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Blue Monday - Chapter 1

Holly J wanted nothing more than to slip into the crowd that was gathering and disappear. That was the whole point of coming to this place, wasn't it? She could be not herself and no one would know. No one knew her, and anyone who knew her didn't know this side of her. This side of her that wore black lace stockings, complete with garter belt, underneath a deep burgundy and black satin burlesque bustle skirt, topped off with a burgundy underbust corset and a silk sleeveless deep V blouse. No, Holly J Sinclair was not one to hold her corset in the air and proclaim that she loved wearing it. This was a special side of her.

She slipped between the people and up to the bar, ordering a double whiskey on the rocks. She wasn't playing around. Not tonight. The threat of graduating from Degrassi loomed near, finally tearing whatever she had with Sav apart. In a few months she would be back to being an unofficial Coyne and this whole part of her life would die with that. She didn't really know what exactly attracted her to this. Maybe it was the Fortnight fiction and it's ability to make the "darker" side of life sexy. Maybe it was the fact that the black velvet walls and darkened corners of this club were the exact opposite of the person she let the world see. Maybe it was the corsets and the fact that she really did love to wear them. Whatever the case, once she found this place, Above the Dot wasn't exactly going to cut it anymore.

She finished the last few drops of her liquor and smoothed her ginger hair, taking care to not disturb her small devil horns that peeked out. The alcohol was starting to enter her system, warming her from the inside out. The beat shifted slightly to a well-known Nine Inch Nails song and the dance floor reacted accordingly, tempting Holly J to join the nameless souls. She pushed herself away from the bar and her eyes focused on the back of someone through the dark. He was a bit more put together than the other guys here, opting for a deep forest green dress shirt, black vest, and black skinnies rather than the requisite tight fishnet shirt and chains everywhere. He moved a hand up to brush away his carefully disheveled and swooped black hair from his eyes. A small group, what looked like to be a friend and some girls, surrounded him. She walked past and lightly touched his shoulder, just enough to make him aware of her. There was something about him that seemed oddly familiar about him, but Holly J pushed that out of her mind as she entered the dance floor. After all, all the times she had been here before, she had yet to meet anyone that she knew.

She found the beat of the song and joined the mass of bodies, closing her eyes and feeling the events of the past few weeks just melt away. She danced on her own, letting the music take hold. The lights played off her porcelain skin. She raised her hands above her head, making a silent prayer to whatever deity that would listen to keep this feeling going, this feeling of reckless abandon and freedom.

"Holly J…" a voice said in her right ear. Her eyes flew open and she stopped dead. A wave of dread washed over her. She had been caught. It was enough to want to walk right out of the club and never know who knew her double life, but she couldn't let whoever it was have the satisfaction. She swallowed hard, steeled herself, and turned towards the voice.

It was the guy with better fashion sense than the rest of the goths in this place, adding a black tie to the previous ensemble. She had seen him around Degrassi and she thought he was a sort of friend of Sav from the Dead Hand contest, but she didn't know his name. He hung around Propmaster Clare a lot and as far as she could tell, they were together, but she was most definitely not one of the girls that he was talking to before. He put his hands in his back pockets, silently begging her to say something. She grabbed his elbow and led him off the dance floor, over to one of the many darkened corners.

"Dead Hand tickets. You're Clare Edwards' boyfriend, aren't you?" she spat out.

"It's Eli, and yes, I was attached to Clare at one point…" Holly J pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest.

"So, what are you doing here?" He blinked, taking his time, amused by her urgency.

"I might ask you the same thing," and he smirked. His green eyes shone through the dark, obviously excited about this whole situation.

"I…," Holly J started, "Enjoy coming here every once in a while, especially when things in my life get... complicated. Now, what about you?" Eli chuckled a little at her story.

"I suppose you could say the same for me."

"Aren't you only in Grade 11? How the hell did you get in an 19+ club?" she asked.

"It's called a fake. How did you get in?"

"I'm a girl, they don't check me," she threw back at him.

"You really enjoy coming here?" There seemed to be something that he couldn't quite figure out.

"Yes. Why is that so surprising?"

"It's just that…"

"I'm the vice-president? I was on power squad? I got into Yale? Eli, what you see at school is not every side of me." Eli stood back for a second to take in all that was before him.

"So… you're a secret goth…" he said slowly as his eyes raked up and down Holly J's body, every curve accentuated by her current choice of clothing. This did not go unnoticed as her arms untangled themselves and relaxed at her sides. He put his hands back in his back pockets again and he let another little smirk play on his lips.

"Yes, and it's to stay a secret." Eli brought a hand to his lips and mimed locking them. He didn't seem like he would be one to really give a shit what anyone at school did. Holly J found that to be refreshing after being with the class president and the most popular guy at Degrassi. She eyed the man that stood before her, lingering a little too long on his neck and those crooked lips.

"So, why are you here?" she asked nonchalantly, forcing her eyes away from his lips and meeting his gaze.

"Blowing off some steam. Clare and I are… not on speaking terms right now. How about you?" Holly J bit her bottom lip, wondering exactly how to answer.

"It's my last night of freedom, so to speak," Eli furrowed his eyebrows, obviously a little confused. "In three months, when I leave for university, I'll be with Declan again," she finished.

"Ahh, and let me guess. He doesn't know about your secret goth fetish?" and he raised his eyebrows teasingly.

"Of course not. Like I said, it's to remain that way. A girl's got to have some secrets," and she smiled. Eli chuckled.

"Well, for what it's worth, since I will probably be the only guy who gets to see you all laced up tight, you play the part quite well. I especially like the little devil horns…" and Eli gently reached up and touched one, letting his fingers graze her jawline on the way down. Holly J swallowed hard.

"You're looking quite nice yourself. Much better than the usual sea of fishnets and chains that seems to be the uniform." Eli smirked and she felt a familiar but dangerous feeling starting to form inside her.

"Any other deep dark secrets that you feel like getting out before you have to be the girl that you're not?" he asked teasingly. She thought for a second.

"I'll tell you one but only if you tell me one too, but I'm warning you right now, mine's dirty." she said. Eli nodded in approval. Holly J crooked her finger at him, making what space between the two disappear as he leaned forward, she putting her lips right next to his ear.

"You know that hearse in the school parking lot?" she felt him nod against her shoulder, "I've always wanted to be fucked in it, but I have no idea whose it is," she whispered a little too seductively. The hormones were definitely starting to take control. She felt his breath hitch in his chest and it was his turn to swallow hard. She pulled away slightly.

"It's your turn…" she said innocently and Eli let that smirk spread across his face as he slowly placed his hands on Holly J's hips, bringing her back against his body, his lips at her ear. Her eyes fluttered shut at the contact and she snaked a hand up to his hair.

"You know that hearse in the school parking lot?" he began. She nodded against his shoulder. Eli hesitated, drawing out the tension that was building, Holly J dying to know what his secret could be.

"It's mine."