Okay, here's the deal.

Someone once called me cliché.

So, to show them what cliché really looks like, I wrote the following fiction for them.
SO yes, it's supposed to be extremely cliché and laughably predictable.

After a long time of cooling off, I looked over what I wrote and I liked it.

I went back and revised it into the following four chapter one-shot.

(It's supposed to be stupidly cliché, but I do want honest opinions.
If you hate my story, I wont mind if you say so.
If you like something in my story, again I wont mind if you say so.
I apologize to Davisfan and any other Digimon Fans out there.
I do love Digimon, but I have a terrible sense of humor.
I won't call you a troll, flamer, pawner, hater, ect.
That's what Reviews are for and I Highly Advise telling me off.
So long as you are honest, I will take whatever is said into serious consideration.)

So now, please enjoy my first Digimon adventure fanfiction.
Or don't, no one's making you read this…


"What was that," my partner asked as the ground began to rumble with a familiar sound.

I lifted my foot that had sunk into the cold ground, the stone switched slowly grinded back into place.

"Oh, Sweet cliché," I shouted when I realized what it was. I looked up to see the giant boulder was crashing down on top of us. It barely missed us, but we also barely had time to recover as it then began to roll in our general direction.

"Run Cooper!" My tanuki shaped partner shouted as we started running.

"How can you suggest that I don't know that!" I shouted back as the boulder picked up speed.

"Then run faster!"

The stone was quickly closing in on us.

"How do we keep getting into this type of mess!"

"How am I supposed to know," my tanuki shaped partner yelled as he ran, almost bouncing.

"This is so Cliché," I screamed, "who uses this old gag as a trap anymore."

"Well, it still works doesn't it, Coop?"

"Just my luck," I screamed again.

Then everything stopped.

Hey, sorry to pause right here. But maaaybe this wasn't the Best place to start…

My name is Cooper Racamaru.
See that kid with the hat that covers his cowlicked mullet and arctic pilot's jacket and the look of shear terror?

Of course you don't… this isn't exactly a visual form of media.

Well, if you can imagine the bad description, that's me.

Last week, I was an almost normal kid.

Today, however, I'm what's known as a Battle-On Raider.


Oh, you don't know what Battle-On is?

Well, Battle-On happens to be the biggest and most incredible virtual RPG Battle System ever made.
In just five years, Battle-On had grown from hand held to entire stadium systems all over the world.
Of course, that was a few decades ago, Battle-On had become a widely accepted international icon since then.
Almost everyone has a Digimon nowadays, even full grown adults. Well, that the "official story" anyway.

I know what you're thinking. "What does Digimon have to do with Battle-On?"

Well, Digimon is what we call the avatars in Battle-On.
There's nothing real special about it at first glance.
I didn't know it at first, but Digimon were more than just characters of a game.
They have their own world and real lives.
They are not just a simple computer programs.

It all sounds cliché, right?

Well, welcome to my life.

My entire life, I have been cursed with clichés. I'm not joking here.
If my life was anymore of a cliché, my name would be Gary Stue or even John Doe.

So where should I begin?
Well, like every cliché hero…

I lived an ordinary life before Battle-On.
In fact, I wasn't interested in Battle-On at all.
Yet my main reasons for hating Battle-On:

¶¶¶"Passport in!¶¶
¶¶Visors on!¶¶
¶¶Time to play, Battle-On!"¶¶¶

Yet another commercial played on the television screens as we passed by on our way to school.

"Sweet Cliché," I shouted, "I'll never get that stupid jingle out of my head!"

"Oh, come on Cooper," Carly poked at me, "You know you want to try it out."

"No, I refuse to be part of yet another stupid trend."

"Battle-On isn't a trend, Coop. It's been around for almost twenty-five years and they're not stupid."

"Yes, they are," I tried to keep my shouting to a minimum, "They're just stupid computer programs that the make new models for every season and when they can't think of a new design, they recolor an old one like Birdramon, rename it, and call it brand new."

"They learn, they grow, and they evolve," Carly paused, "hold on, how did you know Birdramon was the one that was recolored?"

