Title: Things Unsaid
Rating: K+
Summary: Things unsaid by the Yu-Gi-Oh characters at the time of their last meeting with their possible recipients.
Genre: General

Disclaimer: One little, two little, three little pharaohs, four little, five little, six little pharaohs, seven little, eight little, nine little pharaohs, and many more and none belong to me.

A/N: I usually use the English names because I'm more comfortable with them, but I decided to use the Japanese names here because I refer to a few plotlines from the original manga and season 0 - specifically, Miho Nosaka, a character that Honda/Tristan had a crush on (who we don't know what happened to), Mr. Crown, Ryuuji Otogi/Duke Devlin's father (who kidnapped Yuugi and nearly got him killed in a room that was set on fire), and Amane Bakura (Ryou's younger sister who died in a car accident). Enjoy!

1. Shadow Realm, to Millennium Puzzle
And so it begins.

2. Pegasus Crawford, to Cyndia Crawford
I'll get you back. I promise.

3. Thief King Bakura, to Pharaoh Aknamkanon
Murderer. I hope you rot in Hell.

4. Zorc Necrophades, to Thief King Bakura
Don't let the Shadows fool you. You are suffering.

5. Noah Kaiba, to Seto Kaiba
Take care of Mokuba, okay? He's a good kid.

6. Villager of Kul Elna, to Priest Akhenaden
Let my death be on your conscience, if you have one.

7. Kisara, to Priest Set
I will never abandon you. You know where to find me.

8. Priest Mahaad, to Pharaoh Atem
My eternal servitude. I swear it.

9. Pandora, to Marik Ishtar
You lied to me. You lied.

10. Diabound, to Thief King Bakura
I have failed you.

11. Valon, to Mai Kujaku
I'm sorry, Mai. I never meant to hurt you.

12. Mokuba Kaiba, to Seto Kaiba
Please be happy, Seto. I care about you too, you know.

13. Katsuya Jounouchi, to Mr. Jounouchi
It'll take years to fix the damage you've done, but I'll do it. I know I can.

14. Mr. Ishtar, to Rishid Ishtar
You are a disgrace.

15. Shaadi, to Pegasus Crawford
A Millennium Item will give you what you want the most. And then it will take it away.

16. Mai Kujaku, to Katsuya Jounouchi
I'll be back. I promise.

17. Yami no Marik, to Marik Ishtar
Fool. You will never get rid of me. I am you.

18. Priest Akhenaden, to Pharaoh Aknamkanon
Egypt will be mine. Just wait.

19. Hiroto Honda, to Ishizu Ishtar
Did you know it would end like this?

20. Ryuuji Otogi, to Mr. Otogi
What have you done?

21. Dartz, to Ironheart
I wish I could take it back.

22. Miho Nosaka, to Honda Hiroto
Please don't hate me, Honda. I'm sorry I ran away. I'm not like you or the others; I've always made stupid choices.

23. Ushio, to Yami no Yuugi
What – what are you doing? No… NO! STOP!

24. Amelda, to Seto Kaiba
Suppose I've got some things to work out. Thanks for reminding me. You're not half bad, for a Kaiba.

25. Leon von Schroeder, to Zigfried von Schroeder
I did good against Yuugi, didn't I, big brother? I just wanted you to notice. I just wanted you to care.

26. Rebecca Hopkins, to Yami no Yuugi
You saved him. You saved Yuugi. Maybe you're not so bad after all.

27. Rishid Ishtar, to Mr. Ishtar
He is more of a man than you ever deserved to have for a son.

28. Ryota Kajiki, to Mr. Kajiki
I miss you. Please come home.

29. Marik Ishtar, to Yami no Marik
I'm going home now, and I'm going to heal my family. Just try and stop me.

30. Mrs. Jounouchi, to Katsuya Jounouchi
I hated to leave you there, sweetheart, and I'm so sorry. You should have known. I should have said.

31. Sugoroku Mutou, to Pharaoh Atem
I always knew the Puzzle was special. Thank you for the adventure.

32. Amane Bakura, to Ryou Bakura
I'm glad you weren't in the car with me. I love you.

33. Gozaburo Kaiba, to Seto Kaiba
You are no son of mine.

34. Seto Kaiba, to Yuugi Mutou
This is some mess you've gotten us into, Mutou. Maybe that puzzle was better off unsolved.

35. Mana, to Priest Mahaad
But you can't go. I'll be alone.

36. Yuugi Mutou, to Pharaoh Atem
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'll wait for you.

37. Ryou Bakura, to Yami no Bakura
You will never win.

38. Anzu Mazaki, to Yuugi Mutou
It's you. It was always you.

39. Pharaoh Atem, to Yuugi Mutou
The best of luck until we meet again, partner. I am so proud of you. Take care.

40. Millennium Puzzle, to No One
And so it ends.