the air and causing Spider-Man to lose his grip on the other two. Acting quickly, he spun around in the air, snagging Jimmy and Mary Jane with weblines and pulling them back to him, before flipping around and landing on his feet on the street below as the various other families living on the street fled their homes, seeking safety. Looking back as he set the two of them down, he saw Thor float down to the ground, Enchantress following him as his hammer crackled with electricity.

"Thor, what the hell are you doing!" Spider-Man demanded.

"That's what we were trying to tell you, Peter," MJ spoke up, "She's controlling him!"

"Controlling him?" Spider-Man asked, before he got a better look at the dazed look in Thor's eyes, "This night just keeps getting worse and worse."

"It seems you're outnumbered and overpowered, mortal," Enchantress sneered at Spider-Man as Executioner walked over to her side, glaring at Spider-Man as he wiped away the blood coming from his cut lip.

"What do we do, Peter?" Jimmy asked, fear clear on his face.

"The only thing we can do," Peter said determinedly, before grabbing Jimmy and MJ around the waist and leaping away, "Run!"

"Kill them!" Enchantress bellowed as she shot a mystical blast at Spider-Man, Thor following suit with a lightning bolt from his hammer. Spider-Man barely managed to dodge the attacks, which blew off chunks of the house next to the Jameson's. The shockwave of the blast sent the three teenagers flying through the air. Spider-Man managed to fire a blast of webbing, which expanded between two trees in the Jameson's backyard, forming a web which caught Jimmy and MJ as they fell. Spider-Man, meanwhile, was propelled into the Jameson household, knocking a large hole in the wall.

Meanwhile, down the street, the Jameson family and Diana were seeking shelter with the other families who lived on the street. Seeing the explosion, the Jameson's let out a collective gasp as Diana clenched her hands into fists in worry and agitation.

"What's that Thor guy doing!" John asked, "I thought he was one of the heroes."

"He is," Diana insisted, "Something is wrong. I…I should be going."

"Nonsense Diana," Marla said, "The police will be here soon. It will be safer if we stick together."

Diana grimaced as she tried to think of another way she could slip away to change into Wonder Woman.

"Do you think Spider-Man is okay?" Mattie asked, a worried look on her face, "That looked like a pretty big explosion."

"I'm sure he's fine, sweetie," Marla comforted her, though she seemed to not truly believe her own words.

"What does it matter?" Jonah asked, "He's in cahoots with the others, isn't he? Everyone knows he pals around with that Thor guy and look what he's doing! Criminals, the whole lot of them!"

"Mr. Jameson, how can you say that!" Diana demanded, "He saved your life."

"Easy, he's a menace," Jonah replied, "he and his friends. Everyone says they're heroes but look at all the damage they cause. Look at my home! All for what? Looks to me like they're just fighting amongst themselves now."

"He saved your life, Uncle Jonah!" Mattie shouted, turning and pointing an accusing finger at Jonah, "He saved all our lives! And now you call him a criminal! When he might be hurt because he was trying to save other people!"

Jonah didn't say anything as he looked at the angry young girl.

"Mattie, sweetie, please calm down," Marla pleaded, a worried look in her eyes.

"No!" Mattie replied, "I know what Uncle Jonah says about Spider-Man, but he's a hero. I was there the day he fought Electro! He saved so many people and if you won't lift a finger to help him, well then I will!"

Before anyone could stop her, Mattie whirled around and took off towards the house, leaving stunned looks on everyone's faces.

"Mattie no!" Marla yelled, panic in her eyes "Please, someone stop her!"

Before anyone else could react, Diana had kicked off her shoes and was racing after the girl.

"Diana, wait!" John shouted as he ran after her as well.

The girl was quicker than Diana had expected, racing ahead of her and darting into the house before Diana could catch up. Following her, she heard the telltale sounds of battle, just as Diana caught up to the girl in the front hall.

"Mattie, what are you doing!" she demanded, grabbing the girl's shoulder.

"We have to help Spider-Man! He's in trouble!" Mattie explained. As she said that, there was a loud explosion before a whole was blown through the ceiling and Spider-Man came falling through, landing hard on his back. Spider-Man groaned in pain as Diana and Mattie rushed over to him.

"Spider-Man, are you okay!" Mattie asked as she looked down at him.

