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The next morning Rachel walked into the bathroom. Her eyes weren't red anymore, but they were puffy. With a sigh, Rachel walked out of her bathroom and stared at her elliptical. By this time she'd be exercising, but today she just didn't feel like it, so instead she walked downstairs to get some ice for her eyes.

Rachel found a note on the kitchen counter as she walked into the kitchen.


Sorry for the short notice but your father and I didn't want to wake you up. We got in at midnight last night and I'm afraid we have to leave again early in the morning. We're not sure when we'll be back, perhaps in a month. I hope you'll be all right; there's money on the credit card, use it as you wish. Invite your friends from Glee over anytime! We love you and we'll talk to you soon.


Sighing, Rachel tore up the note and threw it away. She loved her Daddies, she did, but they were never around. Her Dad was a lawyer and her Daddy was a surgeon, so they had very busy schedules and were always gone on business. Times like these made her wish she had a sibling, so she wouldn't have to be alone.

After getting some ice, Rachel went to go get some breakfast, but decided not to; she wasn't that hungry. (Quinn Fabray had called her fat last week. She didn't need to eat).

Rachel walked back into her room to get dressed. She did break her promise by crying her eyes out yesterday, but she would still put on a show for everyone. She couldn't let them know that she was upset, so like always, Rachel put on her short skirt, an animal cardigan, and white knee high socks with some flats.

Checking her watch, she had an hour before school began. Rachel decided to go to school early so she wouldn't have face any of her tormentors. She grabbed her backpack and walked out of her large house and walked over to her silver Toyota Prius her Daddies bought her for her sixteenth birthday (Too bad she didn't have anyone to give rides to.)

As Rachel drove the 15 minutes to school, she played her Barbra Streisand CD. Singing along with Barbra, she one again, remembered her future. She needed the will power to be able to make it another two years until she was able to go to Julliard. Just two more years, Rachel, two more years, she told herself. She could do it. (A nagging voice in the back of her head told her no, you can't, it's too hard, but she pushed that thought away.)

Rachel parked her car in the school parking lot and walked into the school. Hardly any people where there, and that's the way Rachel had liked it. She didn't like all the people around her, because when they came, she knew something bad would happen.

Because not many people were around, Rachel was in a slightly better mood. She even was humming as she walked to her locker. However, the person standing at her locker with a smirk made her stop in her tracks.

Quinn Fabray. Of course.

"What do you want, Quinn?" Rachel asked quietly.

Quinn narrowed her eyes. "To go."


"Away. No one wants you here, man-hands, okay?"

Rachel ignored Quinn and opened her locker. She went to grab her book when Quinn slammed the locker on Rachel's hand. Rachel hissed in pain.

"That's just a warning." Quinn said, and abruptly turned around and walked away.

Water filled Rachel's eyes because of the pain (okay, maybe also because of Quinn). Before anyone could see, she quickly wiped her eyes. Clutching her hand, Rachel started to walk over to the nurse's office.

As Rachel walked into the nurse's office, she saw Noah sitting on the cot. She wondered why he was at school this early. However, Noah didn't see her because his eyes were closed, so she didn't say anything to him.

"Hi, honey, can I help you?" The nurse asked Rachel.

"Yes, my hand got caught in my locker and I was just wondering if perhaps I can have some ice please? My hand is swollen." Rachel said with a small smile. She could see out of the corner of her eyes that Noah had now opened his eyes and was starting at her with an expression that she couldn't figure out. Rachel could feel herself blushing and focused her attention to the nurse.

"Of course, sweetie. You got your hand caught in your locker you said?"

"Um, y-yes. I was quite careless." Rachel said. The nurse nodded and went to go get some ice for her red hand. It was hurting a lot and Rachel let out a deep breath.

"Are you okay Berry?" Noah asked in his deep voice. Rachel turned around, surprised. Normally he never cared about anyone, especially her.

"Oh, um, yes, Noah, I'm perfectly fine. My hand hurts, that's all." Rachel said again with a fake smile.

Noah nodded although she could see in his eyes that he didn't believe her. Rachel mentally scolded herself. You want to be an actress. You need to practice more; even Noah doesn't believe your lies.

The nurse came back with a big bag of ice. "Thank you very much." Rachel said politely while grabbing the bag. As she put in on her swollen hand, she breathed a sigh of relief. Immediately her hand felt much better.

"Thank you again. I have to get to my classroom and finish some of my homework now." Rachel said, and left the nurses office. As she walked towards her classroom, Noah called her name.

"Berry, wait up!" Rachel turned around wide-eyed. What did he want now?

"Can I help you, Noah?"

"Uh, I promised my Mom that I would be nicer to people at school and since you're Jewish and all, I thought that you know, I should be nicer to you too. Us Jews gotta stick together. So uh, I just wanted to let you know that if something's bothering you we can talk about it, alright Berry?" Noah said quietly, blushing slightly.

"Noah, that's ever so kind of you. Thank you." Rachel whispered. Noah was the first person who told her that they could "talk". No one had really wanted to talk to Rachel, since people told her she talked too much.

Noah just stared at her for a while, and Rachel couldn't help but to stare back into his green eyes. She never really noticed how truly beautiful Noah's eyes were, and immediately blushed at that thought.

"Anytime, Berry." Noah finally said, and turned around to walk back into the nurses office.

Rachel headed back to her classroom for the second time. As students started walking into the school, some of the jocks walked by her and insulted her.





Normally, Rachel would be upset and try her hardest not to cry, but all she could think about was what Noah said to her just a few moments ago. She couldn't help but smile.

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