"Lucky guess," I shrugged stupidly.

Okay, so I lied. I love watching Digimon. I love watching them fight and evolve almost as much as I love collecting useless junk (of which is my favorite hobby). The only thing I didn't like about Battle-On was the jingle, but even that's not a big deal. Everyone hates the jingle.

"You lier. I bet you've already got a Passport."


"It's part of the Jingle that you hate so much," Carly scowled, "don't make me sing the Jingle for you."

"I never had a Digimon and I don't want one." Which was mostly true.

Digimon are almost as expensive as real pets.
However, I didn't want a Digimon for a different reasons, but more on that in a second.

"Not even a little Puttomon?"

"No," I checked my watch, "oh great, now we're going to be late for school."

Recess was one of the most boring activities at school for me. No one plays on the playgrounds anymore and no one does any form of exersize for that matter. Instead, they play Battle-On, while I just sat inside and watch everyone else play. Now, even though I know that it doesn't matter…

I will now explain to you how Battle-On is played: This world's Digivices, or D-Cells, look a lot like a Cellphones. So I will explain what you do with them as if they are Cellphones. First off, when the Digivice is closed it works like any other virtual pet game. Four buttons are used to raise your Digimon from an egg. When you feel that you Digimon is ready for battle, a pair of Tamers (or Digimon Partners) acknowledge that they want to battle by flipping open their Digivices and point the lenses at each other. That makes the connection between the two Digivices. Then you take your Passport out and connect it to the slot on the bottom of your D-Cell.

"Passport in," Carly said since it was her turn to select an Arena, or battlefield, from her Passport. That's what the Passports were used to be for. (Well, that and passports held the Digidex feature, but I'm sure you can guess what that's for.) They create a miniaturized Arena for Digimon to fight in. They aren't necessary for the Digimon to interact, but at least one Passport is necessary if you want to fight.

"Visors on," Carly and her opponent called out, everyone slipped their own pair of glasses on, even the teachers. The glasses, or Visors, were used to watch the field instead of the screen of your D-Cell. Without them, no one else would be able to see the fight, let alone the Digimon.

"Labramon, Realize!"
Those with Visors would see a white and pink dog appear from Carly's Digivice. Anyone else, like myself, would just see Carly making a stupid pose as her imaginary friend jumped onto the field. Her opponent would then perform the same action.

"Agumon, Realize!"
The yellow lizard Digimon would appeared from his Digivice. Agumon is one of the most popular models. Even when they just slightly change his basic design, people still love him. I don't understand why though. From the reaction of the students, I'd say that it must have been a new model of Agumon. I wanted to see, but it's harder to pretend that I don't care to watch when I can actually see the fight.

That stupid statement marked the start of a fight between Digimon. While a D-Cell is open there are a new set of buttons. You use these buttons to command your Digimon to move in a certain direction in the Arena. However, you can also use voice commands to Attack, Jump, Block and Dodge. There is also a strange coin slot for something, but no one knew what that thing was for. The fight raged for a while. Sorry, that I can't give you more information on how the battle occurred, but I didn't really see it and I'm not going to pretend that I did. All I really know is that Carly lost that particular battle.

"Labramon," Carly ran to her invisible partner. It wasn't a strange thing that she lifted the invisible pooch Digimon. Battle-On was a Virtual game after all. The Visors probably sent some kind of message to the brain telling it the weight and general feel of the Digimon. Or so I thought…

"I told her that Labramon wasn't ready yet," I spoke to myself out of boredom, "but would she listen? Noooh."

"Aren't you going to join them?" I didn't have too look at the teacher to know who it was. It was Ms. Kamiya, our homeroom teacher. She'll be important much later on, but I wont get into that now.

"No, I'm not, Ms. Kamiya," I kept staring as the next invisible fight started.

"You want to play with them don't you?"

"I don't want to play," I lied again.

Ms. Kamiya smiled as she reached into her desk, "It's your birthday soon, right?"

"Yeah, tomorrow. So what?"

"Here," she tossed me a flip cellphone, "Happy Birthday."