Spider-Man groaned in pain before he snapped to attention.

"Look out!" he shouted before pushing himself off the ground and tackling the two girls to the side as Executioner dropped through the hole in the ceiling, smashing onto the space where Spider-Man had been laying. Turning, he grinned savagely at the three in front of him.

"There you are, little bug," Executioner said with a grin, "Find more mortals for me to play with?"

"Leave them out of this," Spider-Man snarled as he stepped in front of Diana and Mattie.

"Or what?" Executioner snarled. As he spoke, John entered the hall from behind him. Looking down, he saw a board that had fallen to the ground from the ceiling. Picking it up, he quickly swung it, smashing it against the back of Executioner's head. The board shattered, but Executioner didn't even flinch. Growling in annoyance, he slowly turned to glare at John, who looked back at him fearfully.

"You shouldn't have done that, mortal," Executioner growled as he raised his axe above his. Before he could bring it down, Spider-Man fired two weblines at the axe and pulled back on it, causing Executioner to stumble backwards. As Executioner turned to face Spider-Man, he ran at the large man, before doing a forward handspring and driving his feet into Executioner's face. Bouncing off as Executioner stumbled backwards, Spider-Man flipped back to his feet, before firing a webline at Executioner's axe. Yanking on it, he managed to pull it from the giant man's grasp. Running over to it, Spider-Man grabbed the axe with two hands before Executioner could recover. Spinning around, he swung the axe at Executioner, gouging out a piece of the wall next to him as he swung the massive weapon, and hit Executioner with the broadside of the axe. The force of the blow sent Executioner flying backwards, smashing through the wall and rolling out into the street.

"You like that!" Spider-Man taunted as he tried to catch his breath.

"You are tenacious, I will give you that, mortal," Enchantress called from above Spider-Man, looking down at him from the second floor, "Put I tire of this game. Farewell."

"Spider-Man, look out!" Diana shouted as Enchantress shot a green, mystical blast at him. Spider-Man managed to cross his arms in front of his chest, the blast impacting him right where they crossed. The blast knocked him off his feet, sending him flying through the hole that Executioner had made a moment before. He rolled across the street, before coming to a stop on his back. He groaned in pain as steam rose from his wrists, his costume had been torn, revealing the Amazonian bracers underneath.

Enchantress chuckled as she floated down from the second floor. Landing gracefully, she turned to look at Diana, Mattie and John with an evil smirk on her face.

"Hello, Diana," she greeted.

"Amora," Diana spat.

"You know her?" Mattie asked in confusion.

"You didn't think that pathetic disguise would really fool anyone who knew you, did you?" Enchantress mocked, "I'll admit, the transformation is very good, but it's brought down by the fact that it looks just like you."

"I'll take that into consideration," Diana replied, her hands tightening into fists.

"Diana, what's going on?" John asked.

"You can't beat me, Amora," Diana stated simply, "We've been down this road before."

"You think that, don't you, little princess?" Enchantress taunted, "The thing is, I know your weakness."

"What's that?" Diana asked cautiously.

"This," Enchantress replied simply, before she pointed her hand at the ceiling above Mattie and fired a mystic blast at it. Mattie screamed as the debris rained down on her. Just before it hit her though, Diana ran up to her and shoved her out of the way. Mattie was sent tumbling across the ground as the debris fell on Diana.

"Diana!" Mattie shouted as she looked at the pile of debris that now covered Diana. As she did, Enchantress let out an evil laugh.

"She should have known better then to transform into a weak mortal as some sort of pathetic attempt at a disguise," Enchantress chided as she placed her hand in front of her mouth as she laughed.

She stopped though as she saw the debris begin to shift, before Diana stood up, holding a large piece of the ceiling above her head.

"I think you have your magic confused, Amora," Diana said with a smirk as Enchantress looked at her in shock, "There's no transformation involved here. It's all illusion."

Before Enchantress could react, Diana leapt forward while bringing the piece of ceiling down in front of her, slamming it into Enchantress. The ceiling piece broke apart in a shower of plaster and wood, sending Enchantress tumbling into the street as well. Diana came to a stop at the edge of the hole, looking out into the street. Glancing over her shoulder, she saw John and Mattie staring at her, mouths agape.

