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Rachel Berry was not as confident as everyone thought she was. Yes, she was bossy, manipulative, overbearing, and annoying, but she wasn't confident. Being bullied basically all her life made her that way. Over the years people insulted her, threw slushies at her and tore her down. It all started with Quinn Fabray.

Rachel was sitting in her desk as a fourth grader. The pretty blonde girl, Quinn, who was sitting next to her, tapped her on the shoulder.

"My Daddy is a lawyer and makes a lotta money so my Mommy can stay home to take care of my and my sister." Quinn bragged. "What do your Daddy and Mommy do, huh?"

"I don't have a Mommy. I have two Daddies, and they're both lawyers like your Daddy!" Rachel beamed.

Quinn frowned. "You have two Daddies? That's not normal. That's gross! Ew!" Quinn turned back around.

Rachel was speechless. Her Daddies had told her that some of the kids at school might not think that having two Daddies was normal, but she was sure that they were lying. No one had ever insulted her or her Daddies before. Silently Rachel turned around and faced the front of the classroom.

As the teacher started class, all Rachel could think of were the words Quinn Fabray had said. They played in her head over and over and over.

"That's not normal. That's gross! Ew!"

At recess that day, Rachel was outside looking for someone to play with. She immediately spotted Quinn walking towards her, with the other kids in her class. Quinn approached her with a smile and for a minute Rachel thought that blonde would apologize for what she had said earlier.

"Hi Quinn!" Rachel greeted. "What brings you here?"

"Hey freak, be quiet." Quinn spat. A few of the kids laughed. "Hey everyone! Look at Rachel Berry, isn't she a freak? You know why she dresses so weird? She has two Daddies!" Quinn started to laugh at Rachel, and soon everyone joined in, pointing their fingers at her as if she were in the circus.

Eyes filling with tears, Rachel ran away from everyone to hide and ended up in the tunnel. Don't cry Rachel, don't cry. She told herself. Closing her eyes, she imagined herself on stage on Broadway. That's what she wanted to do when she grew up. That's what made her happy. She knew that it would be tough, and she couldn't let anyone like Quinn bring her down. Thinking of Broadway would stop her from crying. After taking a deep breath, Rachel got out of the tunnel.

As she got out, the bell rang, indicating that recess was over. As Rachel was walking inside the classroom, she made a vow to herself that she wouldn't let Quinn Fabray or anyone else make her cry.

Now, as a junior in High School she had managed to keep that vow. Quinn and others had continued to bully her but she hadn't broken down yet. Recently though, it was getting tough.

New directions had just lost Regionals, and seeing Vocal Adrenaline winning and seeing Jesse so happy and smiling smugly at her made her want to scream. She loved Jesse so much and he broke her heart without a second thought. As Vocal Adrenaline was cheering, she had tears in her eyes but they didn't fall. She couldn't let them fall.

However, after finding out that Glee Club had another year made her happy. It made her forget about Jesseā€”for a little bit at least. After Mr. Shue delivered the students with the good news, he told them that they could leave. Rachel grabbed her bags and started to walk out of the door when she tripped. As she got up she saw Quinn Fabray standing next to her with a big smile on her face, and her foot sticking out.

"Oops." Quinn said with a smirk.

Rolling her eyes, Rachel muttered "Whatever," and left the room.

As Rachel was driving home, she thought about Quinn. Why did Quinn have to join Glee? Rachel wanted one thing to herself that Quinn didn't control. Because of Quinn, Rachel didn't have any friends. Quinn told the other kids at school that Rachel was a weirdo and if anyone ever hung out with her that they would be weirdos too. So no one wanted to be friends with Rachel.

Because of Quinn, Rachel wasn't liked by anyone. Because of Quinn, Rachel couldn't be the star in Glee. Quinn even manipulated the Glee club to not talk to her. The only reason she was still part of the club was because of her talent.

Her talent. That's what kept her going. That's what kept her from breaking down. Because that's one thing that Rachel had over Quinn. Quinn had an okay voice. Rachel had an amazing voice. She knew that she would be a star someday.

As Rachel pulled into her house, she closed her eyes. She pictured herself on stage, singing out her heart and hearing the roaring applause. She opened her eyes. With a smile, she walked into her house and went straight to her room and recorded her daily myspace video.

The minute she uploaded her video, Quinn commented on it.

Stop making these videos. You suck. Seriously, some cats are probably dying right now. Just stop. The world would be better without you. :)

Jaw clenched, Rachel messaged Quinn.

What is your problem? Why are you always so horrible to me?

Almost immediately she replied. Because it's fun. You're a freak; this is how freaks deserve to be treated.

Eyes filling up with tears, Rachel quickly replied back. I'm not a freak! I'm much talented then you'll ever be. I'm also a kind person. You're horrible.

Whatever. Like I care what you think.

Just leave me alone. I don't bother you, I don't talk to you. Stop.

You bother me by just existing, loser. But seriously, just stop making these videos and stop existing. KILL YOURSELF ALREADY.

Not bothering to reply, Rachel logged off of myspace and closed her laptop.

Her eyes were still filled with tears. She tried picturing herself on Broadway to make her smile. It didn't work. She tries to picture it again, but she can't, and all she can picture is herself dead and Quinn just laughing at her.


Santana and Brittany are laughing too.


There's Tina, Kurt, Artie, and Mercedes who are also laughing.


Puck, Sam, and Mike are also laughing like it's the funniest thing in the world that she's dead.


Even Mr. Shue is laughing. Rachel knows that Mr. Shue thinks she's annoying. Everyone does.


And Finn, sweet kindhearted Finn is laughing. She thought that he liked her, but she was wrong.


Quinn is laughing the loudest, and looks the most happy.

Rachel cries that night.

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