"What's this?"

"A Digivice," my homeroom teacher laughed weirdly, "a slightly older model, but it should still work."

"No, thank you," I tried to hand it back to her.

"I insist."

"And I said, no thank you."

"Look, either take the Digivice or I flunk you."


"You heard me," she smiled widely, "Take the Digivice or I flunk you."

"That's what she seriously told you," Carly laughed my testament to what happened earlier that day.

"Yeah, it was like a line from an old movie," conveniently both Carly and I were looking for movies to watch after school. I put a weird looking movie called Flubber back on the shelf. I had already seen it and practically every other movie in this store already at least 3 times by now. My Birthday was tomorrow and we were going to stay up all night, just like we did every year.

"But do you think that she meant it?"

"Are you suggesting that I should find out?"

"I just think that you're lying again."

"I'm not lying," I yelled loud enough for the whole store to stop and stare at us, "not again…!"

I stormed out of the store.
I hated it when people stop just to stare at me like that.
I tend to yell a lot, so it also happened a lot.

"Coop, what about the movie!"

Just as we left, the video screens all flickered for a few milliseconds:

A Pegasusmon fired off a large pyramid shaped energy blast at an unknown silver-blue Digimon.
A real Battle-On fight was taking place, but no one EVER seems to notice that stuff, right?

Meanwhile, in the Battle-On Virtual World…

"Stop running and stay still," the flying Digimon's partner shouted at the pair below, "You can't get away from us, Raider!"

"Ronan, We have to move," the tall humanoid Digimon said after they hid behind a large stone.

"I know Blizzardmon," his Tamer shouted as he took out an I-pod shaped device, "My Passport's not working."

"They couldn't have hacked into it by now," the silver blue Digimon growled as the rock behind them was bombarded with another energy blast.

"I realize that," Ronan yelled as their stone shield was hit again.

"No where to run now," a second set of enemies appeared out of no where. Another male Tamer with an armored kangaroo Digimon.

Kangarumon did not hesitate to attack with a straight punch.

"Slow down Cooper," Carly ran faster to catch up to me, but I didn't bother to slow down, "I can't keep up with you."

"Sorry Carly, I just can't stand being a Cliché anymore."

"You're not a Cliché."

"I have an Uncle named Sam…"

"So what?"

"Just last week, I blew up the science lab…"

"Well, you did…"

"My family has had dogs named Spot, Lassie and Ole Yeller. Ironically, Lassie was the one that had to be put down."

Carly didn't need much longer to think about it, "Yeah, you're right... Everything about you is a cliché."

"I know! And with my luck, some life changing event is probably going to happen," I shouted looking at my watch, "right about… now!"

The wall in front of us exploded and people were running and screaming everywhere.
Two large Serpentine Dragon Monsters were at each other's throats right in front of us.
They were destroying everything in the area. Buildings left and right.
Debree flew everywhere. One large rock in particular was going to crush us.


Sorry, couldn't resist…

But That is not what happened, folks.

REWIND… Okay, STOP! Now…


"Right about…," I waited three seconds and pointed at the wall beside us, "now!"

We both waited another sixty seconds, but nothing was happening. "Um, Now… now.."

"See nothing happened," Carly said as she walked off.

"I'm telling you something's going to happen any secondnow. Now. NOW!"

"You're paranoid," she grabbed my arm and dragged me.

"No wait. Now," I shouted one last time, still nothing, "Okay, let's go get a movie."

Suddenly, the video store exploded.
Glass was shattered every which direction.
Bystanders were running and screaming left and right.
Carly and I were both dumbfounded.
Two large Monsters were trying to punch each other's lights out.
They were destroying everything in the area.



Roof tops…

Debree were flying everywhere.

"You've got to be kidding me," I said as one large rock in particular was headed straight for us.


No wait…
That's what really happened.
Sorry… please continue...


The rock made contact and I was out cold.

I don't know how long I was knocked out for.
Next thing I remembered was darkness and slumberland.
I was dreaming about my Birthday Party…

Everyone was there. Mom, Dad, Carly, Uncle Sam, a talking banana named george…

Hey, don't judge me! It's a dream. It barely made since to me too.