"Well, I guess there's no hiding it anymore," Diana said with a sigh, before a determined look crossed her face as she turned back towards the street. Planting one foot, she began to spin in one place, her speed increase until she was nothing but a blur of motion. When she came to a stop, the illusion was gone, revealing her at her true height and build, dressed in her Wonder Woman armor.

"Oh my god," Mattie whispered in awe, "Uncle Jonah's secretary is Wonder Woman."

"Whatever sick game you're playing, Amora, it's over," Wonder Woman stated as she stepped onto the street, Spider-Man hopping over to her side, rubbing his arm in pain.

"Actually, Diana, I believe it has only just begun," Enchantress chuckled as she got back to her feet, Executioner helping her as she did, "You see, I think you're forgetting one of the players in our game, as you call it."

Wonder Woman's eyes widened in realization as a boom of thunder sounded overhead, quickly followed by the sound of something heavy landing directly behind her. Whirling around, she found Thor standing behind her, an impassive look on her face.

"Thor wait!" Wonder Woman gasped as she tried to hold her hands out in front of her.

"Kill her!" Enchantress demanded.

Without a moment's hesitation, Thor swung his hammer around and struck Wonder Woman in the stomach, thunder cracking as the blow knocked her off her feet and sent her flying through the air, causing her to slam into the ruins of the convenience store across the street, the debris imploding around her, sending a large cloud of dust into the air. Spider-Man looked at what had happened in shock, before turning slowly back to Thor, who was staring at him.

"Oh God," he whispered to himself, before Thor's hand shot out at lightning speed, striking Spider-Man in the chest with a backhand. The blow sent Spider-Man flying, causing him to slam into the side of a house, putting a large dent in the wall, before bouncing off and crashing through a tree, sending splinters flying and slamming onto the street, the pavement cracking underneath him as a tree branch broke free and crashed to the ground as well. Spider-Man cried out in pain, clutching his chest as he rolled around on the ground in agony.

Thor looked at Spider-Man lying on the ground impassively for a few moments, as Executioner's laughter bellowed behind him. As he did, a look of confusion flashed across his face as he took a step towards Spider-Man. As he did, Enchantress floated up in front of him, intercepting him.

"Where are you going, my love?" she asked with a sickly sweet voice.

"I…I was…" Thor tried to say, his expression confused as he held his head in his hand.

"You were about to destroy that wench, Diana for me," Enchantress said, reaching up and pulling him into a kiss. As she pulled away, the glazed look returned to Thor's face.

"Of course, my love," Thor said dreamily, before turning to the pile of rubble that once was a convenience store. As he did, the rubble shifted as Wonder Woman managed to pull herself out from under it. Coughing, she pushed herself to her hands and knees before raising her head. Looking up, she saw Thor staring at her from across the street, Enchantress standing next to him, her finger tracing pattern's on his chest. Wonder Woman saw electricity crackling from the head of his hammer and the glazed look in his eyes and began to despair.

"Thor," she pleaded as she tried to push herself to her feet, "Please…"

"Finish her," Enchantress whispered to him, smiling evil at Wonder Woman.

Pulling his arm back, Thor hurled his hammer forward, the weapon whistling through the air as electricity crackled around it. Wonder Woman could only watch helplessly as the hammer flew at her. A second before it hit her, a sonic boom rocked the street, before a figure appeared in front of Wonder Woman and snatched the hammer out of the air. Wonder Woman blinked in surprise, before looking up, seeing Superman standing in front of her, his cape fluttering just inches from her face, Thor's hammer crackling in his hand.

"I-Impossible!" Enchantress cried aghast.

"To be honest, I wasn't sure I could catch it either," Superman replied, holding up the hammer and examining it, "Bit of a confidence boost to know you're worth of Thor's hammer, you know?"

"Who are you!" Enchantress demanded, taking a step towards him.

"I'm Superman and I'm the one who's going to put an end to this," Superman said, glaring at Enchantress, "So, you have two options."

"Oh?" Enchantress asked, insulted, "And what are those, mortal?"

"The first one is you release my friend, and you leave," Superman explained looking down at the hammer in his hand.

"And what if I don't?" she asked glaring at him.

"I make you," he replied, raising his head, revealing his eyes were burning red. Slowly, he raised the hammer and pointed it at Enchantress, electricity crackling from the head.

"Your choice."

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