I was about to blow out the candles, when the table started to shake. Everyone at the party started fleeing as the picnic table that I sat at rose into a hill. Two huge shadows erupted from the ground. Both had vicious red eyes and sharp fangs. They roared with cries of fury as they started to bash into each other with their fists, just above me.









The crowned shadow was down. The other shadow jumped for a final attack.

"Downunder Rumble."

A voice cried out, "Digimodify!"

The shadow that was hit with the uppercut suddenly vanished as the jumping shadow hit no target.

"Now finish him!"

"Blizzard Blitz," the crowned shadow cried as it shot off an array of punches at blinding speed. The other shadow took the thirty-something hits and then just disintegrated. All that was left of him was a strange pink metal coin. Another shadow, this one human, stepped over to pick up the coin.

"Got it," he said.

The Crowned shadow shrunk down to a fraction of the human's size.
These two remaining shadows walked towards the light and disappeared.

The coin bounced and rolled it's way back to me.~~~~

"Coop…" a voice cried as I was coming to…
I opened my eyes to find that Carly was crying.
I rolled my eyes trying to get them to focus.
I could barely see her…

"Cooper, are you alright?"

"Told you so…," smiling, I pointed at her.

"Told me what?"

"I told you that a life changing experience was going to happen."

"What does that have to do with this," Carly slapped me in the arm, "you tripped on your own shoe laces."

"I did what," I slowly sat up.

I looked around, everything was normal. No debree, no wide-scale panic, no monsters.

"Come on, we've got some movies to rent before the store closes."

"Too late…," I pointed at the store.

It looked like it was never broken, as the owner put up a sign saying, "Sorry, We're Closed."
The lights flickered off.
One in particular,
much deeper inside,


then exploded.
Not that anyone really noticed.

"Ha hah," Ronan was skipping, he was so happy, "We did it, buddy!"

"I haven't seen you this happy in a long time Ronan," the pink nosed bunny/dog said to him.

"That's because we got our ticket to…," Ronan flipped open his Digivice, before his smile disappeared entirely.

"What's wrong?"

"It's not here," Ronan punched a wall, "all that hard work and I lost it."

"Where could it have gone?"

"Those kids…," Ronan looked back to the busy street that they came from, "one of them must have a live one."

"So, now what are we going to do all night?"

"We could watch one of the videos you already have."

"I've seen them all five hundred times," I groaned.

"What about we see what's playing on tv?"

"It's the same thing on every channel now."

"Since when?"

"Well, since my parents got tired of hearing me screaming at the television for being so predictable and unplugged my Cable," I hopped onto my bed. My new electronic fell out of my pocket.

"Hey, when did you get a new cell?"

"Sorry, it's that Digivice that Ms. K-," I stopped when I realized what this was leading to, "No, don't you even think about it."

"That predictable, huh?"

I nodded.

"So let's see what you've got, at least," Carly swiped the Digivice right from under me.

"Hey, give that back!" I jumped up and tried to get it back.

"I'm just looking at it," she laughed as she passed it back to me, "Sure are defensive about it, aren't you?"

"I am not," I said flipping the D-Cell open, then my jaw dropped, "What did I get…?"

On the screen was the one Digimon that I did not want under any circumstances.
Agumon… or at least one of its cousins, ToyAgumon.
It's simple design was too blatantly obvious to be anything else.

I slammed my head on my desk.
"Kill me now, Please!"

Seriously, of all the Digimon for me to get. I had to get an Agumon! I have nothing against the species. I just have a reputation. For a while now, I've been trying to set my own trend, but somehow someone comes around with an idea exactly like mine. Seriously, you have no idea how it feels to have a great idea and someone else beating you to it. As a result, people had labeled me as a copycat. It's part of my curse, I guess. So by getting an Agumon of any kind, everyone will think that I had given into a craze again. I didn't need that right now.

The Digivice's alarm went off.

"Sounds like he's hungry," Carly said, "Okay, to feed him you'll have to…"

"Forget it," I moaned, "this was the last straw. I'm done. Angels of heaven, it doesn't have to be painless, but make it quick."

"Cooper, he's about to die!"

"If you want him, then you feed him." In truth, I didn't even know what buttons to push yet.

"Fine then, I will," Carly pressed a few of the buttons, but it kept on beeping, "Hey, he's not eating."

"What? You're kidding," I jumped up to look.
To our amazement, the Toyagumon just would not eat the food.
Actually, I could swear that he seemed to be using all of his strength to stay away from it.
It was too weird for me to say that to Carly though.

Then to our horror, he was digitized and was gone…
I slowly took the Digivice from Carly as the realization seeped in.

"It died," I sat down in my chair, "I lost my first Digimon… to suicide!"

"Woah! How long has Ms. Kamiya had this Digivice," Carly exclaimed, "That was his 97th life."

"My Digimon died 97 times and I didn't even raise it once?"

"Well, not exactly. See Digimon don't really die. They turn into Digi-eggs."

"Then they're reborn?"

"Well more like they reboot."

"So I'm going to get an Agumon again? That sucks."

"Not nessisarily, if you raise him right he might become an Agumon, but he could even Digivolve into a completely new Digimon."

"Completely new… Digimon…," I thought to myself, then sighed, "with my luck it will be the former."

"Don't be so sure," Carly pat me on the back, my Digivice started to beep like crazy, "Hey, it's hatching!"

I watched as a small round baby Digimon popped out of the egg.

"What is that thing?"

"Um, let's see," Carly looked up her Digidex on her Passport, "It's called Metalkoromon."

"Metal-Koromon? As in it's a cheep imitation of a Koromon," I asked not even wanting an answer.

"It doesn't evolve into Agumon. I think…," Carly tilted her Passport, "it doesn't even look like a Koromon."

"Please just one swift whack right here should put me out of my misery."

"Why would I want to do that," a small voice beeped.

"Because I need to… wait. Carly, am I hearing things?"

"No… I heard it too."

"I'm hungry…," my Digivice beeped again.

"He can talk!"

"Must be custom model or something. Okay, so how do you feed them again," I rhetorically asked as I randomly pressed some of the buttons.

Unfortunately, I didn't know what I was doing. In a the next moment, the Digivice flashed with digital energy and my Digimon disappeared from the screen.

"What's going on," I said shaking the empty D-Cell.

"I'm hungry!"

"Oh, no! We're in a Cliché version of a lame horror movie!"

"Stop being overly dramatic," Carly slapped me on the back of my head, "You just need a some visors."

"Oh, right. Duh…"

"Okay," Carly put on a her pink shaded visors, "so where is he?"

"There he is," I pointed across the room. There was a tiny metal blob at the base of my desk. His black tail flicked the red light at the end as he busily nibbled on something. The little MetalKoromon was chewing on the electric cord of one of my lamps, "He's eating my lamp! Hey, stop that!"

"But I'm hungry!"

"Well, eat your own food," I complained pressing more of the buttons, until I got some of the digital food on the screen.

"No! Keep that nasty food away from me," I heard it squeal as it started to bounce away. I'm not kidding, he's made of metal and he can bounce.

"Cooper, it's getting away," she flipped out her Digivice. She was about to sick Labramon on it. I wasn't about to let Labramon make my Digimon Delete again.

"I can see that," I shouted, "Hey, come back here!"

"No," the little blob of metal shouted, "Powder Blow."

Metalkoromon spat out a dust cloud directly into my face.
I screamed as the powder seeped into my eyes.
It burned only for a second, but I couldn't see for a minute afterwords.
I whacked the metal rat on the head. Or I guess what it's head was.
Knocked out, I could now pick him up by the tail.

"Stupid Digimon. I could have gone blind," I said, turning to Carly, "Here you take him while I find something that will hold him… Why do you look like you're seeing a ghost?"

"You can see him?"

"Yeah, what's your point?"

"You don't own a pair a Visors."

"Yeah, so wha… Oh, sweet cliché."


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